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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-907771-04-3Mike CritchleyThe Royal Navy in Focus 1930-39
  ''978-0-907771-06-7David HobbsAircraft of the Royal Navy Since 1945
  ''978-0-907771-07-4Philip MacDougallChatham Built Warships Since 1860
1983978-0-907771-08-1Geoffrey UnderwoodOur Falklands War: The Men of the Task Force Tell Their Story
  ''978-0-907771-09-8Mike CritchleyBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 1984-85
1984978-0-907771-12-8Jack WorthBritish Warships Since 1945: Minesweepers Pt. 4
1975978-0-907771-22-7Mike CritchleyThe Royal Navy in Focus 1950-59
1986978-0-907771-27-2K.V. Burns · Mike CritchleyH. M. S. "Bulwark", 1948-84
1987978-0-907771-30-2Mike CritchleyBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 1987/88
1986978-0-907771-33-3   ''The Royal Navy in Focus 1960-69
1987978-0-907771-35-7Douglas MorrisCruisers of the Royal and Commonwealth Navies
  ''978-0-907771-36-4Mike CritchleyBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 1988-89
1989978-0-907771-43-2Ben Warlow · Richard EllisThe Royal Navy at Malta: 1865-1906 - The Victorian Era v. 1
1990978-0-907771-45-6David HobbsThe Fleet Air Arm in Focus: Pt. 1
1992978-0-907771-49-4Tito BenadyThe Royal Navy at Gibraltar
1992978-0-907771-51-7David HobbsThe Fleet Air Arm in Focus: Pt. 2
  ''978-0-907771-52-4Ben WarlowShore Establishments of the Royal Navy
  ''978-0-907771-53-1Mike CritchleyBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 1993-94
1994978-0-907771-57-9Ben Warlow · Sydney V. C. GoodmanThe Royal Navy in Focus in World War Two
1997978-0-907771-63-0Peter MelsonWhite Ensign - Red Dragon: History of the Royal Navy in Hong Kong, 1841-1997
  ''978-0-907771-64-7I.L. Buxton · Ben Warlow · GoodmanTo Sail No More: Pt. 1
1998978-0-907771-66-1Ben WarlowRoyal Navy in Focus: 1970-1979
  ''978-0-907771-68-5Mike CritchleyBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 1999-2000
1999978-0-907771-72-2   ''British Warships and Auxiliaries 2000-2001
2000978-0-907771-73-9Ben WarlowShore Establishments of the Royal Navy
2000978-0-907771-75-3Ben WarlowRoyal Navy Destroyers in Focus Since 1945
  ''978-0-907771-76-0Steve Bush · Mike CritchleyTo Sail No More: Pt. 3
  ''978-0-907771-77-7Ian BuxtonTo Sail No More: Pt. 4
  ''978-0-907771-78-4Ross Gillett · Vic Jeffrey · Vic JefferyTo Sail No More: Pt. 5
2001978-0-907771-80-7Geoffrey CarterThe Royal Navy at Portland 1900-2000
  ''978-0-907771-81-4Ben WarlowRN Minor War Vessels in Focus
2001978-0-907771-83-8Neil McCartHMS "Vanguard" 1944-1960: Britain's Last Battleship
  ''978-0-907771-85-2Mike CritchleyBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 2002/2003
2002978-0-907771-87-6Daniel MadsenTo Sail No More: United States Navy
  ''978-0-907771-89-0Jon WiseRoyal Fleet Auxiliary in Focus
  ''978-0-907771-90-6Ben WarlowThe Royal Navy in World War II in Focus, Part 2
  ''978-0-907771-91-3   ''The Royal Navy at Malta 1900-2000
2002978-0-907771-92-0Ross Gillett · Vic JeffreyThe Royal Navy in Australia 1900-2000
  ''978-0-907771-93-7Neil McCartHMS "Glory" 1945-1961
  ''978-0-907771-94-4Mike CritchleyBritish Warships and Auxiliaries 2003/04
2003978-0-907771-98-2Martin RogersThe Royal Navy at Rosyth 1900-2000