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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-85782-006-5Piers MorganTo Dream a Dream: Amazing Life of Phillip Schofield
  ''978-1-85782-011-9Barbara JonesVoices from an Evil God
1993978-1-85782-015-7Valerio VicceiKnightsbridge: The Robbery of the Century
  ''978-1-85782-031-7Ed GormanShadow Games
  ''978-1-85782-034-8Linzi DrewTry Everything Once Except Incest and Morris Dancing
1994978-1-85782-075-1Arthur EdwardsI'll Tell the Jokes Arthur
  ''978-1-85782-085-0Lars SkarkeBjorn Borg: Winner Loses All
1994978-1-85782-087-4Larry AdlerMe and My Big Mouth
  ''978-1-85782-092-8Yevgeny Ivanov · Gennady SokolovThe Naked Spy
1995978-1-85782-117-8Lynne PerrieSecrets of the Street: My Life as Ivy Tilsley
  ''978-1-85782-123-9Wensley ClarksonThe Mother from Hell
1996978-1-85782-157-4Ian Robertson"Oasis": What's the Story?
1997978-1-85782-159-8Darius Guppy · Nicholas DaviesRoll of the Dice: A True Saga of Love, Money and Betrayal
1996978-1-85782-160-4Glenn Harvey · Mark SaundersDicing with Di
1997978-1-85782-161-1NizamiLayla and Majnun
  ''978-1-85782-166-6Frances NicholsonMarried to the SAS
1996978-1-85782-167-3Paul BruceThe Nemesis File: The True Story of an Execution Squad
  ''978-1-85782-173-4Vasso KortesisDuchess of York: Uncensored
1997978-1-85782-175-8Garth Gibbs · Sean SmithSophie's Kiss: True Love Story of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones
1997978-1-85782-176-5Ian Douglas SmithThe Great Betrayal: The Memoirs of Ian Douglas Smith
  ''978-1-85782-178-9Martin McGartlandFifty Dead Men Walking
  ''978-1-85782-181-9Tony BoothLabour of Love
1998978-1-85782-183-3Eddy ArmaniThe Real T: My 22 Years with Tina Turner
1997978-1-85782-187-1Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankDavid Jason: The Biography
  ''978-1-85782-196-3Scott GrahamViolent Delights
1998978-1-85782-197-0Wensley ClarksonThe Valkyrie Operation
  ''978-1-85782-198-7Patty ParfittLaughing All Over the World: My Life Married to "Status Quo"
1998978-1-85782-200-7Arun GandhiDaughter of Midnight: The Child Bride of Gandhi
  ''978-1-85782-201-4Martin McGartlandFifty Dead Men Walking
  ''978-1-85782-202-1Ian Douglas SmithThe Great Betrayal: The Memoirs of Africa's Most Controversial Leader
  ''978-1-85782-205-2Frances NicholsonThe SAS Sex Survival Guide
  ''978-1-85782-206-9Johnny Briggs · Pat CoddJohnny Briggs: My Autobiography
1998978-1-85782-208-3Reg GutteridgeReg Gutteridge: My Autobiography
  ''978-1-85782-212-0Ronnie Knight · Peter GerrardRonnie Knight: Memoirs and Confessions
  ''978-1-85782-214-4Nigel GoodallWinona Ryder: The Biography
2007978-1-85782-215-1Wensley ClarksonMother Dearest
  ''978-1-85782-216-8Nigel ElyFighting for Queen and Country
  ''978-1-85782-217-5Glenn Harvey · Mark SaundersDiana and the Paparazzi
1999978-1-85782-302-8Christopher AndersenThe Day Diana Died
1999978-1-85782-303-5Norman ParkerIn the Company of Killers (Blake's True Crime Library)
1998978-1-85782-305-9Wensley ClarksonPublic Enemy No.1: Life and Crimes of Kenneth Noye
1999978-1-85782-308-0Nigel BennDark Destroyer
1998978-1-85782-310-3Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankDavid Jason: The Biography
2000978-1-85782-314-1Paul Daniels · Chris GidneyUnder No Illusion
1999978-1-85782-316-5Anna Wohlin · Christine LindsjooThe Murder of Brian Jones
  ''978-1-85782-317-2Norman ParkerParkhurst Tales 2
  ''978-1-85782-318-9James HewittLove and War
