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1998978-1-898998-01-3Alexander James MacleanThe Secret Art of Tom Poulton
  ''978-1-898998-02-0China HamiltonA View from Behind
2003978-1-898998-03-7Lynn Paula RussellIllustrative Art of Lynn Paula Russell
1998978-1-898998-04-4Trevor WatsonGirls Behaving Badly
  ''978-1-898998-05-1Oliver MaitlandIllustrated Book of Bottoms
2003978-1-898998-06-8Alexander James MacleanThe Secret Art of Tom Poulton
1999978-1-898998-07-5Christopher GowerThe Illustrated Book of Stockings
  ''978-1-898998-08-2Gunther BlumGunther Blum: 1949-97, Naked Steel
  ''978-1-898998-09-9Julian MurphyThe Singular Art of Julian Murphy
2003978-1-898998-10-5Lawrence JacksonThe Illustrated Book of Breasts
1999978-1-898998-11-2Poulton TomTom Poulton: DrawinAn Artist's Secret Sketchbook: Drawings from an Erotic Sketchbook
1999978-1-898998-12-9Charlotte WardThe Illustrated Book of Phalluses
  ''978-1-898998-13-6China HamiltonWoman
  ''978-1-898998-14-3Pascal BaetensThe Fragile Touch
  ''978-1-898998-15-0Gunter BlumNaked Steel
  ''978-1-898998-16-7Trevor WatsonCheek!: A Photographic Feast of 366 Bottoms
2003978-1-898998-17-4David HollandA Faint Aroma of Sexual Impropriety
2000978-1-898998-18-1David RussellSaturnalia: The Erotic Art of David Russell
2003978-1-898998-19-8Klaus BottgerEros and Thanatos
2000978-1-898998-20-4Paul RyanThe Sins of Our Fathers: A Study in Victorian Pornography
2003978-1-898998-21-1Oliver MaitlandThe Illustrated Book of "Country Matters"
2003978-1-898998-22-8Richard SmithsonThe Illustrated Book of Situational Sex
  ''978-1-898998-23-5Alexander James MacleanTom Poulton: the Lost Drawings (Ill)
  ''978-1-898998-24-2Marie FindleyThe Mediaeval Baebes: Songs of the Flesh
  ''978-1-898998-25-9Kate CopstickThe Illustrated Book of Sapphic Sex
  ''978-1-898998-26-6Lynn Paula RussellA Sexual Odyssey
2000978-1-898998-27-3Various · Lizzie SpellerThe Illustrated Book of Orgies
2003978-1-898998-28-0VariousThe Sins of Our Fathers: Vol 2
2003978-1-898998-29-7Erotic Review BooksILLUSTRATED BOOK OF SEX GADGETS, THE
  ''978-1-898998-30-3Gordon GrimleyBeatrice
  ''978-1-898998-31-0Alfred de MussetGamiani
  ''978-1-898998-32-7Sylvie JonesSeduction
  ''978-1-898998-33-4Auguste Poulet-MalassisSummer in the Country
2003978-1-898998-34-1Charlie RoffErotic Journey
  ''978-1-898998-35-8Chris HartIllustrated Book of Queen Victoria's Secrets
  ''978-1-898998-36-5PeachmentIllustrated Book of Filthy Victorian Photographs
  ''978-1-898998-37-2David Wildle · David WildeWilde Women
  ''978-1-898998-38-9AnonymousWAY OF A MAN WITH A MAID, THE
2003978-1-898998-39-6Anonymous AnonymousA Night In A Moorish Harem
  ''978-1-898998-40-2David DelvinSex Play (The art of love)
  ''978-1-898998-41-9Various · Erotic Print SocietyDark Sex
2002978-1-898998-42-6Oliver MaitlandExtreme Sex (Ill)
  ''978-1-898998-43-3Sylvie JonesSylvie Jones' Sex Diary
2007978-1-898998-44-0Lynn Paula RussellThe Illustrated Book of Corporal Punishment
  ''978-1-898998-45-7Annie BlinkhornThe Illustrated Book of Oral Sex
2003978-1-898998-46-4AnonymousA Weekend Visit
2003978-1-898998-47-1Michael FaradayLetters from a Friend in Paris
  ''978-1-898998-48-8Erich von GothaThe Insatiable Curiosity of Sophie
  ''978-1-898998-49-5Eric WilkinsTop Shelf Girls
  ''978-1-898998-50-1Emily FordEmily Ford's Pillow Book
  ''978-1-898998-51-8Henri BretonThe Devil's Whisper
2003978-1-898998-52-5Vania ZouravliovEveline
  ''978-1-898998-53-2AnonymousThe Simple Tale of Susan Aked
  ''978-1-898998-54-9Lynn Paula RussellSexcitement
  ''978-1-898998-55-6China HamiltonBittersweet Sex
  ''978-1-898998-56-3Trevor WatsonKink!
2003978-1-898998-57-0Tom SargentFireside Orgies
  ''978-1-898998-58-7Roger MoineauThe Illustrated Book of Dominatrices
2007978-1-898998-59-4Lee ManningThe Illustrated Book of Anal Sex
2003978-1-898998-60-0John ClelandFanny Hill or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, Vol. 1
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  ''978-1-898998-62-4Petter HegreLuba: The Photography of Petter Hegre
1997978-1-898998-63-1Lyn Paula RussellThe Illustrative Art of Lynn Paula Russell
2003978-1-898998-64-8Oliver MaitlandThe Illustrated Book of Bottoms
  ''978-1-898998-65-5Christopher GowerThe Illustrated Book of Stockings: Shocking Stockings: An Illustrated History of Female Hosiery
2003978-1-898998-66-2Charlotte WardThe Illustrated Book of Phalluses
  ''978-1-898998-67-9Richard Burton · Sophie AndertonThe Essential Kama Sutra
  ''978-1-898998-68-6Erich von GothaThe Troubles of Janice
2001978-1-898998-69-3Lynn Paula RussellSabina
2004978-1-898998-70-9Melanie BrightmanLazonby's Heiress
  ''978-1-898998-71-6Brett D. ElfenbeinHelen's Southern Comfort
2003978-1-898998-72-3Alice MetcalfeMasterclass: Blowjobs
2004978-1-898998-73-0Dee McDonaldMasterclass: Sex Toys
  ''978-1-898998-74-7   ''Dee MacDonald's Purple Pillow Book
2004978-1-898998-75-4Luis DuranteBad Girl: The Photographic Art of Luis Durante
2003978-1-898998-76-1David DelvinSex Perfect: The Art of Sexual Intercourse (The Art of Love)
2004978-1-898998-77-8Jay Myrdal · Peter SmithJP Smut
  ''978-1-898998-78-5Erich von GothaThe Troubles of Janice: Pt. 2
  ''978-1-898998-79-2Bruce AbrahamShakespeare In Lust
2005978-1-898998-80-8Masterclass: Cunnilingus
2007978-1-898998-81-5Masterclass: Role Play
2004978-1-898998-82-2Michael R. GossYoung Lusty Sluts! A Pictorial History of Erotic Pulp Fiction
  ''978-1-898998-83-9Anna JonesHighland Seduction
  ''978-1-898998-84-6Kurt RobardThe Education Of Catherine Peterson
2004978-1-898998-85-3Christopher PeachmentThe Diary Of A Sex Fiend
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2005978-1-898998-93-8Trevor WatsonBounce!
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  ''978-1-898998-95-2Lynn Paula RussellPainful Pleasures: The Erotic Art of Lynn Paula Russell
2004978-1-898998-96-9Ray LeaningMuse: The Art of Ray Leaning
2005978-1-898998-97-6Christopher HartRogering Molly & Other Stories
2005978-1-898998-98-3Bruce WilberforceBondi Beach Orgy: Past Venus Press
  ''978-1-898998-99-0Olivia WatkinsIn Deep