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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-901295-00-9John StarkeyLOLA - All the Sports Racing 1978-1997: The Illustrated History from 1978: From 1978 v. 2
1998978-1-901295-01-6A.B.PriceThe Lea-Francis Story
2000978-1-901295-02-3Brian LongDatsun Z: From Fairlady to 280Z
  ''978-1-901295-03-0David Sparrow · Andrea SparrowMotor Scooters: Colour Family Album
  ''978-1-901295-04-7David Sparrow · Andrea SparrowCustom VW Beetles/bugs, Kitcars and Buggies Colour Family Album
  ''978-1-901295-05-4   ''Alfa-romeo Sportscars: Colour Family Album
  ''978-1-901295-06-1Brian LongDatsun/Nissan 280ZX and 300ZX
1998978-1-901295-07-8Des HammillHow to Power Tune BMC/Rover 1275 A-Series Engines for Road and Track (Speedpro Series)
2000978-1-901295-08-5Des HammillHow to Build and Modify Sportscar and Kitcar Suspension and Brakes for Road and Track (SpeedPro Series)
1999978-1-901295-09-2John StarkeyFormula 5000: The Illustrated History
1999978-1-901295-10-8Des HammillWeber DCOE and Dellorto DHLA Carburettors: How to Build and Power Tune (SpeedPro Series)
1998978-1-901295-11-5John StarkeyPorsche 911 R-RS-RSR
2000978-1-901295-12-2Martin BennettBentley Continental, Corniche and Azure (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
2002978-1-901295-13-9John StarkeyLola T70: The Racing History and Individual Chassis Record
2000978-1-901295-14-6Des HammillHow to Build and Power Tune SU Carburettors (Speedpro)
1998978-1-901295-15-3Jurgen SchiebertTrabant: Duroplast in Pastel Colours
  ''978-1-901295-16-0Martin BennettBentley Continental, Corniche and Azure
2001978-1-901295-17-7John StarkeyLola: The Illustrated History from 1978
2000978-1-901295-18-4John TiplerFiat and Abarth 124 Spider and Coupe
  ''978-1-901295-19-1Des HammillHow To Choose Camshafts and Time Them For Maximum Power (SpeedPro Series)
1998978-1-901295-20-7William KimberleyTriumph TR6
2000978-1-901295-21-4John StarkeyLola: 1957-1977: The Illustrated History
  ''978-1-901295-22-1Malcolm BobbittFiat and Abarth 500/600
1998978-1-901295-23-8A.B. PriceThe Lea-Francis Story
  ''978-1-901295-24-5John StarkeyPorsche 911 R-RS-RSR
1999978-1-901295-25-2Rod Grainger · Pete ShoemarkMazda MX5 1.6 Enthusiast's Workshop Manual: Enthusiast's Workshop Manual 1.6
1999978-1-901295-26-9Des HammillHow to Power Tune the BMC/BL/Rover 850-1000cc A-series Engine: For Road and Track (SpeedPro Series)
2000978-1-901295-27-6David Sparrow · Andrea SparrowTriumph Sports Cars: Colour Family Album
  ''978-1-901295-28-3   ''Porsche: Colour Family Album
1998978-1-901295-29-0   ''VW Custom Bus: The Colour Family Album
1997978-1-901295-30-6Martyn NutlandRolls-Royce Silver Wraith, Dawn and Cloud/Bentley Mkvi R and S Series
1996978-1-901295-31-3Malcolm BobbittRolls Royce Silver Shadow, Bentley T-Series, Camargue and Corniche
2000978-1-901295-33-7Brian LongMazda MX5: Renaissance Sportscar
2006978-1-901295-35-1Jim RedmanJim Redman: Six Times World Motorcycle Champion - The Autobiography
2000978-1-901295-36-8Brian LongMazda MX5: Renaissance Sportscar
2004978-1-901295-37-5Malcolm BobbittVW Bus (Type 2 Transporter): Camper, Bus, Van, Pick-up, Wagon
1999978-1-901295-38-2Rod GraingerMazda Miata 1800: Enthusiast's Shop Manual
2000978-1-901295-39-9David Burke · Tom PriceBritish Motor Museums 1999/2000: The Comprehensive Guide to the Vehicle Collections of Britain
  ''978-1-901295-40-5Brian LongMazda Miata: Renaissance Sportscar
1998978-1-901295-41-2Robert C. AckersonJeep
1999978-1-901295-42-9David Kay · Lynda SpringateAutomotive Mascots: A Collector's Guide to British Marque, Corporate and Accessory Mascots
2000978-1-901295-43-6Brian LongJaguar XJS (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
  ''978-1-901295-44-3Mike EstallThe Triumph Tiger Cub Bible
  ''978-1-901295-45-0Peter Burgess · David GollanHow to Build, Modify and Power Tune Cylinder Heads (SpeedPro Series)
1998978-1-901295-47-4Peter BraunMichael Schumacher: Ferrari Racing 1998
2000978-1-901295-48-1Ceril BirabongseThe Prince and I: Life with Prince Bira of Siam
1998978-1-901295-49-8Brian LongPorsche 914 and 914-6
1999978-1-901295-50-4Rod Grainger · Pete ShoemarkMazda MX-5 1.8 Enthusiast's Workshop Manual
2000978-1-901295-51-1Michael OliverLotus 49: The Story of a Legend
1999978-1-901295-52-8A.B. Price & Jean Louis ArbeyBugatti Type 40
2000978-1-901295-53-5Andrew JenkinsonBritish Trailer Caravans from 1960
1999978-1-901295-54-2Simon GlenVolkswagens of the World
2000978-1-901295-61-0   ''Volkswagens of the World: A Comprehensive Guide to Volkswagens Not Built in Germany And the Unusal Ones That Were
2004978-1-901295-62-7Roger WilliamsHow to Give Your Mgb V8 Power (SpeedPro Series)
2001978-1-901295-63-4Des HammillHow to Power Tune Jaguar XK Engines (SpeedPro Series)
1999978-1-901295-64-1Des HammillHow to Build & Power Tune Weber & Dellorto Dcoe & Dhla Carburetors (SpeedPro Series)
2000978-1-901295-65-8James HaleDune Buggy Handbook: The A-Z of V-W-Based Buggies since 1964 (Reference)
2003978-1-901295-66-5Barrie PriceBugatti 57: The Last French Bugatti
2013978-1-901295-67-2Hughie HancoxTales of Triumph Motorcycles & the Meriden Factory
2004978-1-901295-68-9Malcolm BobbittRolls Royce Silver Shadow Bentley T-Series
2015978-1-901295-69-6Barrie Price · Jean-Louis ArbeyBugatti: Type 46 & 50: 46 and 50 (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
2000978-1-901295-70-2Dave ThorntonThe Grey Guide: All You Need to Know about Importing, Buying and Running Japanese "Grey" Import Cars
2004978-1-901295-73-3Daniel N.J. StapletonHow to Power Tune Midget and Sprite for Road and Track (SpeedPro Series)
2000978-1-901295-74-0John TiplerAlfa Romeo Berlinas (Saloons/Sedans) (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
  ''978-1-901295-75-7Michael OliverLotus 49: The Story of a Legend (Motorsport Books)
2006978-1-901295-76-4Roger WilliamsHow to Improve MGB, MGC and MGB V8 (Speedpro) (Speedpro Series)
2000978-1-901295-77-1Malcolm BobbittRolls-Royce Silver Spirit and Silver Spur: Bentley Mulsanne, Eight, Continental, Brooklands and Azur (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
  ''978-1-901295-78-8Rod BurrisVelocette Motorcycles - MSS to Thruxton: From MSS to Thruxton
2001978-1-901295-79-5James TaylorBMW Z-Cars (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
2000978-1-901295-80-1James HaleHow to Modify Volkswagon Beetle Suspension, Brakes & Chassis for High Performance (SpeedPro Series)
2001978-1-901295-81-8Brian LongThe Lexus Story
  ''978-1-901295-82-5John StarkeyPorsche 911 R-RS-RSR
1999978-1-901295-83-2A.B. PriceBugatti Type 40
2000978-1-901295-84-9Malcolm BobbittRolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T-Series (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
2001978-1-901295-85-6Brian LongPorsche 924 (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
  ''978-1-901295-86-3Richard A. CoppingVolkswagen Beetle: The Car of the Century
2000978-1-901295-87-0Jeff ClewTurner's Triumphs: Edward Turner and His Triumph Motorcycles
2001978-1-901295-88-7Sam RobertsFord Model Y: Henry's Car for Europe (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
2001978-1-901295-89-4John StarkeyPorsche 911R-RS-RSR
2000978-1-901295-90-0Andrew JenkinsonThe Veloce Guide to the Top 100 Touring Caravans
2001978-1-901295-91-7Eric DymockThe Jaguar File
2008978-1-901295-92-4Roger WilliamsHow to Restore Triumph TR5/250 and TR6 (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series)
2001978-1-901295-93-1Brian LongRX-7: Mazda's Rotary Sportscar (Car & Motorcycle Marque/Model)
1999978-1-901295-94-8Michael OliverLotus 49: The Story of a Legend
2007978-1-901295-95-5Barrie PriceBugatti T44 & T49 - The 8-Cylinder Touring Cars: 1920-1934
2002978-1-901295-96-2Len ArcherThe Essential Handbook of Caravaning and Trailer Tenting
  ''978-1-901295-97-9   ''The Essential Handbook of Caravanning and Trailer Tenting
2004978-1-901295-98-6Malcolm BobbittRolls-Royce Silver Spirit & Silver Spur - Bentley Mulsanne, Eight, Continental, Brooklands & Azure
  ''978-1-901295-99-3A.B. PriceBugatti Type 46 & 50: The Big Bugattis