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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-904879-01-5Hannah NathansThe Enneagram at Work: Towards personal mastery and social intelligence
2004978-1-904879-02-2Simon Anholt and Jeremy HildrethBrand America: The Mother of All Brands
  ''978-1-904879-03-9John SimmonsDark Angels: How Writing Releases Creativity at Work
2005978-1-904879-05-3Jerry Connor and Lee SearsWhy Work Is Weird: An Antidote to the Frustrations of Corporate Life
  ''978-1-904879-10-7Jorg W. Knoblauch · Johannes Huger · Marcus MocklerWhere Is Your Lighthouse: Navigate Your Life and Take Charge of Your Own Future
  ''978-1-904879-11-4Markus Venzin · Carsten Rasner · Volker MahnkeThe Strategy Process: A Practical Handbook for Implementation in Business
2008978-1-904879-12-1Conrad BrunnerGreat Brand Stories: Adidas - All day I dream about sport
2004978-1-904879-15-2John Simmons · Tim Rich26 Letters: Illuminating the Alphabet
2005978-1-904879-16-9Neil TaylorSearch Me: The Surprising Success of Google
  ''978-1-904879-17-6Stuart R. LevineThe Six Fundamentals of Success: The rules for getting it right for yourself and your organization
2005978-1-904879-18-3Gerrie LimIdol to Icon: The creation of celebrity brands
  ''978-1-904879-20-6Elen LewisGreat IKEA!: A Brand for All the People (Great Brand Stories S.)
2006978-1-904879-21-3Sally Bibb · Jeremy KourdiA Question of Trust: The Crucial Nature of Trust in Business, Work & Life - and How to Build It
2005978-1-904879-24-4Gregory Kelly · Mark PercivalNatural Weight: The New Science of Fat Reduction and Achieving Your Ideal Weight
  ''978-1-904879-25-1Christiane StengerA Sheep Falls Out of the Tree: How Anyone Can Develop a Fantastic Memory
  ''978-1-904879-26-8Philip KotlerFAQs on Marketing: Answered by the guru of marketing: Answered by the Guru on Marketing
2004978-1-904879-27-5John SimmonsMy Sister's a Barista: How They Made Starbucks a Home Away from Home
2005978-1-904879-28-2Mark GriffithsGuinness Is Guinness...: The Colourful Story of a Black and White Brand
2006978-1-904879-29-9Andy MilliganBrand it Like Beckham: Building a Brand with Balls (Great Brand Stories S.)
2005978-1-904879-30-5Stephen BrownWizard!: Harry Potter's Brand Magic
2010978-1-904879-31-2Andy MilliganGreat Brand Stories: Banyan Tree - A brand fit for paradise
2005978-1-904879-34-3Don Peppers · Martha Rogers · Ph.D.Return on Customer: Creating maximum value from your scarcest resource
  ''978-1-904879-35-0John Simmons · Neil Taylor · Tim Rich · Tom LynhamFrom Here to Here: Stories inspired by London's Circle Line
2006978-1-904879-37-4Rob YeungThe Rules of EQ
2006978-1-904879-38-1Rob YeungThe Rules of Networking
2005978-1-904879-39-8Alex Lee · Brendan MoffettSo, What Are You Calling It?: The joys & perils of naming your child
  ''978-1-904879-40-4Joep P.M. SchrijversThe Monday Morning Feeling: A Book of Comfort for Sufferers
  ''978-1-904879-41-1Bram Groen · Charles Hampden-TurnerThe Titans of Saturn: Leadership and Performance Lessons from the Cassini - Huygens Mission
  ''978-1-904879-42-8Sarah McCartneyThe Fake Factor: Why we love brands but buy fakes
  ''978-1-904879-43-5Sally BibbThe Stone Age Company: Why the companies we work for are dying and how they can be saved
2007978-1-904879-44-2Tim RennerDeath Is Not So Bad: The Future of the Music Industry
2006978-1-904879-46-6Harro von SengerThe 36 Stratagems for Business: Achieve your objectives through hidden and unconventional strategies and tactics
