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2017978-1-903765-09-8Robert Black · John GrantThe Lockerbie Trial
2005978-1-903765-14-2Ann Glaister · Bob GlaisterInteragency Collaboration: Providing for Children (Policy & Practice in Education) (Policy and Practice in Education)
2004978-1-903765-15-9W.Owen ColeUnderstanding Sikhism (Understanding Faith)
  ''978-1-903765-16-6Willis Pickard · John DobieThe Political Context of Education after Devolution (Policy and Practice in Education)
2002978-1-903765-17-3Eric WilkinsonEarly Childhood Education: The New Agenda (Policy and Practice in Education)
2006978-1-903765-18-0Perry Schmidt-LeukelUnderstanding Buddhism (Understanding Faith)
2004978-1-903765-19-7Joseph HoustonThomas Reid: Context,Influence,Significance
2003978-1-903765-20-3Charles Hepworth HollandThe Irish Landscape: A Scenery to Celebrate
2008978-1-903765-21-0   ''The Idea of Beauty
2004978-1-903765-22-7Gilleasbuig MacmillanUnderstanding Christianity (Understanding Faith)
2009978-1-903765-23-4Jim O'Brien · Gale MacleodThe Social Agenda of the School (Policy & Practice in Education) (Policy and Practice in Education)
2005978-1-903765-24-1Henry MaitlesValues in Education: We're all Citizens Now (Policy and Practice in Education)
2003978-1-903765-25-8J. O'Brien · J. Draper · D. MurphySchool Leadership (Policy and Practice in Education)
2012978-1-903765-26-5John RobertsonAn Orkney Anthology: Volume 2
2003978-1-903765-28-9Jeremy RosenUnderstanding Judaism (Understanding Faith)
2007978-1-903765-30-2Cafer S YaranUnderstanding Islam
2003978-1-903765-34-0Matthew Maciver · Margaret NicholsonGaelic Medium Education (Policy and Practice in Education)
2008978-1-903765-35-7Mary VerschuurPolitics or Religion?: The Reformation in Perth 1540-1570
2009978-1-903765-36-4Frank WhalingUnderstanding Hinduism (Understanding Faith)
2004978-1-903765-37-1Kevin ScottAt Variance: the Church's argument against homosexual conduct
2006978-1-903765-39-5Brian Upton · Euan ClarksonEdinburgh Rock: The Geology of Lothian
2004978-1-903765-40-1Brian UptonVolcanoes and the Making of Scotland
2006978-1-903765-41-8Andrew WylieJust Being There: with Bears and Tigers in the North Sea
2008978-1-903765-43-2John GrantThe UN Terrorism Convention
2005978-1-903765-44-9Donald WintersgillRectors of the University of Edinburgh 1859-2000
  ''978-1-903765-46-3Anthony Clunies RossMaking the World Autonomous: A Global Role for the European Union
  ''978-1-903765-50-0Wendi Momen · Moojan MomenUnderstanding the Baha'i Faith (Understanding Faith)
2012978-1-903765-51-7Frank WhalingUnderstanding the Brahma Kumaris (Understanding Faith)
2005978-1-903765-52-4Fiona (Fiona Caroline) GrahamPlaying at Politics: An Ethnography of the Oxford Union
2006978-1-903765-54-8Peter T HarrisonThe Human Nature of the Singing Voice: Exploring a Holistic Basis for Sound Teaching and Learning
  ''978-1-903765-56-2Lynn TettCommunity Education, Lifelong Learning and Social Inclusion (Policy & Practice in Education) (Policy and Practice in Education)
2006978-1-903765-57-9Lynn Tett · Sheila RiddellGender and Teaching: Where Have All the Men Gone? (Policy & Practice in Education) (Policy and Practice in Education)
2007978-1-903765-58-6Mairead NicNeacail · Mata M MacIomhairFoghlam Tro Mheadhan Na Gaidhlig (Gaelic Medium Education) (Scottish Gaelic Studies)
2006978-1-903765-59-3Wilson McLeodRevitalising Gaelic in Scotland: Policy, Planning and Public Discourse (Scottish Gaelic Studies)
  ''978-1-903765-60-9Wilson McLeod · James E. Fraser · Anja GunderlochCanan and Cultur / Language and Culture: Rannsachadh Na Gaidhlig 3 (Scottish Gaelic Studies)
  ''978-1-903765-62-3Charlotte PearsonDirect Payments and Personalisation of Care (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care Series)
2007978-1-903765-63-0Mo McPhailService User and Carer Involvement: Beyond Good Intentions (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care Series)
2006978-1-903765-64-7Graham ParkIntroducing Geology: A Guide to the World of Rocks (Earth Sciences) (Earth Sciences S.)
