Happy Cat Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905117-00-0Margaret WildThe Little Crooked House
  ''978-1-905117-01-7Jeanette RoweWhose Poo?
  ''978-1-905117-02-4Jeanette RoweWhose Nose?
  ''978-1-905117-03-1   ''Whose Teeth?
  ''978-1-905117-06-2Hilda OffenRita in Rocky Park (Rita the Rescuer)
2005978-1-905117-07-9Hilda OffenRita in the Deep Blue Sea (Rita the Rescuer)
2006978-1-905117-20-8Wendy BlaxlandThe Princess and the Unicorn
  ''978-1-905117-21-5Raewyn CaisleyThe Mermaid's Tail
  ''978-1-905117-22-2Sherryl ClarkThe Littlest Pirate
  ''978-1-905117-23-9Sofie LagunaBad Buster
  ''978-1-905117-27-7Sherryl ClarkThe Littlest Pirate and the Hammerheads (Happy Cat First Reader) (Happy Cat First Reader S.)
2006978-1-905117-28-4Melanie WattScaredy Squirrel
2007978-1-905117-29-1Melanie WattScaredy Squirrel
  ''978-1-905117-43-7James MoloneyDuck Sounds (Happy Cat First Reader) (Happy Cat First Reader) (Happy Cat First Reader S.)
  ''978-1-905117-56-7Sherryl ClarkThe Littlest Pirate in a Pickle
  ''978-1-905117-57-4Melanie WattScaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend
  ''978-1-905117-60-4Bill PeetChester, the Worldly Pig
2008978-1-905117-65-9Melanie WattScaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend: 0
2008978-1-905117-66-6Hilda OffenThe Galloping Ghost: Spooks, Sports and Surprises
  ''978-1-905117-81-9Victor KelleherTim and Tig (Happy Cat First Readers)
  ''978-1-905117-83-3Matilda WebbThe Ship's Kitten (Happy Cat First Readers)
  ''978-1-905117-84-0Melanie WattScaredy Squirrel at the Beach
2009978-1-905117-87-1   ''Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach
  ''978-1-905117-88-8Sherryl ClarkThe Littlest Pirate
2009978-1-905117-89-5Melanie WattScaredy Squirrel at night
  ''978-1-905117-96-3WagnerJohn Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat