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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905170-00-5Marion HusbandThe Boy I Love
2007978-1-905170-01-2Ruth JosephRemembering Judith
2005978-1-905170-02-9Barbara Jayson · Jenny de MontfortEast Meets West
2007978-1-905170-06-7Lynne Barrett-LeeOut on a Limb
2005978-1-905170-10-4Jane Wenham-JonesOne Glass is Never Enough
  ''978-1-905170-11-1John Hazell · James AdamsChubby Learns to Fly
  ''978-1-905170-13-5Tim Sime · Swamiji Shree ShivkrupanandThe Flow of Consciousness: version 2
2006978-1-905170-14-2Marion HusbandPaper Moon
  ''978-1-905170-15-9Lesley CookmanMurder in Steeple Martin (Libby Sarjeant Mysteries 1) (A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery Series)
2008978-1-905170-16-6Lynne Barrett-LeeVirtual Strangers
2006978-1-905170-17-3Tamar HodesRaffy's Shapes
  ''978-1-905170-18-0Phil CarradiceA Town Built to Build Ships: The History of Pembroke Dock
2006978-1-905170-23-4Della GaltonPassing Shadows
  ''978-1-905170-24-1Sue HoughtonSexy Shorts for the Beach (S.S. Charity S.)
  ''978-1-905170-25-8Katherine JohnBy Any Name
2013978-1-905170-26-5Katherine JohnWithout Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series)
2006978-1-905170-27-2   ''Midnight Murders (Trevor Joseph) (Trevor Joseph Detective Series)
  ''978-1-905170-28-9   ''Murder of a Dead Man (Trevor Joseph) (Trevor Joseph Detective Series)
  ''978-1-905170-30-2Lynne Barrett-LeeSecrets
2006978-1-905170-31-9Katherine JohnThe Corpse's Tale (Quick Reads)
  ''978-1-905170-33-3Peter KerrBob Burns Investigates: The Mallorca Connection (Bob Burns)
2013978-1-905170-35-7Katie MetcalfeAnorexia: A Stranger in the Family
2006978-1-905170-36-4Dennis LewisThe Corrupted
2013978-1-905170-37-1Lynne Barrett-LeeBarefoot in the Dark
2006978-1-905170-38-8Peter GladwinThe City of London Cook Book
2007978-1-905170-39-5Lynne Barrett-LeeStraight on Till Morning
  ''978-1-905170-40-1   ''Julia Gets a Life
2006978-1-905170-56-2John MartinBeyond Belief: The Real Life of Daniel Defoe
2007978-1-905170-61-6Astrid L. · Elizabeth Cage · Landon Dixon · Lynn Lake · J. Carron · David Harvie · Phoebe Grafton · Eva HoreFive Minute Fantasies: v. 1 (Xcite Selections)
2013978-1-905170-62-3Katherine JohnThe Amber Knight
2007978-1-905170-63-0Grace Wynne-JonesWise Follies
  ''978-1-905170-64-7Grace Wynne-JonesOrdinary Miracles
2003978-1-905170-65-4   ''Ready or Not
2007978-1-905170-66-1Grace Wynne-JonesThe Truth Club
  ''978-1-905170-69-2Peter KerrFiddler on the Make
2013978-1-905170-70-8Cathryn CooperFive Minute Fantasies Two: Volume 2
  ''978-1-905170-71-5Cathryn CooperFive Minute Fantasies Three: Volume 3
2006978-1-905170-72-2Peter ShawHole: Kidnapped in Georgia
2007978-1-905170-77-7N. Vasco · Jeremy Edwards · Kristina Wright · Phoebe Grafton · Conrad Lawrence · Landon Dixon · Teresa Joseph · Adrie SantosSex and Satisfaction (Xcite Selections)
  ''978-1-905170-78-4Cathryn CooperSex and Seduction (Xcite Selections) (Xcite Selections)
  ''978-1-905170-79-1   ''Sex and Submission (Xcite Selections)
2007978-1-905170-81-4Jane Wenham-JonesWannabe a Writer? (Secrets to Success)
  ''978-1-905170-83-8Peter KerrThe Sporran Connection: Bob Burns Investigates (Bob Burns Series)
  ''978-1-905170-84-5Lesley CookmanMurder at the Laurels (Libby Sarjeant Mysteries)
  ''978-1-905170-85-2Jane Wenham-JonesPerfect Alibis (Jane Wenham-Jones)
  ''978-1-905170-86-9Marion HusbandSay You Love Me
2007978-1-905170-88-3Lindsay Jayne AshfordThe Rubber Woman (Quick Reads)
  ''978-1-905170-89-0Tanni Grey-ThompsonAim High (Quick Reads) (Quick Reads)
  ''978-1-905170-90-6Fiona PhillipsA Day to Remember (Quick Reads)
  ''978-1-905170-91-3Niall GriffithsBring It Back Home (Quick Reads)
2013978-1-905170-92-0Cathryn CooperWhip Me: Volume 7 (Xcite Me)
  ''978-1-905170-93-7Kitti BernettiSpank Me: Volume 3 (Xcite Me Series)
2007978-1-905170-94-4Shanna Germain · Paige Roberts · Sommer Marsden · Eva Hore · Jim Baker · D. M. W Carol · Kaycie Wolfe · Kirsten SchubinskiTie Me Up (Xcite Selections)
2007978-1-905170-95-1Miranda ForbesUltimate Sex (Xcite Selections) (Xcite Selections) (Xcite Selections)
  ''978-1-905170-96-8Cathryn CooperUltimate Submission (Xcite Selections) (Xcite Selections)
  ''978-1-905170-97-5Della GaltonHelter Skelter
  ''978-1-905170-99-9Miranda ForbesUltimate Sins (Xcite Selections) (Xcite Selections)