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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905147-00-7Steven Michael NordbyHerman
  ''978-1-905147-01-4Barbara HavelandThe Seducer (Jonas Wergeland Trilogy 1)
2006978-1-905147-04-5Shere HiteOedipus Revisited: Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male Today (Hite Reports)
2005978-1-905147-05-2Corinne HofmannThe White Masai
  ''978-1-905147-06-9Colin CampbellThe Real Diana
  ''978-1-905147-07-6Corinne HofmannThe White Masai
2001978-1-905147-08-3   ''The White Masai
2007978-1-905147-10-6Jacqueline van MaarsenMY NAME IS ANNE, She Said, ANNE FRANK: The Memoirs of Anne Frank's best friend
2006978-1-905147-12-0Leif Davidsen · Barbara J. HavelandThe Serbian Dane (Eurocrime)
  ''978-1-905147-13-7Corinne HofmannReunion in Barsaloi
2006978-1-905147-14-4Nushin ArbabzadahFrom Outside in: Refugees and British Society: An Anthology of Writings by Refugees on Britain and Britishness
  ''978-1-905147-15-1Jose Eduardo AgualusaBOOK OF CHAMELEONS, THE
2007978-1-905147-16-8Barbara J. HavelandThe Conqueror (Jonas Wergeland Trilogy 2)
2006978-1-905147-20-5Peter LantosParallel Lines
2007978-1-905147-21-2Don BartlettThe Model
2006978-1-905147-23-6Peter LantosParallel Lines
2007978-1-905147-27-4Francis KingWith My Little Eye
  ''978-1-905147-28-1Polly McLeanBahia Blues
  ''978-1-905147-30-4Anita NairMistress
  ''978-1-905147-31-1Shere HiteOedipus Revisited: Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male Today
2007978-1-905147-32-8Corinne HofmannBack from Africa
2008978-1-905147-33-5   ''Back from Africa
2008978-1-905147-35-9Dominique ManottiDead Horsemeat
2009978-1-905147-36-6Jan KjaerstadThe Discoverer (Jonas Wergeland Trilogy 3)
2008978-1-905147-37-3Eugenio FuentesPianist's Hands, The
  ''978-1-905147-38-0Barbara J. HavelandThe Conqueror (Jonas Wergeland Trilogy 2)
2007978-1-905147-39-7Bruce AndersonDavid Cameron
  ''978-1-905147-40-3Corinne HofmannReunion in Barsaloi
  ''978-1-905147-41-0Eva JolyJustice Under Siege
2008978-1-905147-42-7Jacqueline van MaarsenMy Name is Anne, She Said, Anne Frank
  ''978-1-905147-44-1Hoffman · CorinneBack from Africa
2008978-1-905147-45-8Jan KjaerstadThe Discoverer
2006978-1-905147-46-5Eva JolyJustice Under Siege
  ''978-1-905147-47-2Edward WilsonA River in May
2007978-1-905147-48-9Eugenio FuentesDepths of the Forest: A New Case for Private Investigator Cupido (Eurocrime)
  ''978-1-905147-52-6Martin SuterA Deal with the Devil (Eurocrime)
  ''978-1-905147-54-0Monica WaitzfelderL'OREAL TOOK MY HOME - B Format: The Secrets of a Theft
  ''978-1-905147-56-4Joan SmithWhat Will Survive
2007978-1-905147-57-1Peter LantosParallel Lines
  ''978-1-905147-58-8Vron WareWho Cares About Britishness: A Global View of the National Identity Debate
  ''978-1-905147-59-5A. SivanandanWhen Memory Dies
  ''978-1-905147-60-1Dominique ManottiLorraine Connection
2009978-1-905147-61-8   ''Lorraine Connection
2014978-1-905147-62-5Qaisra ShahrazTyphoon
2007978-1-905147-63-2Qaisra ShahrazThe Holy Woman
  ''978-1-905147-64-9Jose Eduardo AgualusaCreole
2007978-1-905147-65-6Jose Eduardo AgualusaThe Book of Chameleons
2014978-1-905147-67-0Leif Davidsen And Barbara J. HavelandThe Serbian Dane
2007978-1-905147-68-7Margaret CroslandCRY FROM THE HEART, A
  ''978-1-905147-69-4Saumya BalsariThe Cambridge Curry Club
2008978-1-905147-72-4Andrew HoskenKen: The Ups and Downs of Ken Livingstone
  ''978-1-905147-73-1Peter BurtonCasualty of War, A: The Arcadia Book of Gay Short Stories
  ''978-1-905147-74-8Matti JoensuuTo Steal Her Love
  ''978-1-905147-75-5Matti JoensuuPriest of Evil
2008978-1-905147-76-2Domingo VillarWater-Blue Eyes
  ''978-1-905147-77-9Mendez · AlbertoBlind Sunflowers
  ''978-1-905147-78-6Jose Eduardo AgualusaMy Father's Wives
  ''978-1-905147-79-3Lucy PopescuThe Good Tourist
  ''978-1-905147-80-9Richard Zimler · Rasa SekulovicThe Children's Hours. Stories About Childhood
2008978-1-905147-81-6Paul CrooksA Tree Without Roots: The Guide to Tracing British, African, and Asian Caribbean Ancestry
2009978-1-905147-82-3Tahar Ben JellounLeaving
2008978-1-905147-84-7Tessa Codrington · Jean-Pascal BilliaudSpirits of Tangier
2009978-1-905147-85-4Leif DavidsenThe Woman from Bratislava
2008978-1-905147-86-1Selina PackardThis Breathing World (Arcadia Books)
  ''978-1-905147-87-8Fuentes · EugenioBlood of Angels, The (Case for Private Investigator Ricardo Cupido)
2007978-1-905147-88-5Emma TennantAutobiography of the Queen, The
2009978-1-905147-89-2Nair · AnitaMistress
2008978-1-905147-90-8Joan SmithWhat Will Survive
2009978-1-905147-91-5Suter · MartinDeal With the Devil, A
2008978-1-905147-93-9Michael ArdittiEaster
  ''978-1-905147-94-6Tatamkhuku AfrikaBitter Eden
  ''978-1-905147-95-3Lisa AppignanesiThe Memory Man
  ''978-1-905147-96-0Margaret CroslandA Cry from the Heart: The Biography of Edith Piaf
2008978-1-905147-97-7Banffy · MiklosThey Were Counted (Transylvanian Trilogy)
  ''978-1-905147-99-1Banffy · MiklosThey Were Found Wanting (Writing on the Wall: The Transylvania Trilogy) (The writing on the wall)