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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-906465-01-8Alyssa AbbeyStop Making Excuses and Start Living With Energy
  ''978-1-906465-03-2Pamela Dodd · Doug SundheimThe 25 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques: How to Get More Done Without Driving Yourself Crazy
  ''978-1-906465-04-9Mike HarrisFind Your Lightbulb: How to Make Millions from Apparently Impossible Ideas
  ''978-1-906465-05-6Eamonn ButlerThe Best Book on the Market: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Free Economy
  ''978-1-906465-11-7Janet EspositoIn the Spotlight: Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing
2008978-1-906465-14-8Rebecca AshThe Spend Less Handbook: 365 Tips for a Better Quality of Life While Actually Spending Less
  ''978-1-906465-22-3Richard ShellThe Art of Woo: Using Persuasion to Sell Your Ideas
  ''978-1-906465-23-0Julian HenbyDear Celebrity
  ''978-1-906465-29-2Gerald RatnerThe Rise and Fall . . . and Rise Again
  ''978-1-906465-30-8Anne DiamondWinning the Fat War: Expert ways to lose weight in a fat world
2008978-1-906465-31-5Jane HoranThe One Page Business Plan: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Write a Business Plan
  ''978-1-906465-32-2Linda Manassee BuellOvercome Panic and Anxiety: 121 tips, advice and resources for calmer living
  ''978-1-906465-34-6Patricia DavidsonThe Gift Book: A Sumptuous Guide to the World of Giving
  ''978-1-906465-36-0Patricia DavidsonThe Shopaholic's Top 1000 Websites: Your Guide to the Very Best Online Shopping
2009978-1-906465-37-7Ian SandersJuggle! Rethink Work, Reclaim your Life
2008978-1-906465-39-1Nigel DenbyThe GDA Diet: Shop Yourself Thin - Your supermarket weight loss guide
2009978-1-906465-40-7Karan BilimoriaAgainst the Grain: Lessons in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Cobra Beer: Karan Bilimoria's Guide to Brewing a Successful Business
  ''978-1-906465-47-6Jonathan YatesAll-Time Essentials for Entrepreneurs: 100 Things to Know and Do to Make Your Idea Happen
2009978-1-906465-51-3Colin BarrowGet Backed, Get Big, Get Bought: Plan your start-up with the end in mind
  ''978-1-906465-53-7Peter ShawRaise Your Game: How to Succeed at Work
  ''978-1-906465-54-4Martin WebbMake Your First Million: Ditch the 9-5 and Start the Business of Your Dreams
  ''978-1-906465-59-9Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich: The Original Classic
978-1-906465-64-3All Time Essentials for Entrepreneurs: 100 Things to Know and Do to Make Your Idea Happen
2009978-1-906465-68-1Jim Mellon · Al ChalabiTop Ten Investments to Beat the Crunch!: Invest Your Way to Success in a Downturn
  ''978-1-906465-70-4Guy ClappertonThis is Social Media: Tweet, blog, link and post your way to business success
2009978-1-906465-71-1Andrew HolmesThe Painspotter's Guide to Broken Britain: 50 People to Love, Hate, Blame, Rate
  ''978-1-906465-80-3Jonathan YatesFreesourcing: How To Start a Business with No Money
  ''978-1-906465-82-7Paul McGeeSelf-confidence: The Remarkable Truth of Why a Small Change Can Make a Big Difference
2010978-1-906465-83-4Sahar HashemiSwitched on: You have it in you, you just need to switch it on