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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-905847-00-6Ben IllisTale of the Town Mouse & the Country Mouse, The: a Modern Retelling
  ''978-1-905847-01-3Steven ApplebyA Book of Machinese Whispers
  ''978-1-905847-02-0Lara FeigelNosegay: a Literary Journey from the Fragrant to the Fetid
  ''978-1-905847-03-7Beachcomber (J.B. Morton)Adventures of Mr Thake
  ''978-1-905847-05-1Patrick SuskindOn Love and Death
2007978-1-905847-06-8Joey GoebelTorture the Artist
2007978-1-905847-07-5Sam TanenhausUn-american Life, An: the Case of Whittaker Chambers
  ''978-1-905847-08-2David DowningZoo Station
  ''978-1-905847-09-9Richard ParkerJ K Galbraith: A 20th Century Life
  ''978-1-905847-11-2James FouzieLegally Blind
  ''978-1-905847-12-9Lewis CroftsThe Pornographer of Vienna
2007978-1-905847-13-6TrevanianThe Summer of Katya
  ''978-1-905847-14-3Brian PaytonIn Bear Country: A Global Journey in Vanishing Wilderness
  ''978-1-905847-15-0Gene WilderMy French Whore
  ''978-1-905847-16-7TrevanianThe Crazyladies of Pearl Street: Memories of a Depression Era Childhood
2008978-1-905847-17-4BeachcomberThe Adventures of Mr Thake
  ''978-1-905847-18-1Max BlecherScarred Hearts
2007978-1-905847-20-4P J BarringtonThe Selman-Troytt Papers
2008978-1-905847-21-1Carrie JonesCutting up Playgirl
2007978-1-905847-22-8Rawi HageDe Niro's Game
2007978-1-905847-23-5James ChambersCharlotte & Leopold
  ''978-1-905847-24-2Julian GoughJude: Level 1
  ''978-1-905847-27-3Gianrico CarofiglioThe Past is A Foreign Country
  ''978-1-905847-28-0Wendy SalisburyThe Toyboy Diaries
2008978-1-905847-31-0Andrei RubanovDo Time Get Time
  ''978-1-905847-34-1David DowningZoo Station
2008978-1-905847-35-8David DowningSilesian Station
  ''978-1-905847-36-5Joey GoebelThe Anomalies
2009978-1-905847-37-2Simon CrumpNeverland: the unreal Michael Jackson stories
2008978-1-905847-38-9Rawi HageDe Niro's Game
  ''978-1-905847-39-6TrevanianThe Crazyladies of Pearl Street: A Memoir
  ''978-1-905847-40-2Matthew BraceHotel Heaven: Confessions of a Luxury Hotel Addict
  ''978-1-905847-42-6Gene WilderMy French Whore: A Love Story
2008978-1-905847-43-3Sam TanenhausAn Un-American Life: The Case of Whittaker Chambers
  ''978-1-905847-45-7Bruce Kennedy Jones · Eric AllisonThe Last Straight Face
  ''978-1-905847-46-4Diane AckermanThe Zookeeper's Wife
  ''978-1-905847-47-1Joey GoebelTorture the Artist
  ''978-1-905847-48-8Lewis CroftsThe Pornographer of Vienna
2008978-1-905847-51-8Gianrico CarofiglioThe Past Is a Foreign Country
  ''978-1-905847-52-5James ChambersCharlotte and Leopold: The True Story of the Original People's Princess
2009978-1-905847-58-7David DowningSilesian Station (John Russell Series)
2008978-1-905847-60-0Kevin Spender · Harry KaneFamous Last Turds
2009978-1-905847-61-7Carrie JonesCutting Up Playgirl: A Cheerful Memoir of Sexual Disappointment
  ''978-1-905847-62-4James ChambersThe Horse Who...
2008978-1-905847-65-5David WildHow I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neil Diamond
  ''978-1-905847-66-2Susan JacobyThe Age of American Unreason
2009978-1-905847-68-6Poe BallantineGod Clobbers Us All
2010978-1-905847-69-3Poe BallantineThe Decline of the Lawrence Welk Empire
2009978-1-905847-72-3Diane AckermanThe Zookeeper's Wife
  ''978-1-905847-74-7Malcolm KnoxJamaica
2009978-1-905847-75-4Andrey RubanovDo Time Get Time
  ''978-1-905847-77-8Bruce Kennedy Jones · Eric AllisonThe Last Straight Face
  ''978-1-905847-80-8   ''Fat Blackmail
  ''978-1-905847-81-5David DowningStettin Station
  ''978-1-905847-82-2Susan JacobyThe Age of American Unreason
2011978-1-905847-83-9Julian GoughJude in London
2009978-1-905847-84-6David HaycockA Crisis of Brilliance
2009978-1-905847-85-3Julian ShuckburghHarmony And Discord: The Real Life of J S Bach
  ''978-1-905847-86-0David WildHow I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neil Diamond
  ''978-1-905847-89-1Janice DayGETTING IT OFF MY CHEST: How I lost my breast and found myself.
2008978-1-905847-92-1Hugh Pym · Nick KochanWhat Happened?: And Other Questions Everyone Is Asking About the Credit Crunch
  ''978-1-905847-93-8Andy ZaltzmanDoes Anything Eat Bankers?: And 53 Other Indispensable Questions for the Credit Crunched
2010978-1-905847-94-5David DowningPotsdam Station
2009978-1-905847-96-9Jessica GrantCome, Thou Tortoise
  ''978-1-905847-98-3TrevanianThe Eiger Sanction
2011978-1-905847-99-0J.D. DaviesThe Mountain of Gold (Matthew Quintons Journals 2)