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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-904989-01-1Ian CameronMasterclass: Going Down
  ''978-1-904989-02-8Ben WestwoodF**k Fashion
  ''978-1-904989-03-5EsparbecThe Pharmacist And Her Daughter
  ''978-1-904989-04-2Eric WilkinsSpank! Eric Wilkins' Spanking Photographs
  ''978-1-904989-05-9Lucy GoldenTales Between Their Legs
2005978-1-904989-06-6Benjamin GroomTurkish Delight
  ''978-1-904989-07-3Tad HolinghurstRanchers' Dirty Wives
  ''978-1-904989-08-0John GibbDirty Habits & Other Stories
  ''978-1-904989-09-7Erotic Print SocietyMaids: An Erotic Anthology
  ''978-1-904989-10-3China HamiltonThe Cabinet Of Dark Things
2005978-1-904989-11-0Erotic Print SocietyThe Master Of The College Nurse: Great British Erotic Art Series
  ''978-1-904989-12-7Lola JonesCarnal Knowledge: The Ultimate Book of Sex Trivia
2007978-1-904989-13-4Erich von GothaTwenty 1
2006978-1-904989-15-8Vittoria PerzanCinema Hard
2007978-1-904989-16-5Milton C. JoyceNicole's Pregnant Hunger: Past Venus Series ***REPRINTING MAY 2008***
2006978-1-904989-17-2Alexander McNicolBackdoor Virgins: Past Venus series ***REPRINTING DUE MAY 2008***
  ''978-1-904989-18-9Bob AdelmanTijuana Bibles: Art and Wit in America's Forbidden Funnies 1930s-1950s
  ''978-1-904989-19-6Jack H. MaldonSalem's Daughters: Past Venus Fantasy Series ***REPRINTING MAY 2008***
  ''978-1-904989-20-2Phoebe GardenerThe Young Governess: Past Venus Historical Series ***REPRINTING DUE MAY 2008*** (Past Venus Fantasy)
2006978-1-904989-21-9Bruno PhillipsMAIN POINT, THE: The Life and Work of a Porno Film Maker (Boulevard Editions)
  ''978-1-904989-22-6SardaxThe Art Of Sardax: Great British Erotic Art Series
2007978-1-904989-23-3Charlotte WebbMasterclass: Anal Sex
2006978-1-904989-24-0Eric WilkinsReal Women: An Appreciation of the Older Woman
2007978-1-904989-26-4Robert BourneOrgy Girl: Past Venus Series ***REPRINTING MAY 2008***
  ''978-1-904989-27-1John LanghorneSatan's Virgin Twins: Past Venus Series
  ''978-1-904989-28-8Catalogue 6: The Erotic Print Society
  ''978-1-904989-29-5John DupretSirens
2007978-1-904989-30-1Tilly JohnsonTilly Johnson's Pillow Book (Pillow Books)
  ''978-1-904989-31-8Kate CopstickPorn Week
  ''978-1-904989-32-5Pierre MotteuxHavana Harlot
  ''978-1-904989-33-2Meg OliphantSister's Dirty Secret
  ''978-1-904989-35-6Erich von GothaTWENTY 2
2007978-1-904989-36-3Eric WilkinsSEX ON WHEELS
  ''978-1-904989-37-0Leopold von Sacher-MasochTrue Decadence
  ''978-1-904989-38-7Sarah SarabandSHAMEFUL DUTIES
  ''978-1-904989-39-4Phoebe GardenerYoung Governess in Egypt, The (Past Venus)
2008978-1-904989-40-0Kate CopstickMASTERCLASS: GIRL ON GIRL (Masterclass (Erotic Review Books))
  ''978-1-904989-41-7A.F. HarroldZeus in Love
2008978-1-904989-42-4Delver MaddingleyHoneymooners (Boulevard Editions)
  ''978-1-904989-43-1Erich von GothaJanice 4: Voyage to Venice Bk. 4
  ''978-1-904989-44-8Katie KellyKatie Kelly's Pillow Book
2007978-1-904989-45-5Erotic Review Books2008 Erotic Review Books Calendar
2008978-1-904989-46-2Barbour · JohnBanker's Wife, The
  ''978-1-904989-47-9R. EgertonStag Movie Actress
  ''978-1-904989-48-6Foux · RachelMasterclass: Pregnant Sex (Masterclass (Erotic Review Books))
2008978-1-904989-49-3Vittoria PerzanTrans/Sex (Erotic Review Books)
2009978-1-904989-50-9Jessica RoderThrough A Glass Darkly
2008978-1-904989-51-6Bob StainerThe Ravished American Bride
  ''978-1-904989-52-3Jenny StrongAcademy of Lust
2009978-1-904989-53-0Lynn Paula RussellYoung Governess, The (Erotic Review)
2008978-1-904989-54-7Majella MunroMasterclass: Understanding Shunga: A Guide to Japanese Erotic Art
2009978-1-904989-55-4VariousErotic Review's Photographer of the Year Prize 2008, The: The Book
  ''978-1-904989-56-1Irene TroonHot Nurse's Nympho Sister, The
  ''978-1-904989-57-8Tammy GraingerCheating Wives
  ''978-1-904989-58-5Bruno PhillipsBilly's Long Game (Boulevard Editions)
2009978-1-904989-59-2China HamiltonVelvet Nightmares
  ''978-1-904989-60-8Kate CopstickSex and the Recession
  ''978-1-904989-61-5"Erotic Review"The Erotic Review's Photographer of the Year Prize 2009 - The Book
2010978-1-904989-62-2Geoff MalcolmHighway to Shame
  ''978-1-904989-63-9Betty BowmanJenny's Backdoor Lust
2009978-1-904989-64-6Erotic Review2010 Erotic Review's Calendar, The
2010978-1-904989-65-3Alice MetcalfeMasterclass: Blow Jobs (Masterclass (Erotic Review Books))