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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-903706-00-8Mark J. CookHalf-Ton Military Land Rover, the
2002978-1-903706-01-5Nick WalkerThose Were the Days...: British Police Cars
2001978-1-903706-02-2Brian LongPorsche 944 (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
2015978-1-903706-03-9Brian MoylenAnatomy of the Works Minis: Rally, Racing and Rallycross Cars (Motorsport Books)
2007978-1-903706-04-6Roger WilliamsHow to Restore Triumph TR4 & TR4A (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual) (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series)
2002978-1-903706-05-3Malcolm BobbittKarmann Ghia Coupe and Convertible (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
  ''978-1-903706-06-0Malcolm BobbittVW Beetle Cabriolet
2001978-1-903706-07-7Des HammillHow to Power Tune Mini Engines on a Small Budget (SpeedPro Series)
2003978-1-903706-08-4A.B. PriceBugatti 57: The Last French Bugatti
2002978-1-903706-09-1Jim DudleyHow to Build Your Own Tiger Avon Sportscar for Road and Track (SpeedPro Series)
2001978-1-903706-10-7Des HammillHow to Build and Power Tune Ford Pinto Engines (including Cosworth) (SpeedPro Series)
2003978-1-903706-11-4Trevor LegateFord GT40 Production and Racing History Individual Chassis Record
2002978-1-903706-12-1Harry WoolridgeThe Triumph Trophy and Tiger Bible
  ''978-1-903706-13-8John StarkeyLola T70: The Racing History and Individual Chassis Record
2008978-1-903706-14-5James HaleHow to Modify Volkswagen Bus Suspension, Brakes and Chassis for High Performance (Speedpro) (SpeedPro Series)
2005978-1-903706-15-2Roger WilliamsHow to Restore Triumph TR2, 3 and 3A (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual) (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series)
2002978-1-903706-16-9Brian LongToyota MR2-Coupés and Spyders: Toyota's Mid-Engined Sports Car
2005978-1-903706-17-6Des HammillHow to Power Tune Rover V8 Engines for Road and Track (SpeedPro Series)
2002978-1-903706-18-3Marc CranswickBMW 5-series (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
  ''978-1-903706-21-3Brian LongMazda MX-5 and Eunos Roadster: The World's Favorite Sportscar
  ''978-1-903706-24-4Leo ArchibaldAC Two-litre Saloons and Buckland Sportscars
2003978-1-903706-26-8Brian LongSubaru Impreza (Speedpro Series)
2002978-1-903706-27-5   ''Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
2006978-1-903706-28-2   ''Porsche 911: 1963-1971 (Vol 1)
2009978-1-903706-30-5   ''Porsche 928
2004978-1-903706-32-9   ''Porsche 911 The Definitive History 1971-1977: 2 (Vol 2)
2005978-1-903706-34-3Brian LongPorsche Boxster: Limited Edition
2004978-1-903706-36-7   ''Porsche 911 The Definitive History 1977-1987: 1977 to 1987 (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
  ''978-1-903706-39-8   ''Porsche 911 - Definitive History 1987-1997: 1987 to 1997
2002978-1-903706-40-4Keith LaneAutomotive Dictionary A-Z (Reference)
2013978-1-903706-44-2Lindsay PorterHow to restore Citroën 2CV, Enthusiast's Restoration Manual: Your Step-by-step Illustrated Guide to Body, Trim and Mechanical Restoration (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series)
2009978-1-903706-45-9Lindsay PorterHow to Convert Volkswagen Bus or Van to Camper
2014978-1-903706-46-6Roger WilliamsHow to Restore Triumph TR5/250 and TR6 (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series)
2007978-1-903706-47-3John TiplerAlfa Romeo Giulia Coupe GT & GTA (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
2002978-1-903706-48-0Brian LongPorsche 356
2004978-1-903706-49-7Tony GardinerMotor Racing at Goodwood in the Sixties (Those Were the Days Series)
2013978-1-903706-50-3Roger WilliamsMGB and MGB GT: Your Expert Guide to MGB and MGB Problems and How to Fix Them (Auto-Doc Series)
2002978-1-903706-51-0Brian LongMazda Miata: The Full Story of the World's Favourite Sportscar
  ''978-1-903706-52-7John StarkeyLola T70: The Racing History and Individual Chassis Record
  ''978-1-903706-53-4Jean DavidsonGrowing Up Harley-Davidson: Memories of a Motorcycle Dynasty
