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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-901903-06-5Ian NishThe Russo-Japanese War, 1904-5 (8 Vols.): In 8 Volumes
2010978-1-901903-09-6F.A. McKenzieThe Tragedy of Korea
2000978-1-901903-10-2Patrick CareyRediscovering the Old Tokaido: In the Footsteps of Hiroshige
2004978-1-901903-11-9Roy StarrsJapanese Cultural Nationalism: At Home and in the Asia-Pacific: At Home and in the Asia Pacific Region
  ''978-1-901903-14-0Professor Alexander VovinA Descriptive and Comparative Grammar of Western Old Japanese: Part 1: Phonology, Script, Lexicon and Nominals: Phonology, Script, Lexicon and Nominals Pt. 1 (Languages of Asia)
2005978-1-901903-16-4Edwina PalmerAsian Futures, Asian Traditions
1998978-1-901903-20-1Hugh CortazziJapan and Back: And Places Elsewhere (Memoir)
2005978-1-901903-28-7Takeo DoiUnderstanding Amae: The Japanese Concept of Need-love (Collected Papers of Twentieth-century Japanese Writers on Japan)
2006978-1-901903-31-7Minoru FujitaTransvestism and the Onnagata Traditions in Shakespeare and Kabuki
2003978-1-901903-35-5Herbert E. PlutschowRediscovering Rikyu and the Beginnings of the Japanese Tea Ceremony
2004978-1-901903-41-6David BellUkiyo-e Explained
  ''978-1-901903-48-5Hugh CortazziBritain and Japan: Biographical Portraits, Vol. V: v. 5
  ''978-1-901903-51-5   ''British Envoys in Japan, 1859-1972 (Embassies of Asia)
2008978-1-901903-54-6James HoareKorea: the Past and the Present (British Association for Korean Studies)
2004978-1-901903-56-0Roald Knutsen · Patricia KnutsenJapanese Spears: Polearms and Their Use in Old Japan
2008978-1-901903-58-4Stefan GeorgA Descriptive Grammar of Ket (Languages of Asia): part 1
2004978-1-901903-61-4Roald KnutsenRediscovering Budo: From a Swordsman's Perspective
  ''978-1-901903-62-1Peter O'ConnorJapanese Propaganda: Selected Readings: Japanese Propaganda: Selected Readings Pamphlets, 1891-1939 Series 2 (Pamphlets 1904-1941)
2008978-1-901903-63-8Moriyo ShimabukaroAccentual History of Japanese and Ryukuan Languages: A Reconstruction (Languages of Asia)
2004978-1-901903-66-9Nobuhiro MiyoshiHenry Dyer: Pioneer of Engineering Education in Japan: Pioneer of Education in Japan (Global Oriental Monagraph Series (Japan))
2006978-1-901903-71-3   ''The Collected Writings of Henry Dyer (5 Vols.)
2006978-1-901903-78-2Olof G. LidinFrom Taoism to Einstein: Ki and Ri in Chinese and Japanese Thought - A Survey
2007978-1-901903-88-1Hosea Ballou MorseChronicles of the East India Company Trading to China 1635-1834
2006978-1-901903-94-2T.R. SareenJapanese Prisoners of War in India, 1942-46: Bushido and Barbed Wire
2005978-1-901903-96-6J.E. Hoare · Susan ParesNorth Korea in the 21st Century: An Interpretative Guide
2006978-1-901903-99-7Brij TankhaKita Ikki and Making Modern Japan: A Vision of Empire