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2004978-1-904902-00-3Steve ShipsideWin at the gym: Secrets of fitness and health success (52 Brilliant Ideas S.)
  ''978-1-904902-01-0Ken LangdonCultivate a cool career: Guerilla tactics for reaching the top
  ''978-1-904902-02-7J. MiddletonDetox your finances: Secrets of personal finance success (52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-904902-04-1Steve ShipsidePower-up Pilates: Power and poise for daily life
  ''978-1-904902-05-8Sabina DosaniRaise Pre-teens: Secrets of performance parenting
2006978-1-904902-06-5Eve Cameron · Kate CookDrop a Dress Size: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Lose Weight and Stay Slim (52 Brilliant Little Ideas S.)
2004978-1-904902-07-2Alexander Gordon SmithInspired creative writing: Secrets of the master wordsmiths
2005978-1-904902-08-9Giles KimeSecrets of Wine: Insider Insights into the Real World of Wine (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2004978-1-904902-09-6Elizabeth WilsonRe-energise Your Sex Life: Put the Zing Back into Your Lovemaking (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2004978-1-904902-10-2Rob HicksControl Your Blood Pressure: Keeping a lid on hypertension: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Keeping a Lid on Hypertension
  ''978-1-904902-12-6Linda BirdLook gorgeous always: Find it, fake it, flaunt it (52 Brilliant Ideas S.)
  ''978-1-904902-13-3Sabina Dosani · Peter CrossRe-energise your relationship: Put the sparkle back into your loving life (52 Brilliant Ideas S.): Put the Sparkle Back into Your Love Life
  ''978-1-904902-14-0Ruth ChambersBeat Back Pain
  ''978-1-904902-15-7Kate CookWhole health: Inspirational ideas for mind and body well-being (52 Brilliant Ideas S.)
2005978-1-904902-16-4Barry GibbonsSpeak easy: Dazzle your audience with stunning speeches (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2004978-1-904902-17-1Rob Bevan · Tim WrightUnleash Your Creativity: Secrets of Creative Genius (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2005978-1-904902-19-5Vicky PerretSurvive divorce: Your route through the financial and emotional maze
2004978-1-904902-20-1John MiddletonHigh-impact CVs: Make Your Resume Sensational (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2004978-1-904902-22-5Eve CameronLose Weight and Stay Slim: Secrets of Fad-free Dieting (52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-904902-23-2Penny FergusonTransform your life: Become the person you want to be
  ''978-1-904902-26-3Jon SmithSmarter business start-ups: Start your dream business (52 Brilliant Ideas S.)
2006978-1-904902-30-0Sabina Dosani · Peter Cross · Lisa HelmanisPerfect Romance: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Finding and Keeping a Lover
  ''978-1-904902-32-4Linda Bird · Cherry MaslenCatwalk Looks: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Look Gorgeous Always (52 Brilliant Little Ideas S.)
  ''978-1-904902-33-1Marcelle Perks · Elisabeth WilsonIncredible Sex: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Take You All the Way (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
2006978-1-904902-35-5Ken Langdon · John MiddletonFind Your Dream Job: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Total Career Happiness
2005978-1-904902-37-9Lynn Huggins-CooperDownshift to the Good Life: Scale it Down and Live it Up (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2006978-1-904902-38-6Lynn Huggins-CooperRaising Teenagers: 52 brilliant ideas for high-performance parenting
  ''978-1-904902-39-3Elizabeth WilsonRelax: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Chill Out (52 Brilliant Little Ideas S.)
2007978-1-904902-40-9Marcelle Perks · Sandie Tifinie · Elisabeth M. Wilson52 Brilliant Little Ideas for Sizzling Sex Box Set: Everything You Need to Know for Mind-blowing Sex (52 Brilliant Little Ideas S.)