2003978-1-903706-54-1Andrew JenkinsonMotorhomes - The Illustrated History: The History
2002978-1-903706-55-8Malcolm BobbittTaxi! The Story of the London Cab: The Story of the London Taxicab
2007978-1-903706-56-5John Price-WilliamsThe MGA (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
  ''978-1-903706-57-2Malcolm BobbittRover P4
2007978-1-903706-58-9John TiplerFiat and Abarth 124 Spider and Coupe
2014978-1-903706-59-6Des HammillHow to choose Camshafts and Time Tune Them for Maximum Power(Speedpro)
2002978-1-903706-60-2Jim KartalamakisHow to Power Tune Alfa Romeo Twin Cam Engines for Road and Track (Speedpro)
2003978-1-903706-61-9Des HammillHolley Carburettors: How to Power Tune (SpeedPro Series)
2011978-1-903706-62-6Martin ThaddeusHow to Restore Classic Car Bodywork: Tips, Techniques and Step-by-step Procedures - Applies to ALL Metal-bodied Cars (Veloce Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series)
2006978-1-903706-63-3Martin ThaddeusHow to Paint Classic Cars (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series)
2007978-1-903706-64-0   ''Classic Car Electrics (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series)
  ''978-1-903706-67-1Marc CranswickPontiac Firebird: The Auto-Biography (Made in America Series)
2008978-1-903706-68-8Roger WilliamsHow to Improve Triumph TR5, 250 and 6 (Speedpro Series)
2003978-1-903706-69-5Malcolm BobbittFiat & Abarth 500, 600 & Seicento
  ''978-1-903706-70-1Sam CollinsHow to Get Started in Motorsport (SpeedPro Series)
  ''978-1-903706-72-5Des HammillHow to Build and Power Tune Ford Smallblock V8 Engines (Speedpro Series)
2006978-1-903706-73-2   ''How to Build and Modify Sportscar and Kitcar Suspension and Brakes for Road and Track (Speedpro) (SpeedPro Series)
2000978-1-903706-74-9Des HammillHow to Build and Power Tune SU Carburettors (SpeedPro Series)
2011978-1-903706-75-6   ''How to Build and Power Tune Weber and Dellorto DCOE and DHLA Carburettors (Speedpro Series)
2013978-1-903706-76-3Peter Burgess · David GollanHow to Build, Modify and Power Tune Cylinder Heads (Speedpro Series)
2007978-1-903706-77-0Peter BurgessHow to Power Tune the MGB 4-cylinder Engine (Speedpro Series)
2014978-1-903706-78-7Des HammillThe Ford Sohc 'Pinto' & Sierra Cosworth Dohc Engines High-Performance Manual (Speedpro Series)
2006978-1-903706-79-4James HaleThe Dune Buggy Phenomenon (Those Were the Days Series)
2009978-1-903706-80-0Roger WilliamsHow to Improve Triumph TR2-4A (Speedpro Series)
2004978-1-903706-81-7Malcolm BobbittThree Wheelers (Those Were the Days ... Series)
2003978-1-903706-82-4Andrew JenkinsonCaravans: The Illustrated History - 1919-1959
2010978-1-903706-83-1Des HammillCoventry Climax Racing Engines: The Definitive Development History
2003978-1-903706-85-5Andrew JenkinsonCaravans: The Illustrated History - From 1960
2004978-1-903706-86-2Malcolm BobbittAusterity Motoring (Those Were the Days...)
  ''978-1-903706-88-6Tony GardinerBrighton National Speed Trials (Those Were the Days... series): In the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's
2012978-1-903706-90-9Jim TylerHow to Restore Volkswagen Beetle (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series)
2005978-1-903706-91-6Des HammillHow to Build & Power Tune a Distributor-type Ignition System (Speedpro) (SpeedPro Series)
2011978-1-903706-92-3   ''How to Blueprint & Build a 4-cylinder Engine Short Block for High Performance Manual (Speedpro Series)
2010978-1-903706-93-0Simon GlenVolkswagens of the World
2004978-1-903706-94-7Des HammillHow to Build & Power Tune Harley Davidson Evolution Engines (Speedpro Series)
2003978-1-903706-95-4Malcolm BobbittVW Bus (type 2 Transporter)
2010978-1-903706-96-1Mark J. CookThe Half Ton Military Land Rover
2005978-1-903706-97-8Tony GardinerRAC Rally Action!: From the 60s, 70s and 80s
2003978-1-903706-98-5Des HammillSU Carburettors - Speedpro (SpeedPro Series)
2010978-1-903706-99-2James HaleHow to Modify Volkswagen Beetle Chassis, Suspension & Brakes for High Performance (Speedpro Series)