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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-906716-00-4Xin-She YangIntroductory Mathematics for Earth Scientists
  ''978-1-906716-01-1Nigel Trewin · Andrew HurstExcursion Guide to the Geology of East Sutherland and Caithness (Excursion Guides)
  ''978-1-906716-02-8Euan Clarkson · Brian UptonDeath of an Ocean: A Geological Borders Ballad
2011978-1-906716-03-5Margery McMahonInternational Education: Educating for a Global Future (Policy and Practice in Education)
2008978-1-906716-04-2Johnston McMasterA Passion for Justice: Social Ethics in the Celtic Tradition
2009978-1-906716-05-9Rebecca L. Jones · Richard WardLGBT Issues: Looking Beyond Categories (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care Series)
2008978-1-906716-06-6Clare DownhamViking Kings of Britain and Ireland: The Dynasty of Ívarr to A.D. 1014
2009978-1-906716-07-3Malcom Thorburn · Shirley GrayPhysical Education: Picking Up the Baton (Policy and Practice in Education): 27
  ''978-1-906716-09-7Liz Forbat · Gill Hubbard · Nora KearneyBetter Cancer Care: A Systemic Approach to Practice
2010978-1-906716-10-3Lynn Tett · Ian FyfeCommunity Education, Learning and Development
  ''978-1-906716-13-4Patrick Shannon · David NaylorPetroleum Geology of Ireland
2010978-1-906716-15-8Patrick Wyse JacksonIntroducing Palaeontology: A Guide to Ancient Life (Introducing Earth and Environmental Sciences)
  ''978-1-906716-16-5Neil ClarkAmber: Tears of the Gods
2011978-1-906716-18-9Karen Bek-PedersenThe Norns in Old Norse Mythology
2017978-1-906716-19-6Robert BlackLockerbie and the Trials of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi
2010978-1-906716-21-9Graham ParkIntroducing Geology: A Guide to the World of Rocks (Introducing Earth and Environmental Sciences)
2011978-1-906716-22-6Dougal JerramIntroducing Volcanology: A Guide to Hot Rocks (Introducing Earth and Environmental Sciences)
2012978-1-906716-26-4Graham ParkIntroducing Tectonics, Rock Structures and Mountain Belts (Introducing Earth and Environmental Sciences)
  ''978-1-906716-32-5Adrian HarveyIntroducing Geomorphology: A Guide to Landforms and Processes (Introducing Earth and Environmental Sciences)
2011978-1-906716-35-6Gary Clapton · Pauline HoganAdoption and Fostering in Scotland (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care)