Happy Cat Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-899248-02-5Rosemary StonesChildren Don't Divorce (Talking It Through) (Talking it Through S.)
1995978-1-899248-05-6Michele CoxonWho Will Play with Me?
1999978-1-899248-08-7Valerie GreeleyBaby Animals
2000978-1-899248-09-4Coxen MicheleThe Cat Who Lost His Purr
1998978-1-899248-17-9Rosemary StonesNo More Bullying! (Talking It Through) (Talking it Through S.)
1999978-1-899248-18-6Adrienne KennawayBaby Giraffe: A Lift-the-flap Book (Happy Cat Paperbacks)
2000978-1-899248-19-3Rosemary StonesRosie's First Day at School (Talking it through)
1998978-1-899248-27-8Michele CoxonKitten Finds a Home: A Lift-the-flap-book (Happy Cat Paperbacks)
1999978-1-899248-28-5   ''Catch Up, Little Cheetah!: A Lift-the-flap Book
2000978-1-899248-29-2Rosemary StonesMy Stepfamily (Talking it Through) (Talking it Through S.)
1999978-1-899248-38-4AltheaTalking It Through Asthma
2000978-1-899248-39-1"Althea"How Your Body Works (Talking It Through)
1999978-1-899248-48-3   ''Lunch Boxes (Talking It Through) (Talking it Through S.)
2000978-1-899248-49-0   ''Hospital (Talking It Through) (Talking it Through S.)
1998978-1-899248-57-5Adrienne KennawayBushbaby (Happy Cat Paperbacks)
2000978-1-899248-58-2Bob GrahamSpirit of Hope
1996978-1-899248-60-5Michele CoxonWhere's My Kitten?: A Hide-and-seek Flap Book
1998978-1-899248-67-4VariousSticker Stories, Shrinkwrap Pk
2000978-1-899248-69-8Michele CoxonToo Big!: A Lift-the-flap Book (Lift the Flap)
1999978-1-899248-78-0Robert IngpenThe Idle Bear
2000978-1-899248-79-7Linda JenningsA Tale of Two Pandas
1999978-1-899248-88-9Michele CoxonThe Cat Who Found His Way Home
2000978-1-899248-89-6Hilda OffenGood Girl, Gracie Growler!
1998978-1-899248-96-4Michele CoxonThe Cat Who Lost His Purr (Happy Cat Paperbacks)
1999978-1-899248-97-1   ''My Cat Tree Height Chart
1999978-1-899248-98-8Michele CoxonThe Cat Who Lost His Purr: Big Book (Big Book S.)
2000978-1-899248-99-5Hilda OffenElephant Pie