  ''978-1-903765-66-1Joyce CavayeHidden Carers (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care Series)
2007978-1-903765-67-8George HeadBetter Learning, Better Behaviour (Policy & Practice in Education) (Policy & Practice in Education S.)
  ''978-1-903765-68-5Margaret MartinBuilding a Learning Community in the Primary Classroom (Policy & Practice in Education) (Policy & Practice in Education S.)
2008978-1-903765-69-2Anne Stafford · Sharon VincentSafeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care Series)
2006978-1-903765-70-8Sheila RiddellSpecial Educational Needs: Providing Additional Support (Policy and Practice in Education)
2009978-1-903765-72-2Charles H. Holland · Ian S. SandersThe Geology of Ireland
2007978-1-903765-73-9Alison PetchHealth and Social Care: Establishing a Joint Future? (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care Series)
2007978-1-903765-74-6Christine FordeTackling Gender Inequality: Raising Pupil Achievement (Policy & Practice in Education Series) (Policy and Practice in Education)
  ''978-1-903765-75-3Daniel MurphyProfessional School Leadership: Dealing with Dilemmas (Policy & Practice in Education) (Policy and Practice in Education)
2008978-1-903765-76-0Ailsa CookDementia and Well Being (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care Series)
2011978-1-903765-80-7Beth DicksonEducation and the Arts (Policy and Practice in Education)
2006978-1-903765-81-4Steven J McKinneyFaith Schools in the 21st Century (Policy and Practice in Education)
2008978-1-903765-82-1Jenny Reeves · Alison FoxPractice Based Learning: Developing Excellence in Teaching (Policy and Practice in Education)
  ''978-1-903765-83-8Gillian MacIntyreLearning Disability and Social Inclusion (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care Series)
2010978-1-903765-86-9Gillian Munro · Richard A V CoxCànan & Cultar / Langauge & Culture: Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 4
2007978-1-903765-89-0Clare DownhamViking Kings of Britain and Ireland: The Dynasty of Ivarr to A.D. 1014
2004978-1-903765-90-6Professor David N. DumvilleIreland's Desert Fathers, the Culdees: An Introduction to Their Consuetudinal Literature
2009978-1-903765-91-3Michele BurmanYouth Justice (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care Series)
2008978-1-903765-92-0Xin-She YangMathematical Modelling for Earth Sciences
  ''978-1-903765-93-7Jim O'Brien · Daniel Murphy · Janet DraperSchool Leadership (Policy and Practice in Education)
  ''978-1-903765-94-4Alistair SinclairWhat Is Philosophy?: An Introduction
2010978-1-903765-95-1Colin BaldyThe Student Voice: An Introduction to Developing the Singing Voice
2009978-1-903765-96-8Sharon VincentLearning from Child Deaths and Serious Abuse in Scotland (Protecting Children and Young People)
2010978-1-903765-97-5Anne Stafford · Sharon Vincent · Nigel PartonChild Protection Reform Across the UK (Protecting Children and Young People)
2008978-1-903765-98-2Paul SweeneyIreland's Economic Success: Reasons and Lessons
2009978-1-903765-99-9Jeannie MackenzieFamily Learning: Engaging with Parents (Policy and Practice in Education)