Amber Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-904687-01-6Robert Jackson · Steve CrawfordFighting Ships of the World: Over 600 Carriers, Submarines and Destroyers
  ''978-1-904687-07-8Paul EdenThe Encyclopedia of Aircraft of WWII
  ''978-1-904687-08-5Paul-General Editor EdenThe Encyclopedia of Modern Military Aircraft
  ''978-1-904687-09-2CHARLOTTE GREIGAlbums Of The 50S
978-1-904687-10-8Albums Of The 60S
2004978-1-904687-11-5Hamish. ChampThe 100 Best-Selling Albums Of The 70s
  ''978-1-904687-12-2P. et al DoddAlbums Of The 80S
978-1-904687-13-9Albums Of The 90S
2004978-1-904687-20-7Brian Solomon · David RossNorth American Trains
2004978-1-904687-26-9Chris BishopThe Encyclopedia of 20th Century Air Warfare Edition: First
2005978-1-904687-28-3Will FowlerStalingrad the Vital 7 Days: The German's Last Desperate Attempt to Capture the City: October 1942
  ''978-1-904687-34-4The World's Worst Aircraft
  ''978-1-904687-36-8Will FowlerKursk: The Vital 24 Hours
2004978-1-904687-37-5Christopher BishopSS Hitler's Foreign Divisions: Foreign Volunteers in the Waffen SS 1940-1945
2010978-1-904687-46-7Chris BishopWehrmacht Panzer Divisions 1939-45 (The Essential Tank Identification Guide)
2005978-1-904687-53-5   ''Military Atlas of World War II
  ''978-1-904687-57-3   ''Military Atlas of World War II
2010978-1-904687-62-7   ''Luftwaffe Squadrons: 1939-45 (The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide)
2006978-1-904687-64-1Devries. KellyBattles of Medieval World 1000 1500
  ''978-1-904687-83-2Paul (ed) EdenEncyclopedia of Aircraft of Wwii
2006978-1-904687-84-9Encyclopedia of Modern Military Aircraft
  ''978-1-904687-85-6Helen StrudwickThe Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt
  ''978-1-904687-87-0Chris BishopThe Military Atlas of World War II
2012978-1-904687-96-2   ''Kriegsmarine U-Boats (The Essential Submarine Identification Guide)
2006978-1-904687-97-9Rupert ButlerStalin's Instruments of Terror
  ''978-1-904687-99-3Helen (General Editor) StrudwickThe Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt