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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-905940-00-4John MiddletonDetox your finances: 52 brilliant ideas for personal finance success
  ''978-1-905940-03-5Rob Bevan · Tim WrightBe Incredibly Creative: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Honing Your Mind (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-04-2Sabina DosaniHeal Your Troubled Mind: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Defeating Depression (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-05-9John MiddletonMake Your Money Work: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Rescuing Your Finances (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-06-6Elisabeth WilsonStress proof your life: 52 brilliant ideas for taking control
2007978-1-905940-07-3Alexander Gordon SmithWriting bestselling children's books: 52 brilliant ideas for inspiring young readers (52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-09-7Elisabeth WilsonBoundless Energy: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Recapturing Your Bounce (52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-10-3Mandy FrancisHealthy Children's Lunches: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Junk-free Meals Kids Will Love (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-11-0John MiddletonHigh Impact C.V.s: 52 brilliant ideas for making your résumé sensational
  ''978-1-905940-13-4Elisabeth WilsonGoddess: Be the Woman You Want to Be
2007978-1-905940-14-1Kate CookGet Healthy for Good: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Mind and Body Well-being
2006978-1-905940-16-5Janet ButwellEnjoy Retirement: 52 brilliant ideas for loving life after work
2007978-1-905940-18-9Karen WilliamsonEnjoy Great Sleep: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Bedtime Bliss (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-19-6Steve ShipsideGet Fit: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Win at the Gym (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-20-2Helena Frith-Powell · Lisa HelmanisSeduce Anyone: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Being Incredibly Sexy (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-21-9Penny FergusonShape Up Your Life: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Becoming the Person You Want to Be (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-22-6Steve Shipside & Eve CameronGet rid of your gut: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for a Sensational Six-pack (52 Brilliant Little Ideas S.)
2007978-1-905940-23-3Kate Cook & Sally BrownBe incredibly healthy: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Look and Feel Fantastic (52 Brilliant Little Ideas S.)
  ''978-1-905940-30-1P Cross & C HopwoodQuit smoking for good: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Kick the Habit (52 Brilliant Little Ideas S.)
  ''978-1-905940-32-5Steve ShipsideThe Manly Man Manual: 100 Brilliant Ideas for Being a Top Bloke
  ''978-1-905940-34-9Lisa Helmanis · Eve CameronThe Bigger Than Average Wedding Book: Perfect Weddings / Lose Weight and Stay Slim (Bumper Two in One: 52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-36-3Fons TrompenaarsRiding the Whirlwind: Connecting People and Organisations in a Culture of Innovation
2007978-1-905940-37-0Antony Worrall Thompson · Paul RankinThe People's Cookbook: A celebration of the nation's life through food
2008978-1-905940-44-8Nicholas BateUnplugged: How Less Is More, Chaos Is Order and Grey Is the New Black in the Quest for Happiness and Success
  ''978-1-905940-46-2Nicholas BateHave It Your Way: 52 brilliant ideas for getting everything you want
  ''978-1-905940-49-3Jon SmithGet into Bed with Google: Top Ranking Search Optimisation Techniques
  ''978-1-905940-54-7Ken Langdon · Nikki CartwrightPerfect Interviews: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Getting the Job You Want
  ''978-1-905940-65-3Jackee HolderBe Your Own Best Life Coach: Take charge and live the life you always wanted (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2009978-1-905940-72-1Nicholas BateBeat the Recession: A Blueprint for Business Survival
2008978-1-905940-75-2Antony Worrall Thompson · Paul RankinThe People's Cookbook: A Celebration of the Nation's Life Through Food (Bright 'I's S.)
2008978-1-905940-77-6Rob Bevan · John Middleton · Tim WrightBe Creative (Manga Life)
  ''978-1-905940-78-3Sabina Dosani · Lisa Helmanis · Peter CrossFind True Love (Manga Life)
2009978-1-905940-79-0Linda Bird · Cherry MaslenBeauty Secrets for Babes (Manga Life)
  ''978-1-905940-80-6John MiddletonSort Out Your Money (Manga Life)
2008978-1-905940-83-7Nicholas BateInstant MBA: Think, perform and earn like a top business-school graduate (52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-905940-90-5Elisabeth WilsonThe Ultimate Goddess: Be the woman you want to be: 2
2009978-1-905940-91-2Tim PhillipsCharles Mackay's Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds: A 52 brilliant ideas interpretation: A Modern-day Interpretation of a Finance Classic (Infinite Success)
2008978-1-905940-94-3Infinite IdeasBe Arsed: 365 Brilliant Ideas for Getting Off Your Backside and Living Life to the Full
  ''978-1-905940-95-0ChampneysChampneys Spa secrets for body and soul: Your inspirational seasonal guide including recipes, beauty treatments, fitness tips and well-being trends from the luxury spa experts
2008978-1-905940-96-7Steve ShipsideSamuel Smiles's Self Help: A 52 brilliant ideas interpretation (Infinite Success)
  ''978-1-905940-97-4Karen McCreadieGeorge S. Clason's The Richest Man in Babylon: A 52 brilliant ideas interpretation (Infinite Success)
  ''978-1-905940-98-1Jon SmithGoogle Adwords That Work: 7 secrets to cashing in with the world's no.1 search engine: 7 Secrets to Cashing in with the No.1 Search Engine (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2009978-1-905940-99-8Fons Trompenaars · Ed VoermanServant Leadership Across Cultures