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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905299-00-3Julia JohnsonSaluki, Hound Of The Bedouin
2006978-1-905299-05-8David ChaddockQatar
2005978-1-905299-06-5Ilia Terzulli Warner · Christopher ArnanderYou Can't Get Blood Out of a Turnip and other Italian Proverbs with English equivalents
  ''978-1-905299-09-6Tom StaceyThomas Brassey: The Greatest Railway Builder in the World
2006978-1-905299-12-6Mukhamet ShayakhmetovThe Silent Steppe: The Story of a Kazakh Nomad Under Stalin
2007978-1-905299-20-1J.L.A. HartleyHartley's Foreign Phrases: A Dictionary of European Words and Expressions in Current Usage
  ''978-1-905299-21-8Mary BeardwoodThe Children's Encyclopaedia of Arabia (Encyclopedia)
2010978-1-905299-22-5Tom StaceyTribe: The Hidden History of the Mountains of the Moon
2006978-1-905299-28-7Yasmine ZahranGhassan Resurrected
2007978-1-905299-30-0Julia JohnsonThe Peacock and the Mermaid
2008978-1-905299-37-9Darrell D. BakerThe Encyclopedia of the Pharaohs, Volume 1. Predynastic to the Twentieth Century: 3300-1069 BC: 1
2007978-1-905299-41-6Sean Butler · Shannon ButlerIssa and the Coin
  ''978-1-905299-44-7W.H. IngramsZanzibar: It's History and It's People
  ''978-1-905299-59-1Anthony LejeuneQuote Unquote - Latin (Dictionary of Foreign Quotatns) (Dictionary of Foreign Quotatns) (Quote Unquote (Stacey International))
2008978-1-905299-61-4Nursultan NazarbayeviThe Kazakhstan Way
2008978-1-905299-64-5Heather AngelGreen China
2009978-1-905299-69-0Lamees IbrahimThe Iraqi Cookbook
  ''978-1-905299-70-6Robin LambBahrain
  ''978-1-905299-83-6John EtheringtonThe Wind Farm Scam (Independent Minds)
2008978-1-905299-89-8Paul Tempest · Danny Denahy · Basil HoneThe Bank of England Bedside Book - A Thread of Gold: 1694-2008
  ''978-1-905299-90-4David ChaddockQatar
2009978-1-905299-91-1Andrew BoswellThe Biofuels Delusion
  ''978-1-905299-93-5Charles and Patricia AithieYemen: Jewel of Arabia
2008978-1-905299-94-2Mary BeardwoodThe Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Arabia
2009978-1-905299-95-9Richard BoggsThe Lost World Of Socotra