2006978-1-904879-47-3Howard Milton · Nick AsburyAlas! Smith and Milton: How Not to Run a Design Company
  ''978-1-904879-52-7Frances KayNew Kid on the Block: 10 steps to help you survive and thrive in the first 100 days of your new job
  ''978-1-904879-53-4Patrick ForsythManage Your Boss: 8 steps to creating the ideal working relationship
  ''978-1-904879-54-1Jeremy KourdiThink On Your Feet: 10 steps to better decision making and problem solving at work
2005978-1-904879-57-2Daniel H. PinkA Whole New Mind: How to Thrive in the New Conceptual Age
  ''978-1-904879-58-9David Barzilay · David Coulthard · Mike JiggleMemorable Moments in Motor Racing: Legends and Personalities Tell Their Stories
2006978-1-904879-59-6Willem Van Der DoesThat's Just the Way I Am: Understanding and dealing with troublemakers, wimps and oddballs
2006978-1-904879-60-2John Simmons · Matt SimmonsGreat Brand Stories Arsenal: Winning together -The story of the Arsenal brand
2005978-1-904879-61-9Stuart Delves · Jamie Jauncey · Damian Mullan26 Malts: Some Joy Ride
2006978-1-904879-62-6David KeanHow Not to Come Second: The Art of Winning Business Pitches
  ''978-1-904879-63-3Tim DrakeI Want to Make a Difference: Discover your purpose in life and change things for the better
  ''978-1-904879-67-1Emma SargentFlying Start: Coaching your children for life
  ''978-1-904879-68-8John SimmonsWe, Me, Them & It: How to Write Powerfully for Business
  ''978-1-904879-69-5   ''The Invisible Grail: How Brands Can Use Words to Engage with Audiences
2007978-1-904879-70-1Neil TaylorThe Name of the Beast
2007978-1-904879-71-8Stuart DelvesGreat Brand Stories Scotch Whisky: Creative fire - The story of Scotland's greatest export
2006978-1-904879-72-5Steve McKevittCity Slackers: Workers of the world... You are wasting your time!
  ''978-1-904879-75-6Adjiedj BakasMegatrends Europe: The future of a continent and its impact on the world
2008978-1-904879-76-3Mike Hoyle · Peter NewmanSimply a Great Manager: The 15 fundamentals of being a successful manager
2006978-1-904879-77-0Matthias HorxHow We Will Live: A Synthesis of Life in the Future
  ''978-1-904879-78-7Richard MaunMy Boss is a Bastard: Surviving Turmoil at Work
2007978-1-904879-79-4Iain CarruthersGreat Brand Stories Dyson: The domestic engineer - How Dyson changed the meaning of cleaning
2006978-1-904879-80-0Bob EtheringtonPresentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks
  ''978-1-904879-81-7Bob EtheringtonCold Calling for Chickens
2007978-1-904879-82-4Fiona Hickman-TaylorSix Spiritual Steps to Mend a Broken Heart
2006978-1-904879-87-9Richard Elsner · Bridget FarrandsLost in Transition: How Business Leaders Can Successfully Take Charge in New Roles
  ''978-1-904879-88-6Stephen BrownThe Marketing Code
2009978-1-904879-90-9Helen DugdaleBridal Moments: A survival guide to wedding chaos
2006978-1-904879-93-0John Simmons · Rob Williams · Tim RichCommon Ground: Around Britain in 30 Writers
2007978-1-904879-95-4Stewart Tendler & David MayThe Brotherhood of Eternal Love: From Flower Power to Hippie Mafia - The Story of the LSD Counterculture
2006978-1-904879-96-1Jane Cunningham & Philippa RobertsInside Her Pretty Little Head: A new theory of female motivation and what it means for marketing
2008978-1-904879-98-5Richard ConniffThe Ape in the Corner Office: How to make friends, win fights, and work smarter by understanding human nature
2007978-1-904879-99-2Andy MaslenWrite to Sell: The Ultimate Guide to Great Copywriting