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2007978-1-904761-02-0P. C. Garnsworthy · J. WisemanRecent Advances in Animal Nutrition 2006
  ''978-1-904761-03-7Philip C. Garnsworthy · Julian WisemanRecent Advances in Animal Nutrition 2007
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2004978-1-904761-15-0Howard J. SwatlandMeat Cuts and Muscle Foods: An International Glossary: 7
  ''978-1-904761-18-1A. OluwuPursuing Postgraduate Medical Training in the UK: A Mission Possible
  ''978-1-904761-19-8Duarte DiazThe Mycotoxin Blue Book
2005978-1-904761-21-1John GaddPig Production: What the Textbooks Don't Tell You
2005978-1-904761-23-5R. Sylvester-BradleyYields of Farmed Species: Constraints and Opportunities in the 21st Century (University of Nottingham Easter School)
2009978-1-904761-24-2Thomas ChesneySearching for Patterns: How We Can Know without Asking
2004978-1-904761-25-9Tobias SteinerManagement of the Equine Environment
2005978-1-904761-31-0J.K. HodgesThe Barbary Macaque: Biology, Management and Conservation: Biology and Conservation
  ''978-1-904761-32-7E. OwenLivestock and Wealth Creation: Improving Husbandry of Animals Kept by Resource-Poor People in Developing Countries: Improving the Husbandry of Animals ... Resource-Poor People in Developing Countries
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978-1-904761-38-9Ovine Meat Inspection
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2007978-1-904761-40-2Christian LuckstadtAcidifiers in Animal Nutrition: A Guide for Feed Preservation and Acidification to Promote Animal Performance
  ''978-1-904761-41-9WM KinnearNon-Invasive Ventilation
2009978-1-904761-42-6William Kinnear · Maruti KumaranUltrasound of the Chest: A Guide for Clinicians
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2006978-1-904761-53-2Andrew GristPoultry Inspection, 2nd Edition: Anatomy, Physiology and Disease Conditions (Meat Inspection)
2007978-1-904761-54-9Keith GregsonUnderstanding Mathematics
  ''978-1-904761-55-6David W GillFarriery the Whole Horse Concept
2007978-1-904761-56-3VariousParadigms in Pig Science: 62 (University of Nottingham Easter School)
  ''978-1-904761-58-7Clifford A AdamsNutrition-Based Health: Nutricines and Nutrients, Health Maintenance and Disease Avoidance in Animals (The Nutricine Concept)
2010978-1-904761-60-0K.M. BellSpot the Difference: Are Cheetahs Really Just Big Cats?: Using the Domestic Cat as a Model for the Nutritional Management of Captive Cheetahs
2008978-1-904761-64-8Multi-authorDistilled Spirits: Production, Technology and Innovation
2009978-1-904761-71-6T. SteinerPhytogenics in Animal Nutrition: Natural Concepts to Optimize Gut Health and Performance
2010978-1-904761-72-3Richard PattonRuined by Excess, Perfected by Lack: The Paradox of Pet Nutrition
2008978-1-904761-78-5S. Leeson · J. D. SummersCommercial Poultry Nutrition
2009978-1-904761-79-2S. Leeson · J. D. SummersBroiler Breeder Production
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2009978-1-904761-84-6Sunita R Deshmukh · Newton WK WongThe Renal System Explained
2011978-1-904761-90-7Leonard A. Levy · Cecelia RokusekBioterrorism and All-hazards Preparedness
2010978-1-904761-91-4Stephen E. HardingBiotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews, Vol. 26
2011978-1-904761-92-1Mark KidgerThe Physics of Cricket: From Hotspot to Statistics