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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-903558-00-3Michael EdwardsNGO Rights and Responsibilities: A New Deal for Global Governance
  ''978-1-903558-01-0Sunder KatwalaDemocratising Global Sport
  ''978-1-903558-02-7Mark LeonardThe Future Shape of Europe
2001978-1-903558-03-4Rachel BriggsThe Kidnapping Business
  ''978-1-903558-04-1Lord Chris HaskinsThe Future of European Rural Communities
  ''978-1-903558-05-8Castle Conference PragueRethinking Europe
2001978-1-903558-06-5Mark Leonard · Tom ArbuthnottWinning the Euro Referendum
2002978-1-903558-07-2Rowena YoungFrom War to Work: Drug Treatment, Social Inclusion and Enterprise
2001978-1-903558-08-9Simon ZadekThird Generation Corporate Citizenship - Public Policy and Business in Society
2002978-1-903558-10-2Ehud Barak · etc.Re-Ordering the World: The long-term implications of September 11th
  ''978-1-903558-12-6Adam Lury · Simon GibsonNeed to Know
  ''978-1-903558-13-3Mark LeonardPublic Diplomacy
  ''978-1-903558-14-0Phoebe Griffith · Mark LeonardReclaiming Britishness: Living Together After 11 September and the Rise of the Right
  ''978-1-903558-16-4Rachel BriggsTravel Advice: Getting Information to Those Who Need it
2002978-1-903558-17-1Jack ThurstonHow to Reform the Common Agricultural Policy
  ''978-1-903558-18-8Lord Chris HaskinsIs There a Future for European Farming? (European Rural Communities Paper)
  ''978-1-903558-21-8Rachel BriggsThe Unlikely Counter-terrorists
2003978-1-903558-22-5Atkinson & RodgersWho are the Euro Waverers?
  ''978-1-903558-23-2Giles RadiceHow to Join the Euro
  ''978-1-903558-25-6Mark LeonardPublic Diplomacy and the Middle East
2003978-1-903558-29-4Phoebe GriffithUnbinding Africa: Making Globalisation Work for Good Governance
2005978-1-903558-30-0Rachel BriggsDoing Business in a Dangerous World: Corporate Personnel Security in Emerging Markets
2003978-1-903558-31-7Phoebe Griffith · Patrick Messerlin · Philippe Legrain · Jack Thurston · Stephen Byers · Stephany Griffith-Jones · Lord Chris Haskins · Herbert ObberhansliRethinking Fair Trade
2004978-1-903558-32-4Tom Arbuthnott · Leonard MarkEuropean Democracy: A Manifesto
  ''978-1-903558-33-1Rachel Briggs · Najibullah HabibHealthy Travel: Effective Communication to Improve Travel Health Outcomes
  ''978-1-903558-34-8Nicholas J. Wheeler · Tim DunneMoral Britannia?: Evaluating the Ethical Dimension in Labour's Foreign Policy
  ''978-1-903558-35-5Joshua Cooper RamoThe Beijing Consensus
2005978-1-903558-36-2Greg AustinDarfur and Genocide: Mechanisms for Rapid Response,an End to Impunity
  ''978-1-903558-38-6Fiona HillEnergy Empire: Oil, Gas and Russia's Revival
2004978-1-903558-39-3Mark Gill · Simon Atkinson · Roger MortimoreThe Referendum Battle
2005978-1-903558-40-9David MathiesonBlair's Doppelganger: Zapatero and the New Spanish Left
2005978-1-903558-41-6Amitai EtzioniPre-empting Nuclear Terrorism in a New Global Order
  ''978-1-903558-65-2Greg AustinThe 1989 China Arms Ban: Putting Europe's Position to Congress
2006978-1-903558-68-3Stephen Twigg · Hugh Barnes · James OwenRussia in the Spotlight: G8 Scorecard