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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-897676-07-3Julian Wiseman · Philip C. GarnsworthyRecent Advances in Animal Nutrition 2000
2001978-1-897676-08-0Julian Wiseman · Philip C. GarnsworthyRecent Advances in Animal Nutrition 2001
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2004978-1-897676-11-0D.C. DeemingReptilian Incubation: Environment, Evolution and Behaviour
2003978-1-897676-12-7Malmfors B · Garnsworthy P · Grossman MWriting and Presenting Scientific Papers
  ''978-1-897676-13-4K.A. Jacques · T.P. Lyons · D. R. KelsallThe Alcohol Textbook
  ''978-1-897676-17-2R. Xu · Peter D CranwellThe Neonatal Pig: Gastrointestinal Physiology and Nutrition
  ''978-1-897676-18-9Paul Smith · Hugh CrabtreePig Environment Problems
2002978-1-897676-19-6J. Wiseman · M.A. Varley · B. KempPerspectives in Pig Science (University of Nottingham Easter School)
1999978-1-897676-28-8John Caygill · Irene Mueller-HarveySecondary Plant Products: Antinutritional and Beneficial Actions in Animal Feeding
  ''978-1-897676-29-5Andreas Theisen · Matthew P. Deacon · Christoph Johann · Stephen HardingRefractive Increment Data-book: for Polymer and Biomolecular Scientists
2001978-1-897676-34-9John GaddPig Production Problems: John Gadd's Guide to Their Solutions
2003978-1-897676-37-0Imti Choonara · A. Nunn · G. KearnsAn Introduction to Paediatric and Perinatal Drug Therapy
2003978-1-897676-39-4J.H. BryceDistilled Spirits: Tradition and Innovation
  ''978-1-897676-46-2Andrea D. Ellis · Julian HillNutritional Physiology of the Horse
2004978-1-897676-47-9J. Alliston · S. Chadd · A. Ede · A. Hemmings · J. Hyslop · A. Longland · H. Moreton · M. Moore-ColyerEmerging Equine Science (BSAS Publication)
2002978-1-897676-48-6David CharlesFood, Farming and the Countryside: Past, Present and Future
2001978-1-897676-49-3Susan CorkVeterinary Laboratory and Field Manual: A Guide for Veterinary Laboratory Technicians and Animal Health Advisors
1994978-1-897676-52-3Julian WisemanNutrition and Feeding of Poultry (From Larbier and LeClercq's Nutrition Et Alimentation Des Vo)
1996978-1-897676-58-5Dennis VardyThe Mental Game of Golf
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1998978-1-897676-68-4Michael R. Davey · P.G. Alderson · K.C. Lowe · J.B PowerTree Biotechnology: Towards the Millennium
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2000978-1-897676-77-6A. PivaGut Environment of Pigs
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2000978-1-897676-79-0Terry M. MayhewAnatomical Terms and What They Mean
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2000978-1-897676-93-6David RobertsThe Cricket Coach's Guide to Man Management
2001978-1-897676-94-3Clifford A. AdamsTotal Nutrition: Feeding Animals for Health and Growth
2002978-1-897676-95-0P. F. SuraiNatural Antioxidants in Avian Nutrition and Reproduction
2001978-1-897676-97-4David Charles · Andrew WalkerPoultry Environment Problems: A Guide to Solutions
2002978-1-897676-98-1Stephen LivingstoneTowards a Procedural Regime for the International Criminal Court
2003978-1-897676-99-8B.A. DehorityRumen Microbiology: Introduction to Micro-organisms in the Rumen, Their Activities and Interactions in the Digestion of Plant Materials