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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-900961-15-8Eddie ObengNew Rules for the New World: Cautionary Tales for the New World Manager
  ''978-1-900961-19-6Douglas LamontSalmon Day: The End of the Beginning for Global Business
  ''978-1-900961-20-2Sarah UnderwoodPeople Business: Story of Securicor
  ''978-1-900961-37-0Eileen C. ShapiroFad Surfing in the Boardroom: Reclaiming the Courage to Manage in the Age of Instant Answers
  ''978-1-900961-39-4Andrew Campbell · Richard Koch · David SadtlerBreak Up!: Compact Edition: When Large Companies are Worth More Dead Than Alive
1998978-1-900961-51-6David Firth · Alan LeighThe Corporate Fool: Doing the Undoable, Thinking the Unthinkable, Saying the Unsayable and Driving Your Sensible Organization Mad with Creative Folly
1998978-1-900961-52-3Eileen C. ShapiroThe Seven Deadly Sins of Business: Freeing the Corporate Mind from Doom-loop Thinking
  ''978-1-900961-57-8Andrew Campbell · Michael GooldSynergy: Why Links Between Business Units So Often Fail and How to Make Them Work
  ''978-1-900961-58-5Geoffrey A. MooreInside the Tornado: Marketing strategies from Silicon Valley's cutting edge
2001978-1-900961-66-0Fons Trompenaars · Charles Hampden-Turner21 Leaders for the 21st Century
1998978-1-900961-74-5Louis PatlerDon't Compete...Tilt the Field: 300 Irreverent Lessons for Tomorrow's Business Leaders
978-1-900961-76-9CapstoneMonks/Nightingale Poster 98
978-1-900961-77-6CapstoneMonks/Nightingale Postcard
1999978-1-900961-87-5Don Peppers · Martha Rogers · Bob DorfOne to One Field Book
1998978-1-900961-98-1Gil Amelio · William L. SimonOn the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple