The Friday Project Limited

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-905548-05-7Anne ThornileyBeer in the Evening
  ''978-1-905548-07-1David WhittleA Boy Called Michael (Popjustice Idols Series)
  ''978-1-905548-08-8David WhittleA Boy Called Elton (Popjustice Idols Series)
  ''978-1-905548-09-5   ''A Boy Called Pete (Popjustice Idols Series)
  ''978-1-905548-10-1   ''A Girl Called Britney (Popjustice Idols Series)
2007978-1-905548-14-9Graham PondLondon by London: The Insiders' Guide 2007
2006978-1-905548-16-3Justin McKeatingThe Blog Digest: 12 Months of Words from the Web
2006978-1-905548-22-4Le Coolle cool changed my life: a weird and wonderful guide to Barcelona
  ''978-1-905548-23-1Tom ReynoldsBlood, Sweat and Tea: Real Life Adventures in an Inner-city Ambulance
  ''978-1-905548-24-8Popjustice · David WhittleA Band Called Take That
  ''978-1-905548-25-5John HiggsI Have America Surrounded: The Life of Timothy Leary
  ''978-1-905548-26-2Jamie OliverGet Dead - You've Got to Laugh
2007978-1-905548-27-9Steve BerryTV Cream's Toys: Presents You Pestered Your Parents for
2006978-1-905548-28-6Rob ManuelThe Bumper B3ta Book of Sick Jokes
2006978-1-905548-29-3"Holy Moly"Eat Well, Stay Fit, Die Anyway
  ''978-1-905548-30-9Natasha Morabito · Kate HarradThe Ladies' Loos: From Plumbing to Plucking, a Practical Guide for Girls
  ''978-1-905548-31-6Miles MendozaMiles Mendoza's Website of the Day: The Book
2007978-1-905548-36-1Michelle Abadie · Sue BealeNothing to Write Home About
  ''978-1-905548-40-8Peter Robinson · David WhittleA Boy Called Jesus (Popjustice Idols)
  ''978-1-905548-46-0Phil Norman · Chris DiamondTV Cream's Anatomy of Cinema: The Films That Criticism Forgot
2007978-1-905548-51-4Mr BiffoConfessions of a Chatroom Freak
2008978-1-905548-54-5Martyn WarrenInflatable Geese
2007978-1-905548-57-6Emma KennedyHow to Bring Up Your Parents
  ''978-1-905548-58-3Zoe McCarthyMy Boyfriend is a Twat: A Guide to Recognising, Dealing, and Living with an Utter Twat
  ''978-1-905548-60-6Scott RiceIt Was a Dark and Stormy Night
  ''978-1-905548-62-0Martyn WarrenVelcro Cows
  ''978-1-905548-65-1Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent · Jo HuxsterTuk-Tuk to the Road: Two Girls, Three Wheels, 12,500 Miles
2007978-1-905548-67-5Steve StackIt Is Just You - Everything's Not Shit
  ''978-1-905548-70-5Nick EdwardsIn Stitches: The Highs and Lows of Life as an A&E Doctor
  ''978-1-905548-75-0Rachel NorthOut of the Tunnel
  ''978-1-905548-79-8Peter RobinsonA Boy Called Michael (Popjustice Idols)
  ''978-1-905548-80-4   ''A Boy Called Marshall (Popjustice Idols)
2007978-1-905548-81-1Peter RobinsonA Girl Called Madonna (Popjustice Idols)
  ''978-1-905548-82-8   ''A Boy Called Pete
2007978-1-905548-83-5Peter RobinsonA Boy Called Robbie (Popjustice Idols)
  ''978-1-905548-84-2   ''A Band Called "Take That" (Popjustice Idols)
  ''978-1-905548-85-9Alan PearcePlaying It Safe [see new edition]: The Crazy World of Britain's Health and Safety Regulations
2009978-1-905548-86-6Jeanette Edgar · Rachel GodwinThe Exotic Meat Cookbook
  ''978-1-905548-94-1Darren CraskeThe Equivoque Principle (Cornelius Quaint Chronicles, Book 1)
2007978-1-905548-97-2Aubrey MaloneAn A-Z of Harry Potter: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Boy Wizard and His Creator