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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-904459-00-2Mike CritchleyBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 2004/05
2004978-1-904459-02-6Gerald ToghillRoyal Navy Trawlers: Pt.2: Requisitioned Trawlers
  ''978-1-904459-03-3Ben WarlowRN Frigates in Focus
  ''978-1-904459-04-0Tito BenadyThe Royal Navy at Gibraltar Since 1900
  ''978-1-904459-06-4John WintonWe Joined the Navy
  ''978-1-904459-07-1John WintonWe Saw the Sea
2004978-1-904459-08-8John WintonDown the Hatch
  ''978-1-904459-09-5   ''Never Go to Sea
  ''978-1-904459-10-1   ''All the Nice Girls
  ''978-1-904459-11-8Steve BushBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 2005/06
2005978-1-904459-12-5Brian PattersonThe Royal Navy at Portsmouth Since 1900
  ''978-1-904459-13-2Ben WarlowThe Royal Navy at Devonport Since 1900
2005978-1-904459-14-9WELLER SUEME AND MY BLEEDING MOUTH PB: The Painful Story of Gary McCormick
  ''978-1-904459-16-3Neil McCartNelson and Rodney 1927-1949 - The Big Battleships
  ''978-1-904459-18-7Mike CritchleyBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 2006 - 2007
  ''978-1-904459-19-4Steve BushTrafalgar 200 International Fleet Review: A Pictorial Record
2006978-1-904459-20-0Archie MunroThe Winston Specials: Troopships Via the Cape 1940-1943
  ''978-1-904459-22-4Steve BushBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 2007/2008
2006978-1-904459-23-1Andrew WelchThe Royal Navy in The Cod Wars: Britain and Iceland in Conflict 1958-1976
  ''978-1-904459-24-8Geoffrey CarterCrises Do Happen: The Royal Navy and Operation Musketeer, Suez 1956
  ''978-1-904459-25-5Steve BushUS Navy Warships and Auxiliaries
2007978-1-904459-26-2John LippiettWar and Peas
  ''978-1-904459-27-9Norman GoodwinCastle Class Corvettes: An Account of the Service of the Ships and Their Ships' Companies
  ''978-1-904459-28-6Patrick BonifaceBattle Class Destroyers
2007978-1-904459-29-3Ian BuxtonSwan Hunter Built Warships
  ''978-1-904459-30-9David HobbsMoving Bases: Royal Navy Maintenance Carriers and Monabs
  ''978-1-904459-31-6Steve BushBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 2008/2009
2008978-1-904459-32-3Malcolm MacleanNaval Accidents Since 1945
  ''978-1-904459-33-0Neil McCartDaring Class Destroyers
  ''978-1-904459-34-7David HobbsRoyal Navy Aircraft Carriers in Focus
2008978-1-904459-35-4Jon WiseVickers (Barrow) Built Warships
  ''978-1-904459-36-1Steve BushBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 2009/2010
2009978-1-904459-38-5David HobbsRN Battleships and Battlecruisers in Focus
  ''978-1-904459-40-8Steve BushBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 2010/2011
2010978-1-904459-41-5   ''British Warships & Auxiliaries 2011/2012
  ''978-1-904459-42-2Mike CritchleyBritannia to Beira & Beyond: One Man's Humourous Experiences of Royal Navy Life in the 1960's
  ''978-1-904459-43-9Steve BushUS Navy Warships & Auxiliaries: Including US Coast Guard (2nd ed)
2011978-1-904459-47-7   ''British Warships & Auxiliaries 2012/2013
2013978-1-904459-55-2Steve BushBritish Warships & Auxiliaries 2014/15
2014978-1-904459-61-3   ''British Warships & Auxiliaries 2015/16
  ''978-1-904459-62-0   ''United States Navy Warships & Auxiliaries (3rd ed)
  ''978-1-904459-63-7Neil McCartCounty Class Guided Missile Destroyers
2015978-1-904459-64-4Steve BushBritish Warships and Auxilaries 2016/17
2016978-1-904459-69-9   ''British Warships and Auxilaries 2017
2018978-1-904459-75-0   ''British Warships and Auxiliaries 2018