2000978-1-85782-319-6Wensley ClarksonSting: The Biography
1998978-1-85782-320-2Ian GillanIan Gillan: The Autobiography of "Deep Purple's" Lead Singer
  ''978-1-85782-325-7Ron BrittonKim Basinger: Longer Than Forever
2000978-1-85782-329-5Kate KrayHard Bastards
  ''978-1-85782-334-9Anna WohlinThe Murder of Brian Jones
1998978-1-85782-335-6Lenny McLean · Peter GerrardThe Guv'nor
1998978-1-85782-336-3Wensley ClarksonRonaldo: 21 Years of Genius and 90 Minutes That Shook the World
2000978-1-85782-338-7Mike FielderThe Murder of Rachel Nickell (Blake's True Crime Library)
1999978-1-85782-341-7Nigel GoodallJohnny Depp: The Biography
  ''978-1-85782-346-2Muammar GadaffiEscape to Hell and Other Stories
2000978-1-85782-353-0Wensley ClarksonWomen in Chains (Blake's True Crime Library)
  ''978-1-85782-354-7Matthew Kleinman · Nicholas DaviesThe Year Zero
  ''978-1-85782-358-5Nicholas DaviesDeadly Affair (Blake's True Crime Library)
1998978-1-85782-360-8Shirley HarrisonThe Diary of Jack the Ripper
1999978-1-85782-361-5Roy ShawPretty Boy
2002978-1-85782-364-6John McVicarDead on Time: How and Why Barry George Executed Jill Dando (Blake's True Crime Library)
2000978-1-85782-367-7Steve DevereuxGun for Hire
  ''978-1-85782-368-4Pete MercerNot by Strength, by Guile
2000978-1-85782-369-1Norman ParkerLife After Life
1999978-1-85782-376-9Roy Hall · John FrancisA Perfect Gentleman
2000978-1-85782-378-3Jennifer Watkins-IsnardiIn the Beginning: My Life With The Manic Street Preachers
  ''978-1-85782-379-0Keith Charles · Derek ShuffPsychic Detective
1998978-1-85782-380-6Nicholas DaviesThe Princess Who Changed the World (Diana Princess of Wales)
1999978-1-85782-381-3Chris Hutchins · Peter ThompsonAthina: The Last Onassis
  ''978-1-85782-382-0Kate KrayNatural Born Killers (Blake's True Crime Library)
2000978-1-85782-393-6Charles BronsonBronson
  ''978-1-85782-405-6Reg GutteridgeReg Gutteridge: King of Commentary
2001978-1-85782-406-3Jeremy JosephsOne Bloody Afternoon (Blake's True Crime Library)
2002978-1-85782-407-0Wensley ClarksonKenny Noye
2000978-1-85782-410-0Margaret DanbrotThe New Cabbage Soup Diet
2002978-1-85782-412-4David AdlerEating the Elvis Presley Way
2001978-1-85782-421-6Nigel GoodallJohnny Depp: The Biography (Blake's Screen Icons)
  ''978-1-85782-422-3Wensley ClarksonKiller Women (Blake's True Crime Library)
2002978-1-85782-427-8   ''Sisters in Blood (Blake's True Crime Library)
2001978-1-85782-432-2Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankThe Dream Team
2000978-1-85782-436-0   ''Roy Keane: Captain Fantastic
2000978-1-85782-456-8Colin Fry · Charles KrayDoing the Business
  ''978-1-85782-461-2Michael SeedLetters from the Heart
2001978-1-85782-466-7Nigel BennNigel Benn
  ''978-1-85782-471-1Peter MercerNot by Strength, by Guile
  ''978-1-85782-476-6Steve DevereuxGun for Hire
  ''978-1-85782-486-5   ''No Fear
2002978-1-85782-500-8Charles BronsonBronson
2003978-1-85782-501-5Georgie EllisA Murder of Passion (Blake's True Crime Library)
2004978-1-85782-502-2Valerio VicceiLive by the Gun, Die by the Gun (Blake's True Crime Library)
2006978-1-85782-503-9James Blair Lovell · Carol TownendRoyal Russia: The Private Albums of the Russian Imperial Family
2002978-1-85782-505-3Scott GrahamShoot to Kill
2006978-1-85782-508-4Arrigo CiprianiThe Harry's Bar Cookbook
2002978-1-85782-510-7Ian Halperin · Max WallaceWho Killed Kurt Cobain?
2004978-1-85782-512-1Nigel GoodallWhat's Eating Johnny Depp?
