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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2005978-1-905246-04-5Lee Kyung Ja · Hong Na Young · Suk-hwan ChangTraditional Korean Costume
  ''978-1-905246-06-9Crown Prince NaruhitoThe Thames and I: A Memoir of Two Years at Oxford
2006978-1-905246-07-6Jorgensen Nils-JohanCulture and Power in Germany and Japan: The Spirit of Renewal
2009978-1-905246-08-3Ivan ZakharovGrammar of Manchu (Languages of Asia: Classic Reprints) (Languages of Asia Classic Texts)
2008978-1-905246-09-0I.J. SchmidtMongolian, German, Russian Dictionary (Languages of Asia: Classic Reprints) (Languages of Asia Classic Texts)
  ''978-1-905246-18-2Andrew CobbingKyushu: Gateway to Japan: A Concise History (Regional Spaces, Cultures and Identities of East Asia)
2007978-1-905246-19-9John ChapmanRethinking the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-5: Nichinan Papers v. 2
2006978-1-905246-25-0FUMIO OTA.US-Japan Alliance in the 21st Century, The: A View of the History and a Rationale for Its Survival
2007978-1-905246-26-7Sukehiro HirakawaLafcadio Hearn in International Perspectives
2006978-1-905246-28-1Eiji SekiMrs Ferguson's Tea-set, Japan and the Second World War: The Global Consequences Following Germany's Sinking of the SS "Automedon": The Global ... Germany's Sinking of the SS "Automedon"
2008978-1-905246-31-1Henry JohnsonPerforming Japan: Contemporary Expressions of Cultural Identity
2007978-1-905246-33-5Hugh CortazziBritain and Japan: Biographical Portraits: v. 6 (Britain & Japan)
2008978-1-905246-34-2Peter DaviesThe Business, Life and Letters of Frederick Cornes: Aspects of the Evolution of Commerce in Modern Japan, 1861-1912
2007978-1-905246-35-9Ikuhiko HataHirohito: The Showa Emperor in War and Peace: The Sh Wa Emperor in War and Peace
2009978-1-905246-36-6David Sneath · Christopher KaplonskiThe History of Mongolia
2008978-1-905246-38-0Sven SaalerThe Power of Memory in Modern Japan
2007978-1-905246-40-3Kweku AmpiahThe Political and Moral Imperatives of the Bandung Conference of 1955: The Reactions of the US, UK and Japan
2008978-1-905246-42-7Yulia Mikhailova · M. William SteeleJapan and Russia: Three Centuries of Mutual Images
  ''978-1-905246-44-1Marfua TokhtakhodzhaevaThe Re-Islamization of Society and the Position of Women in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan (Inner Asia Book)
2007978-1-905246-49-6Mary HannemanHasegawa Nyozekan and Liberalism in Modern Japan
2008978-1-905246-50-2Wang LixiongChina Tidal Wave
  ''978-1-905246-54-0Michael DillonKey Papers on Chinese Economic History in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century Up to the Present Day (Key Papers on China)
2007978-1-905246-56-4David PybusTransports of Delight: An Aromatic Journey in Verse from East to West on the Wings of Perfume
2007978-1-905246-59-5Kenji MatsuoA History of Japanese Buddhism
2009978-1-905246-69-4Omi HatashinPrivate Yokoi's War and Life on Guam, 1944-1972: The Story of the Japanese Imperial Army's Longest WWII Survivor in the Field and Later Life
  ''978-1-905246-77-9Akira KudoJapan and Germany: Two Latecomers on the World Stage, 1890-1945: 1-3
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2009978-1-905246-82-3Alexander VovinA Descriptive and Comparative Grammar of Western Old Japanese: Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Particles, Postpositions, Indexes Pt. 2 ... and Central Eurasia) (Languages of Asia)
  ''978-1-905246-87-8Ian NishThe Japanese in War and Peace, 1942-48: Selected Documents from a Translator's In-tray
  ''978-1-905246-99-1Chokan Laumulin · Murat LaumulinThe Kazakhs: Children of the Steppes (Inner Asia)