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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-900850-01-8A. SivanandanWhen Memory Dies
  ''978-1-900850-02-5John HopkinsThe Tangier Diaries: 1962-1979
  ''978-1-900850-03-2Richard ZimlerThe Last Kabbalist of Lisbon (C Series Large Paperback)
  ''978-1-900850-04-9Elisabeth Russell TaylorPresent Fears
  ''978-1-900850-07-0John Berger · Nella BielskiIsabelle: A Story in Shorts
1998978-1-900850-08-7Kathy AckerEurydice in the Underworld
  ''978-1-900850-09-4John HaylockEastern Exchange: Memoirs of People and Places
  ''978-1-900850-10-0Tariq AliFear of Mirrors
1999978-1-900850-14-8Elisabeth Russell TaylorTomorrow
  ''978-1-900850-15-5Miklos BanffyThey Were Counted (The writing on the wall)
  ''978-1-900850-17-9Pauline NevillePeggy
1998978-1-900850-18-6John HaylockDoubtful Partners
2000978-1-900850-19-3A. SivanandanWhere the Dance is
1999978-1-900850-27-8Kyra VayneA Voice Reborn
1999978-1-900850-28-5Theatre Lab. Co. EbsContemporary Greek Theatre: v. 1
2000978-1-900850-29-2Miklos BanffyTHEY WERE FOUND WANTING (The writing on the wall)
1999978-1-900850-30-8Richard ZimlerThe Angelic Darkness
2000978-1-900850-31-5   ''The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon
  ''978-1-900850-32-2Tessa de LooThe Twins
  ''978-1-900850-35-3Nicolas FreelingSome Day Tomorrow (Eurocrime)
  ''978-1-900850-36-0Nicolas FreelingBecause of the Cats (Eurocrime)
  ''978-1-900850-37-7James PurdyMoe's Villa and Other Stories
2000978-1-900850-38-4Roy MilesA Tsar in Art
  ''978-1-900850-39-1Elisabeth Russell TaylorWill Dolores Come to Tea?
2001978-1-900850-42-1Carl Jonas Love AlmqvistThe Queen's Tiara (Great Swedish Classics)
  ''978-1-900850-44-5Ketil BjornstadThe Story of Edvard Munch
2000978-1-900850-45-2Jean-Claude IzzoOne Helluva Mess (Eurocrime)
2001978-1-900850-46-9Dominique ManottiRough Trade (Eurocrime)
1999978-1-900850-47-6A. SivanandanWhen Memory Dies
2000978-1-900850-48-3Brian O'DohertyThe Deposition of Father McGreevy
  ''978-1-900850-49-0Steven Zeeland Mark SimpsonQUEEN IS DEAD, THE: A Story of Jarheads, Eggheads, Serial Killers and Bad Sex
2001978-1-900850-51-3Miklos BanffyTHEY WERE DIVIDED (The writing on the wall)
2000978-1-900850-52-0Shere HiteThe Hite Report on Shere Hite: Voice of a Daughter in Exile
2001978-1-900850-54-4Michael ArdittiEaster
  ''978-1-900850-56-8Tessa de LooThe Twins
2006978-1-900850-57-5Alexis StamatisBar Flaubert
2002978-1-900850-58-2Gunnar StaalesenThe Writing on the Wall (Eurocrime)
2002978-1-900850-59-9Kjersti ScheenFinal Curtain (Eurocrime)
  ''978-1-900850-61-2Jose Eduardo AgualusaCreole
2001978-1-900850-62-9Adina HoffmanHouse of Windows: Portraits from a Jerusalem Neighbourhood
  ''978-1-900850-63-6Nicolas FreelingThe Village Book
2002978-1-900850-65-0Eugenio Fuentes · Paul AntillThe Depths of the Forest (Eurocrime)
2001978-1-900850-68-1Brian O'DohertyThe Deposition of Father McGreevy
2002978-1-900850-69-8Peter BushThe Old Man Who Read Love Stories
  ''978-1-900850-70-4Ttamkhulu AfrikaBitter Eden
  ''978-1-900850-73-5Nicolas FreelingThe Janeites, The (Eurocrime)
2003978-1-900850-77-3John HaylockLoose Connections
2003978-1-900850-78-0Francis KingThe Nick of Time
  ''978-1-900850-79-7Duncan FallowellA History of Facelifting
2007978-1-900850-80-3Selina PackardThis Breathing World
2006978-1-900850-82-7Dominique ManottiDead Horsemeat (Eurocrime)
2007978-1-900850-83-4Eugenio FuentesBlood of the Angels
2003978-1-900850-84-1Barbara HavelandThe Seducer
  ''978-1-900850-85-8Miklos BanffyThe Phoenix Land
  ''978-1-900850-86-5Christopher J. WalkerOliver Baldwin: A Life of Dissent
  ''978-1-900850-87-2Dominique ManottiRough Trade (Eurocrime Series)
2004978-1-900850-88-9Maarten ' t HartThe Sundial (Eurocrime)
2004978-1-900850-89-6Lisa AppignanesiThe Memory Man
2005978-1-900850-90-2Lady Colin CampbellEmpress Bianca
2004978-1-900850-91-9Erica JongSappho's Leap
2007978-1-900850-92-6Shere HiteThe Hite Report on Women Loving Women
2006978-1-900850-93-3Matti JoensuuThe Priest of Evil (Eurocrime)
2005978-1-900850-94-0Ketil BjørnstadThe Story of Edvard Munch
  ''978-1-900850-95-7Colin Lady CampbellThe Real Diana
  ''978-1-900850-96-4Susanna JohnstonLate Youth: An Anthology Celebrating the Joys of being over Fifty: Enjoying Life Over 50
2004978-1-900850-98-8Tessa de LooThe Twins
2006978-1-900850-99-5Francis KingThe Sunlight on the Garden