2006978-1-85782-513-8James HaspielMarilyn: The Ultimate Look at the Legend
2004978-1-85782-517-6Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankArise Sir David Jason
2003978-1-85782-521-3Lenny McLean · Peter GerrardThe Guv'nor: A Celebration
2004978-1-85782-522-0Charles BronsonBronson
2002978-1-85782-525-1Albert DonoghueEnforcer, The: Secrets of My Life with the Krays
2003978-1-85782-526-8Tony SanchezI Was Keith Richards' Drug Dealer
2002978-1-85782-530-5Kate KrayHard Bastards
2003978-1-85782-531-2Christopher AndersenThe Day Diana Died
2003978-1-85782-535-0Arrigo CiprianiThe Harry's Bar Cookbook
  ''978-1-85782-536-7Wensley ClarksonA Tale in the Sting
2004978-1-85782-537-4   ''Mel Gibson: Man on a Mission
2002978-1-85782-540-4Richard BrambleThe Star Chef's Cookbook
2003978-1-85782-541-1Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankArise Sir David Jason
2002978-1-85782-545-9Dennis Kirkland · Hilary BonnerThe Strange and Saucy World of Benny Hill
2003978-1-85782-546-6Wensley ClarksonCruise Control
2005978-1-85782-547-3James HewittMoving on
2002978-1-85782-550-3Wensley ClarksonThe Boss
2003978-1-85782-551-0Roy ShawPretty Boy
2005978-1-85782-552-7Wensley ClarksonMother Dearest
2003978-1-85782-565-7Simon CooperThe Deadly Game (Blake's True Crime Library)
  ''978-1-85782-566-4Laura JacksonArise Sir Mick
2005978-1-85782-567-1Anna Wohlin · Christine LindsjooThe Wild and Wicked World of Brian Jones
2003978-1-85782-570-1Lenny McLeanThe Guv'nor
  ''978-1-85782-571-8Shirley HarrisonJack the Ripper: The American Connection
2005978-1-85782-572-5Douglas ThompsonClint Eastwood: Billion Dollar Man
2003978-1-85782-575-6Nigel ElyFor Queen and Country
2006978-1-85782-582-4Caroline GrahamCamilla and Charles: The Love Story
2003978-1-85782-590-9Shirley HarrisonJack the Ripper: The American Connection
2004978-1-85782-591-6Leith AdamsJames Dean: Portrait of Cool
2006978-1-85782-592-3Norman ParkerThe Complete Parkhurst Tales
2002978-1-85782-595-4Wensley ClarksonRonaldo: King of the World
2006978-1-85782-597-8Nigel GoodallSecret World of Johnny Depp
2008978-1-85782-604-3Ian SmithBitter Harvest: The Great Betrayal
2009978-1-85782-607-4Nigel BennNigel Benn
  ''978-1-85782-608-1Norman ParkerLiving with Killers
2009978-1-85782-609-8Tony LambrianouInside the Firm
2012978-1-85782-660-9Noel Botham · Bruce MontagueCatch That Tiger
  ''978-1-85782-661-6Nikki GrahameFragile
  ''978-1-85782-663-0Simon MannCry Havoc
  ''978-1-85782-664-7Jane LeeGypsy Jane
2013978-1-85782-665-4John BurridgeBudgie: The Autobiography of Goalkeeping Legend John Burridge
2012978-1-85782-667-8James HaydockTom Hardy - Dark Star Rising
  ''978-1-85782-668-5Cy FloodConfessions of a Holiday Rep
2012978-1-85782-674-6Willie RobertsonMichael Ball - the Biography
  ''978-1-85782-677-7Nicholas DaviesDeath Before Dishonour: True Stories of the Special Force Heroes Who Fight Global Terror
  ''978-1-85782-680-7Chas Newkey-BurdenAdele - The Biography
  ''978-1-85782-681-4Martin HowdenHunger Games A-Z
  ''978-1-85782-687-6Douglas ThompsonInside the Muslim Brotherhood
2012978-1-85782-796-5Sophie JohnsonMiranda Hart - the Biography
  ''978-1-85782-799-6Micky GluckstadThe Devil Shook My Hand: I've Been Shot, Stabbed and Accused of Murder. People Call Me Britain's Deadliest Bare-knuckle Fighter. This is My Story.
  ''978-1-85782-800-9John ParkerThe Paras
  ''978-1-85782-807-8Quentin FalkThe Musical Milkman Murder
2013978-1-85782-815-3Gary ToddGreatest Ever Boxing Workouts - including Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Roberto Duran
2012978-1-85782-874-0James Robert ParishWhitney Houston 1963-2012 We Will Always Love You
2013978-1-85782-952-5Emily LloydWish I Was There
2012978-1-85782-953-2Justin LewisOlly Murs - the Biography
  ''978-1-85782-954-9Sam HoffmanOld Jews Telling Jokes