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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-84435-510-5Simon GuerrierThe Cold Equations (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
2010978-1-84435-528-0Jonathan ClementsYear Zero (Bernice Summerfield)
  ''978-1-84435-529-7John Dorney · Richard DinnickBernice Summerfield 11.4 Dead Man's Switch
  ''978-1-84435-538-9Jason Arnopp · Rick Briggs · William Gallagher · John DorneyThe Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories (Doctor Who)
2011978-1-84435-543-3Jonathan MorrisDr Who 143 the Crimes of Thomas Brewster (Dr Who Big Finish)
  ''978-1-84435-544-0Mike MaddoxThe Feast of Axos (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-545-7Eddie RobsonIndustrial Evolution (Doctor Who)
2011978-1-84435-551-8Marc Platt · Jonathan Morris · Mark MorrisThe Specials (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84435-558-7Alan BarnesHeroes of Sontar (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-559-4Stephen ColeKiss of Death (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-560-0Tony LeeRat Trap (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-564-8Jonathan MorrisThe Blind Painter (Dark Shadows)
2011978-1-84435-565-5Mark Thomas PassmoreThe Death Mask (Dark Shadows)
  ''978-1-84435-566-2Simon GuerrierThe Creeping Fog (Dark Shadows)
  ''978-1-84435-567-9Lizzie HopleyThe Carrion Queen (Dark Shadows)
  ''978-1-84435-568-6James GossThe Poisoned Soul (Dark Shadows)
  ''978-1-84435-569-3D. Lynn SmithThe Lost Girl (Dark Shadows)
2011978-1-84435-570-9Robert ShearmanEveryone's Just So So Special (Big Finish)
  ''978-1-84435-571-6Robert ShearmanEveryone's Just So So Special (Big Finish)
  ''978-1-84435-573-0Barbara Clegg · John DorneyThe Elite (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
  ''978-1-84435-574-7Paul Finch · Peter Ling · Hazel AdairHexagora (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
  ''978-1-84435-575-4Christopher Bailey · Marc PlattThe Children of Seth (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
2011978-1-84435-576-1Jonathan MorrisTales from the Vault (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84435-577-8Nicholas BriggsRobophobia (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-578-5Catherine Harvey · Richard Dinnick · Matt Fitton · Philip LawreRecorded Time and Other Stories (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-580-8Mark MorrisHouse of Blue Fire (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-581-5John DorneyThe Rocket Men (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
2011978-1-84435-582-2Simon GuerrierThe Memory Cheats (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84435-583-9Cavan Scott · Mark WrightThe Many Deaths of Jo Grant (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84435-584-6Simon GuerrierThe First Wave (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84435-585-3Terrance DicksBeyond the Ultimate Adventure (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
2012978-1-84435-586-0Johnny Byrne · Jonathan MorrisThe Guardians of Prophecy (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
  ''978-1-84435-587-7Gary HopkinsPower Play (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
2012978-1-84435-588-4Andrew SmithThe First Sontarans (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
  ''978-1-84435-589-1Anthony Coburn · Nigel RobinsonThe Masters of Luxor (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
  ''978-1-84435-590-7Donald ToshThe Rosemariners (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
2011978-1-84435-591-4Arthur Conan DoyleThe Final Problem/the Empty House (Sherlock Holmes)
  ''978-1-84435-592-1George MannThe Reification of Hans Gerber (Sherlock Holmes)
  ''978-1-84435-593-8Arthur Conan Doyle · Richard DinnickThe Hound of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes)
2012978-1-84435-594-5David Stuart Davies · Richard DinnickThe Tangled Skein (Sherlock Holmes)
2011978-1-84435-595-2Joseph LidsterThe Crimson Pearl (Dark Shadows)
2011978-1-84435-598-3Mark Wright · Jacqueline Rayner · Tony LeeEpoch (Bernice Summerfield: The Box Sets)
  ''978-1-84435-601-0Marc PlattThe Silver Turk (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-602-7Rick BriggsThe Witch from the Well (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-603-4Jason ArnoppArmy of Death (Doctor Who)
2012978-1-84435-604-1Jonathan MorrisThe Curse of Davros (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-605-8John DorneyThe Fourth Wall (Doctor Who)
2012978-1-84435-606-5William GallagherWirrn Isle (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-607-2Nicholas BriggsDestination: Nerva (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures)
  ''978-1-84435-608-9Robert Banks Stewart · John Dorney · Philip HinchcliffeThe Fourth Doctor Box Set (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
  ''978-1-84435-613-3Justin RichardsThe Renaissance Man (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures)
  ''978-1-84435-614-0John DorneyThe Wrath of the Iceni (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures)
2012978-1-84435-615-7Nicholas BriggsEnergy of the Daleks (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures)
  ''978-1-84435-616-4Alan BarnesTrail of the White Worm (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures)
  ''978-1-84435-617-1   ''The Oseidon Adventure (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures)
  ''978-1-84435-618-8Matthew GriffithsThe Weather on Versimmon (Bernice Summerfield)
  ''978-1-84435-619-5Steve LyonsThe Selachian Gambit (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
2012978-1-84435-620-1Eddie RobsonBinary (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84435-622-5   ''The Jigsaw War (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84435-623-2Richard DinnickThe Rings of Ikiria (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84435-624-9Simon Guerrier · Nigel Fairs · Peter AnghelidesThe Liberator Chronicles: Volume 1 (Blake's 7)
  ''978-1-84435-625-6Simon Guerrier · Eddie Robson · Nigel FairsThe Liberator Chronicles: Volume 2 (Blake's 7)
2012978-1-84435-627-0Barnaby EdwardsThe Emerald Tiger (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-628-7Eddie RobsonThe Jupiter Conjunction (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-629-4Marc PlattThe Butcher of Brisbane (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-630-0Jonathan BarnesThe Adventure of the Perfidious Mariner (Sherlock Holmes)
  ''978-1-84435-632-4Mark Thomas PassmoreThe Voodoo Amulet (Dark Shadows)
2012978-1-84435-943-1Jonathan MorrisProtect and Survive (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-944-8Matt FittonBlack and White (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-945-5Mike Maddox · Alan BarnesGods and Monsters (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-84435-947-9Simon GuerrierThe Uncertainty Principle (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)