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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-906964-01-6TrevanianThe Main
  ''978-1-906964-02-3Wendy SalisburyThe Toyboy Diaries 2
  ''978-1-906964-03-0Craig SherborneMuck: A Memoir
  ''978-1-906964-04-7Andy ZaltzmanDoes Anything Eat Bankers?: And 53 Other Indispensable Questions for the Credit Crunched
  ''978-1-906964-05-4Dara HornAll Other Nights
2009978-1-906964-06-1Poe BallantineThings I Like About America: Tales of an American Drifter
  ''978-1-906964-07-8Richard ParkerJ K Galbraith: A 20th Century Life
2010978-1-906964-08-5Craig SherborneHoi Polloi
2009978-1-906964-09-2TrevanianThe Summer of Katya
  ''978-1-906964-11-5Gary DexterThe Oxford Despoiler: And Other Mysteries from the Case Book of Henry St Liver
2010978-1-906964-12-2Ian BreckonKnight of Swords
  ''978-1-906964-13-9Catherine DeveneyTies That Bind
2009978-1-906964-14-6Dave CullenColumbine
2010978-1-906964-16-0Mike NicolPayback
2009978-1-906964-17-7Alex Quick102 Free Things To Do: Inspiring Ideas for a Better Life
2010978-1-906964-18-4Jessica GrantCome, Thou Tortoise
  ''978-1-906964-19-1Mike NicolKiller Country
2010978-1-906964-20-7Poe Ballantine501 Minutes to Christ
2009978-1-906964-21-4Miles Kington · Joanna LumleyThe Best By Miles
2010978-1-906964-22-1Hector AbadOblivion: A Memoir
  ''978-1-906964-23-8David DowningStettin Station
  ''978-1-906964-24-5Gary DexterTitle Deeds: The Hidden Stories Behind 50 Books
  ''978-1-906964-29-0J.D. DaviesGentleman Captain (Matthew Quinton Journals 1)
  ''978-1-906964-31-3Julian ShuckburghHarmony & Discord: the Real Life of Johann Sebastian Bach
2010978-1-906964-32-0David HaycockA Crisis of Brilliance
2009978-1-906964-33-7Simon Rose · Steve CaplinComplete And Utter Zebu: The Shocking Lies We're Told Every Day
2011978-1-906964-35-1Mike NicolBlack Heart (A Cape Town Thriller) (Revenge Trilogy)
2020978-1-906964-36-8Simon CrumpMy Elvis Blackout
2010978-1-906964-39-9Miles Kington · Ian HislopLe Bumper Book of Franglais
  ''978-1-906964-40-5Sam LipsyteThe Ask
  ''978-1-906964-43-6Steve Caplin · Simon RoseFun and Games for the 21st Century Family
  ''978-1-906964-44-3Adam FergussonWhen Money Dies: The nightmare of the Weimar Hyper-Inflation
978-1-906964-55-9The Toyboy Diaries 2: The Daily Male
2011978-1-906964-56-6David DowningPotsdam Station
  ''978-1-906964-57-3Sam LipsyteThe Ask
2011978-1-906964-58-0David DowningZoo Station (John Russell 1)
  ''978-1-906964-59-7   ''Silesian Station (John Russell Series)
  ''978-1-906964-60-3   ''Stettin Station
  ''978-1-906964-63-4Catherine DeveneyKiss the Bullet
  ''978-1-906964-65-8Gerard StembridgeUnspoken
2011978-1-906964-74-0Miles Kington · Ian HislopLe Bumper Book of Franglais
2012978-1-906964-75-7David DowningLehrter Station (John Russell 5)
2011978-1-906964-78-8Hector AbadOblivion: A Memoir
2012978-1-906964-99-3Mike NicolBlack Heart (Revenge Trilogy)