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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-900988-03-2Donald HawleyCourtesies in the Gulf Area: A Dictionary of Colloquial Phrase and Usage
2001978-1-900988-04-9Andrew ThompsonThe Origins of Arabia
1998978-1-900988-05-6Jim StablerThe Desert Driver's Manual
2001978-1-900988-07-0Alessandro De MaigretArabia Felix
  ''978-1-900988-15-5Charles Aithie · Patricia AithieYemen: Jewel of Arabia
  ''978-1-900988-18-6William FaceyThe Story of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
  ''978-1-900988-19-3Yasmine ZahranSeptimius Severus: Countdown to Death
2000978-1-900988-22-3Ionis ThompsonRiyadh Handbook
2001978-1-900988-25-4Stacey InternationalQatar
  ''978-1-900988-27-8Ruth HawleySilver and the Traditional Arts of Oman: The Traditional Art of Oman
2004978-1-900988-28-5Yasmine ZahranPhilip the Arab: A Study in Prejudice
2003978-1-900988-31-5James PetersVery Simple Arabic Script
2001978-1-900988-33-9Mary BeardwoodThe Children's Encyclopaedia of Arabia
2002978-1-900988-36-0Primrose Arnander · Ashkhain SkipwithUnload Your Own Donkey and other Arabic sayings with English equivalents
2002978-1-900988-37-7Jon CarterDesert Treks from Al Khobar (Desert Treks)
2001978-1-900988-40-7Kathy CuddihyAn A - Z of Places and Things Saudi
2003978-1-900988-43-8Georgie Anne GeyerTunisia: A Journey Through a Country That Works
2002978-1-900988-52-0Kathy CuddihySaudi Customs and Etiquette
2003978-1-900988-57-5H. V. F. WinstoneLady Anne Blunt: A Biography
  ''978-1-900988-58-2Julia JohnsonThe Pearl Diver
  ''978-1-900988-61-2Michael Fergus · Janar JandosovaKazakhstan: Coming of Age
2005978-1-900988-72-8John TophamTraditional Crafts of Saudi Arabia (Stacey International)
2004978-1-900988-80-3Roger PerryIsland Days
2005978-1-900988-81-0James NicholsonThe Hejaz Railway
  ''978-1-900988-82-7Raouf Sa'd Abujaber · Felicity CobbingBeyond the River: Ottoman Transjordan in Original Photographs
  ''978-1-900988-84-1Donald HawleyOman
2007978-1-900988-86-5Eric MooreGardening in the Middle East
2005978-1-900988-88-9James PetersThe Arab World Handbook: Arabian Peninsula and Iraq Edition
2005978-1-900988-89-6Gloria KifayehLyrics of the Sands
2001978-1-900988-90-2James PetersVery Simple Arabic: Incorporating Simple Etiquette in Arabia
2004978-1-900988-91-9Julia JohnsonA Gift of the Sands
2003978-1-900988-92-6   ''One Humpy Grumpy Camel
2012978-1-900988-93-3   ''A Is for Arabia