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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-906373-29-0Peter KerrThe Gannet Has Landed
  ''978-1-906373-30-6Lesley CookmanMurder by the Sea (Libby Sarjeant Mysteries) (A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-906373-31-3Peter JonesThe True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy
2013978-1-906373-32-0Peter JonesThe True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy
2014978-1-906373-33-7Della GaltonHow to Write and Sell Short Stories (Secrets to Success)
2008978-1-906373-34-4Marion HusbandThe Marion Husband Omnibus: "The Boy I Love" and "Paper Moon": "The Boy I Love" and "Paper Moon"
  ''978-1-906373-35-1Nicholas RheaConstable on the Prowl (Heartbeat) (Heartbeat)
  ''978-1-906373-36-8Nicholas RheaConstable Around the Village (Heartbeat)
2008978-1-906373-37-5Nicholas RheaConstable Across the Moors (Heartbeat)
  ''978-1-906373-38-2   ''Constable in the Dale (Heartbeat)
  ''978-1-906373-39-9   ''Constable by the Sea (Heartbeat)
  ''978-1-906373-40-5   ''Constable Along the Lane (Heartbeat)
2009978-1-906373-41-2   ''Constable Through the Meadow (Heartbeat) (Heartbeat)
2009978-1-906373-42-9Nicholas RheaConstable in Disguise (Heartbeat) (Heartbeat)
2008978-1-906373-43-6Simon HallEvil Valley (The TV Detective Series)
2009978-1-906373-46-7Peter KerrThe Cruise Connection: Bob Burns Investigates
2008978-1-906373-47-4Peter JonesThe True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy
  ''978-1-906373-49-8Miranda ForbesTease Me: A Collection of 20 Erotic Stories
2009978-1-906373-50-4Marion HusbandThe Boy I Love
  ''978-1-906373-57-3Louise MedusNo Hand To Hold & No Legs to Dance on: Laughing and Loving - A Thalidomide Survivor's Story
  ''978-1-906373-58-0Roger GranelliDead Pretty
2013978-1-906373-59-7Jean DavisonThe Dark Threads
2009978-1-906373-61-0Catrin CollierBlack-eyed Devils (Quick Reads)
2013978-1-906373-63-4Emily Dubberley · Alyson FixterUltimate Burlesque: 1 (Ultimate Xcite)
2009978-1-906373-64-1Jane Wenham-JonesOne Glass Is Never Enough
  ''978-1-906373-65-8Kevin ChandlerListening in: A Novel of Therapy and Real Life
2009978-1-906373-67-2Miranda Forbes · Beverly LanglandGirl Fun One: Adventures in Lesbian Loving (Girl Fun 1) (Xcite Best-Selling Lesbian Collections)
  ''978-1-906373-68-9Aishling MorganSlave to the Machine
2013978-1-906373-69-6Angela MeadowsThe Education of Victoria
2009978-1-906373-70-2Miranda ForbesNaughty Spanking: v. 3: 20 Erotic Stories: v. 3
  ''978-1-906373-73-3Simon HallThe Judgement Book (The TV Detective Series)
  ''978-1-906373-75-7Parc PrisonersInside Out (Quick Reads)
  ''978-1-906373-77-1Lesley CookmanMurder in Bloom (A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery Series)
2009978-1-906373-78-8Miranda ForbesUltimate Curves (Ultimate Xcite)
  ''978-1-906373-79-5Emily DubberleyUltimate Decadence: 30 Erotic Short Stories (Ultimate Xcite)
  ''978-1-906373-80-1Squadron Leader John Pullen · Food for Heroes TeamFood for Heroes: The Official Help for Heroes Cook Book
2013978-1-906373-81-8Miranda ForbesSeriously Sexy Stocking Filler: Volume 4 (Seriously Sexy Series)
2009978-1-906373-82-5Alex JordaineMistress of Torment
2013978-1-906373-83-2Katherine JohnThe Destruction of Evidence (Trevor Joseph Detective Series)
2009978-1-906373-86-3Aishling MorganNaughty!: The Xcite Guide to Sexy Fun
2010978-1-906373-97-9Jane Wenham-JonesWannabe A Writer We've Heard Of? (Secrets to Success)
2009978-1-906373-98-6Desmond FfordeA Seaman's Book of Sea Stories
2010978-1-906373-99-3Sue MoorcroftLove Writing: How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction (Secrets to Success)