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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-904034-00-1Teresa GormanNo, Prime Minister!
2003978-1-904034-01-8Vic DarkInto the Heart of Darkness
2002978-1-904034-02-5Martyn DawesI Will Pass My Driving Test
  ''978-1-904034-03-2Paul Di'annoThe Beast
  ''978-1-904034-08-7The Little Book of Incredible Eye Twisters
  ''978-1-904034-09-4Frank LammarI am What I am
  ''978-1-904034-10-0Douglas ThompsonMadonna: Queen of the World
2002978-1-904034-12-4Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankJamie Oliver: The Biography
  ''978-1-904034-14-8Mark Brandon ReadChopper
  ''978-1-904034-15-5Emma Heathcote-JamesSeeing Angels
  ''978-1-904034-16-2Russ Kane · Sally KaneShout at the Moon
  ''978-1-904034-17-9Nicholas DaviesThe Terminators
2002978-1-904034-18-6Mark SaundersPrince Harry: The Biography
  ''978-1-904034-19-3Kate Kray · David BaileyDiamond Geezers
  ''978-1-904034-27-8Ivor EdwardsJack the Ripper's Black Magic Rituals
  ''978-1-904034-28-5Bob JamesMr.Happy
  ''978-1-904034-29-2Cy FloodIt Shouldn't Happen to a Rep
2002978-1-904034-30-8Keith PedderThe Rachel Files
  ''978-1-904034-32-2Virginia BlackburnKylie's Secrets
2003978-1-904034-33-9Graeme McLagan · Nick LowlesKiller on the Streets (Blake's True Crime Library)
  ''978-1-904034-35-3Roy Shaw · Kate KrayRoy Shaw Unleashed
  ''978-1-904034-37-7Stan Ternent · Tony LiveseyStan the Man: A Hard Life in Football
  ''978-1-904034-38-4Mark Brandon ReadChopper 3: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Mate Shot in the Arse
2002978-1-904034-39-1E.J.P. MurphyThe Young Gangsters
2013978-1-904034-42-1Patrick LavelleShadow of the Ripper
2003978-1-904034-45-2John 'Gaffer' RollinsonGaffer
2005978-1-904034-46-9Wensley ClarksonEvil Beyond Belief
2003978-1-904034-47-6Kate KrayKillers
2003978-1-904034-48-3Carlton LeachMuscle
  ''978-1-904034-49-0Mark Brandon ReadChopper 2: How to Shoot Friends and Influence People
  ''978-1-904034-50-6Karl PentaHave Gun Will Travel
2002978-1-904034-51-3Michael StoneNone Shall Divide Us
2003978-1-904034-52-0Wensley ClarksonHitmen
  ''978-1-904034-53-7Christopher Berry-DeeTalking with Serial Killers: The Most Evil People in the World Tell Their Own Stories
  ''978-1-904034-54-4Leonard HamiltonBranded by Ronnie Kray
2003978-1-904034-55-1Elliott LeytonHunting Humans
2001978-1-904034-56-8Wensley ClarksonGangsters
2002978-1-904034-57-5Cass Pennant · Micky SmithWant Some Aggro?
2003978-1-904034-58-2Cass Pennant · Rob Silvester · Rob SylvesterRolling with the 6.57 Crew: The True Story of Pompey's Legendary Football Fans
2002978-1-904034-59-9Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankRoy Keane: The Biography
2003978-1-904034-60-5James CowellGod Loves a Trier: Growing Up in a World of Heartache,Joy and Adversity
2002978-1-904034-61-2Virginia BlackburnGeri's Secrets
2003978-1-904034-63-6Malcolm Price · Stephen RichardsStreet Warrior
2002978-1-904034-67-4Wensley ClarksonRio!
2003978-1-904034-68-1Don · Walsh, Mike JordanNICHOLAS VAN HOOGSTRATEN. MILLIONAIRE KILLER
  ''978-1-904034-69-8George ReynoldsCracked it
  ''978-1-904034-71-1Kate KrayHard Bastards 2
  ''978-1-904034-72-8Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankThere's Only One David Beckham
  ''978-1-904034-73-5Alistair TaylorWith the Beatles
2003978-1-904034-74-2Claire BessantThe Cat Whisperer
  ''978-1-904034-75-9Caroline GrahamCamilla: Her True Story
  ''978-1-904034-76-6Noel BothamUltimate Book of Useless Information
  ''978-1-904034-78-0Ian Dickens · Ranulph FiennesSea Change
  ''978-1-904034-79-7Keith EmersonPictures of an Exhibitionist
2003978-1-904034-80-3David BrightCatching Monsters
  ''978-1-904034-82-7William Hall70 Not Out: The Biography of Michael Caine
  ''978-1-904034-84-1Madeline CooperThe Ultimate Cabbage Soup Diet
  ''978-1-904034-85-8Cass PennantCongratulations You Have Just Met the ICF
  ''978-1-904034-87-2Ivor EdwardsJack the Ripper's Black Magic Rituals
2013978-1-904034-88-9Louise AshbyMagic of the Mask
2013978-1-904034-89-6Stellakis SylianouOn the Doors
2003978-1-904034-91-9Roxana FerlliniRaising the Dead
  ''978-1-904034-94-0Lola CashmanInside the Zoo with "U2"
  ''978-1-904034-95-7Martin KingTerrace Legends
978-1-904034-97-1Elliot LeytonMen of Blood
2003978-1-904034-98-8Kate KrayThe Art of Violence
  ''978-1-904034-99-5Terry SmithThe Art of Armed Robbery