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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-904591-05-4Sheila Hentall · Helen WardAchieve Level 5 English (Achieve S.)
  ''978-1-904591-07-8Richard Cooper · Shirley ArmerAchieve Level 5 Maths (Achieve S.)
  ''978-1-904591-10-8Gerald PageAchieve Level 5 Science Practice Questions (Achieve S.)
  ''978-1-904591-12-2Richard CooperAchieve Level 4 English Practice Questions (Achieve S.)
2003978-1-904591-20-7Karen HamiltonExcellence in Word Problems (year 4)
  ''978-1-904591-22-1Richard CooperExcellence in Word Problems (year 6)
2003978-1-904591-24-5Graham PeacockExcellence in Scientific Enquiry (year 4)
  ''978-1-904591-25-2Graham PeacockExcellence in Scientific Enquiry (year 5)
  ''978-1-904591-26-9   ''Excellence in Scientific Enquiry (year 6)
  ''978-1-904591-27-6Louise MooreExcellence in Scientific Enquiry Teacher's Book (key Stage 2)
2004978-1-904591-31-3Fiona MappAchieve Maths Study Book (KS3): Level 5 (Achieve)
  ''978-1-904591-32-0Louise MooreAchieve Maths Practice Questions (KS3): Level 5
2004978-1-904591-33-7Fiona MappAchieve Maths Study Book (KS3): Level 6/7
  ''978-1-904591-34-4Louise MooreAchieve Maths Practice Questions (KS3): Level 6/7
  ''978-1-904591-40-5Jane BoveyMedal Maths Practice Textbook Year 3
  ''978-1-904591-41-2Jane Bovey · Richard Cooper · Nicola McGeeMedal Maths Practice Textbook Year 4: Year 4
  ''978-1-904591-43-6Richard CooperMedal Maths Practice Textbook Year 6
2004978-1-904591-49-8Jo HowesExcellence in Fractions, Decimals and Percentages: Year 4
  ''978-1-904591-64-1Jane BoveyExcellence in Word Problems: Year 2
  ''978-1-904591-68-9Felice Arena · Phil KettleGone Fishing (Boy's Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-69-6Felice Arena · Phil KettleThe Tree House (Boys Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-70-2   ''Golf Legends (Boy's Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
2004978-1-904591-71-9Felice Arena · Phil KettleCamping Out (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-72-6   ''Bike Daredevils (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-73-3   ''Water Rats (Boy's Rule! S.)
2004978-1-904591-74-0Felice Arena · Phil KettleSkateboard Dudes (Boy's Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-75-7Phil Kettle · Felice ArenaTennis Ace (Boy's Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-76-4   ''Basketball Buddies (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-77-1Felice Arena · Phil KettleSecret Agent Heroes (Boy's Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-78-8   ''Wet World (Boys Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
2004978-1-904591-79-5Phil Kettle · Felice ArenaRock Star (Boy's Rule! S.)
2005978-1-904591-84-9Louise MooreAchieve B-A* Maths (GCSE) Revision Book (Achieve Gcse)
  ''978-1-904591-85-6   ''Achieve B-A* Maths (GCSE) Practice Questions (Achieve Gcse)
2004978-1-904591-90-0Jane BoveyExcellence in Calculations Year 1, Photocopiable Activities
2005978-1-904591-92-4Jane Bovey · Jo HowesExcellence in Shape, Space, Measures: Year 1 (Photocopymasters S.)
  ''978-1-904591-93-1   ''Excellence Shape, Space, Measures: Year 2 (Photocopymasters S.)
2005978-1-904591-94-8Jane Bovey · Jo HowesExcellence Number and the Number System: Year 1 (Photocopymasters) (Photocopymasters S.)
  ''978-1-904591-95-5   ''Excellence Number and the Number System: Year 2 (Photocopymasters S.)
  ''978-1-904591-96-2Felice Arena · Phil KettlePirate Attack (Boy's Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-97-9   ''Olympic Champions (Boy's Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
  ''978-1-904591-98-6   ''Race Car Dreamers (Boy's Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)
2005978-1-904591-99-3Felice Arena · Phil KettleHit the Beach (Boy's Rule!) (Boy's Rule! S.)