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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-0-904693-22-5Lona TrudingA Miracle for Our Time: Studies in Esoteric Christianity
1990978-0-904693-23-2Johannes TautzWalter Johannes Stein: A Biography
1991978-0-904693-28-7T. H. MeyerClairvoyance and Consciousness: Tao Impulse in Evolution
2005978-0-904693-38-6T. H. MeyerD.N.Dunlop: A Man of Our Time
1992978-0-904693-40-9Margarete Kirchner-BockholtFundamental Principles of Curative Eurythmy
2001978-0-904693-41-6NovalisHymns to the Night: Spiritual Songs
1993978-0-904693-52-2Ita WegmanEsoteric Studies: The Michael Impulse (Pioneers of Spiritual Science S.)
1998978-0-904693-55-3Sergei O. ProkofieffThe Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail
  ''978-0-904693-57-7Sergei O. Prokof'evThe East in the Light of the West: Agni Yoga Pt. 1: Two Eastern Streams in the Light of Christian Esotericism
1993978-0-904693-58-4Marie SteinerEsoteric Studies: The Flaming Word (Pioneers of Spiritual Science S.)
1998978-0-904693-60-7Edward WarrenFreedom as Spiritual Activity
1995978-0-904693-70-6Sergei O. Prokof'evThe Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation Leading to an Experience of the Christ-being: An Esoteric Study of the Festivals
  ''978-0-904693-71-3Sergei O. ProkofieffThe Occult Significance of Forgiveness
1998978-0-904693-76-8Hans Peter Van ManenMarie Steiner: Her Place in World Karma
1996978-0-904693-82-9Karen SwassjanThe Ultimate Communion of Mankind: Celebration of Rudolf Steiner's Book 'Philosophy of Freedom'
2001978-0-904693-84-3Manfred Schmidt-BrabantThe Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker
1998978-0-904693-85-0Sergei O. Prokof'ev · Sergei O. ProkofieffThe Case of Valentin Tomberg: Anthroposophy or Jesuitism?
  ''978-0-904693-87-4Sigismund Von GleichThe Sources of Inspiration of Anthroposophy
  ''978-0-904693-88-1Pietro ArchiatiReincarnation in Modern Life: Towards a New Christian Awareness
1997978-0-904693-89-8Peter TradowskyKaspar Hauser: The Struggle for the Spirit
1998978-0-904693-90-4Magdalene SieglochHow the New Art of Eurythmy Began: Lory Maier Smits, the First Eurythmist
1997978-0-904693-91-1Olive WhicherThe Heart of the Matter: Discovering the Laws of Etheric Organisms
1998978-0-904693-98-0Bernard Nesfield-CooksonMichael and the Two-Horned Beast: The Challenge of Evil Today in the Light of Rudolf Steiner's Science of the Spirit