2005978-1-904902-46-1Langdon KenKnockout Interview Answers: High-performance Techniques to Clinch Your Dream Job (52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-904902-48-5Sabina DosaniDefeat Depression: Tips and Techniques for Healing a Troubled Mind (52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-904902-49-2Karen WilliamsonSleep Deep: Wake refreshed day after day (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2006978-1-904902-55-3Helena Frith PowellBe Incredibly Sexy: 52 brilliant ideas for sizzling sensuality
  ''978-1-904902-56-0John MiddletonUpgrade Your Brain: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Everyday Genius
2006978-1-904902-58-4Janet ButwellEnjoy Retirement: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Loving Life After Work
  ''978-1-904902-59-1Marcelle PerksIncredible Orgasms: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YESSS!! (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2005978-1-904902-60-7Elizabeth WilsonStress-Proof Your Life: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Taking Control
2006978-1-904902-61-4Mandy FrancisHealthy Cooking for Children: 52 Brilliant Ideas: Help Your Kids to Dump the Junk
2005978-1-904902-62-1Robin J. WilsonHow to solve sudoku: A Step-by-step Guide (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2006978-1-904902-63-8Linda BirdLook Gorgeous Always: 52 brilliant ideas to find it, fake it and flaunt it
  ''978-1-904902-64-5Cherry MaslenCellulite Solutions: 52 brilliant ideas for super smooth skin
  ''978-1-904902-65-2Penny FergusonTransform your life: 52 brilliant ideas for becoming the person you want to be
2008978-1-904902-66-9Tim PhillipsBeat the Odds: Winning Ideas for Smart Gamblers
2007978-1-904902-69-0Alexander Gordon SmithInspired Creative Writing: 52 Brilliant Ideas from the Master Wordsmiths
2006978-1-904902-71-3Elisabeth WilsonRe-energise your sex life: 52 brilliant ideas to put the zing back in your lovemaking
2007978-1-904902-72-0Sabina DosaniDefeat Depression: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Healing a Troubled Mind (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2005978-1-904902-73-7Steve ShipsidePodcasting: The Ultimate Starter Kit (52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-904902-74-4Robin J. WilsonHidden Word Sudoku: The Last Word in Sudoku Puzzles! (52 Brilliant Ideas)
2006978-1-904902-77-5Elisabeth WilsonGoddess: Be the Woman You Want to be (Infinite Ideas)
2007978-1-904902-79-9Monica TroughtonMagical Menopause: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Celebrating Your New Life
2006978-1-904902-80-5Marcelle PerksThe User's Guide to the Rabbit (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
2008978-1-904902-81-2Karen McCreadieNapoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich: A 52 Brilliant Ideas Interpretation
2008978-1-904902-82-9Karen McCreadieSun Tzu's The Art of War: A 52 Brilliant Ideas Interpretation
  ''978-1-904902-83-6Tim PhillipsNiccolo Machiavelli's The Prince: A 52 brilliant ideas interpretation (Infinite Success Series)
  ''978-1-904902-84-3Steve ShipsideBenjamin Franklin's The Way to Wealth: A 52 brilliant ideas interpretation (Infinite Success)
2007978-1-904902-85-0Infinite IdeasThe Best Value Beauty Book Ever! (Best Value Ever S.)
2006978-1-904902-89-8Penny FergusonThe Living Leader: Become the leader you want to be
2007978-1-904902-90-4Marcelle PerksSecrets of Porn Star Sex: Brilliant Ideas for No-holds Barred Pleasure (52 Brilliant Little Ideas S.)
2006978-1-904902-91-1Sandie TifinieErotic Fantasies: Brilliant Ideas for Raunchy Role Play (52 Brilliant Little Ideas S.)
2007978-1-904902-92-8Marcelle PerksThe Little Book of Big O's: Brilliant Ideas to Take You to the Limit (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
2008978-1-904902-95-9InnovaroInnovation Leaders: Profiles of the World's Top Innovators
2007978-1-904902-96-6Mandy FrancisHealthy Cooking for Children: 52 Brilliant Ideas to Dump the Junk (52 Brilliant Ideas)
  ''978-1-904902-97-3Ken Langdon · Nikki CartwrightKnockout Interview Answers: 52 Brilliant Ideas to Clinch Your Dream Job (52 Brilliant Ideas)