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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-905704-05-7Craig CheethamBritish Cars: From 1910 to the Present Day
978-1-905704-07-1The Encyclopedia of Animals
2007978-1-905704-23-1Martin & Dicki, Iain & Jestice, Phyllis G. & Rice, Rob S. DeV Kelly & DoughertyBattles of the Ancient World 1300BC - AD 451 - From Kadesh to Catalaunian Field
  ''978-1-905704-27-9Michael E HaskewEncyclopedia of Elite Forces in the Second World War: Paratroops, Commandos, Rangers, Waffen-SS
  ''978-1-905704-28-6Alexander StilwellSpecial Forces in Action - Afghanistan - Africa - Balkans - Iraq - South America
2010978-1-905704-29-3Chris BishopPanzergrenadier Divisions (The Essential Vehicle Identification Guide): 1939-45
2016978-1-905704-32-3Paul E. EdenTechnical Drawings of Aircraft of World War II: 1939-1945
2001978-1-905704-43-9Tony GibbonsEncyclopedia of Ships
2007978-1-905704-46-0Chris BishpoEncyclopedia of Weapons of World War II
2011978-1-905704-55-2Chris BishopWaffen-SS Divisions 1939-45 (The Essential Vehicle Identification Guide)
2016978-1-905704-57-6Peter AbrahamsHow the Body Works: A Comprehensive Illustrated Encyclopedia of Anatomy
2008978-1-905704-66-8Martin Dougherty · Michael Haskew · Phyllis G. JesticeBattles of the Bible 1400 BC-AD 73
  ''978-1-905704-67-5Devries. KellyBattles That Changed Warfare 1457 BC - AD 1991 , from Chariot Warfare to Stealth Bombers
  ''978-1-905704-69-9Christopher ChantAllied Fighters 1939-1945 (The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide) (Essential ID Guides)
2008978-1-905704-70-5Christopher ChantAllied Bombers 1939-1945 (The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide) (Essential ID Guides)
2009978-1-905704-77-4PaulE EdenModern Military Aircraft Anatomy
2008978-1-905704-82-8Robert B. Bruce · Iain DickieFighting Techniques Of The Napoleonic Age 1792-1815: Equipment, Combat Skills and Tactics
  ''978-1-905704-85-9Chris BishopOrder Of Battle: German Infantry In World War 2
  ''978-1-905704-90-3Brenda LewisDark History of the Kings and Queens of Europe
  ''978-1-905704-96-5Michael Haskew · Christer Jorgensen · Chris McNabFighting Techniques of the Oriental World 1200-1860