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2000978-1-903365-00-7Mark SeamanSecret Agent's Handbook: Of Special Devices, World War II
2001978-1-903365-07-6Simon FowlerUsing Poor Law Records (Pocket guides to family history)
2000978-1-903365-08-3Oliver HoareCamp 020: MI5 and the Nazi Spies (Secret History Files)
2001978-1-903365-09-0Keith Bartlett · National Archives National Archives · National Archives The National ArchivesBattlefront: Waterloo: Document Pack (Battlefront Document Packs)
  ''978-1-903365-16-8Peter ChristianThe Genealogist's Internet (Genealogist's Guide)
2003978-1-903365-17-5Peter MartlandLord Haw Haw: The English Voice of Nazi Germany (Secret History Files)
2001978-1-903365-18-2Denis RigdenSOE Syllabus: Lessons in Ungentlemanly Warfare World War II (Secret History Files)
  ''978-1-903365-19-9CasemateBattlefront: Sinking of the "Bismarck" (Battlefront Document Packs)
2002978-1-903365-20-5Robert PolsFamily Photographs 1860 -1945 (Public Record Office Genealogist's Guides)
2001978-1-903365-22-9Nick BarrattTracing the History of Your House (Guide to Sources)
  ''978-1-903365-23-6William SpencerArmy Service Records of the First World War (Public Record Office Readers Guide)
  ''978-1-903365-27-4Public Record OfficeUsing Criminal Records (Pocket Guides to Family History)
2001978-1-903365-28-1Not AvailableUsing Education Records (Pocket Guides to Family History)
  ''978-1-903365-29-8Public Record OfficeSpecial Forces in the Desert War (Public Record Office War Histories)
2002978-1-903365-30-4   ''The Rise and Fall of the German Air Force (Public Record Office War Histories)
  ''978-1-903365-34-2   ''Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Record Office (Public Record Office Handbooks)
  ''978-1-903365-35-9Susan LumasMaking Use of the Census (Public Record Office Readers Guide)
  ''978-1-903365-36-6Stella ColwellThe Family Records Centre: A User's Guide (Public Record Office Readers Guide)
2003978-1-903365-37-3Bruno PappalardoTracing Your Naval Ancestors (Readers Guides)
2002978-1-903365-38-0Guy GrannumTracing Your West Indian Ancestors (Public Record Office Readers' Guide)
2002978-1-903365-39-7Stewart P. Evans · Keith SkinnerJack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders (Document Pack)
  ''978-1-903365-40-3Oliver HoareEnigma: Code-breaking and the Second World War (Document Pack)
  ''978-1-903365-41-0Ian F. BeckettThe First World War: The Essential Guide to Sources in the National Archives
  ''978-1-903365-42-7Nick BarrattHouse History Starter Pack
2003978-1-903365-43-4David LoadesElizabeth I: The Golden Reign of Gloriana (English Monarchs: Treasures from the National Archives)
  ''978-1-903365-45-8Sean CunninghamRichard III: A Royal Enigma (English Monarchs: Treasures from the National Archives)
2003978-1-903365-46-5Peter ChristianThe Genealogist's Internet
2004978-1-903365-49-6Nigel Taylor · Karen GrannumWills and Other Probate Records: A Practical Guide to Researching Your Ancestors' Last Documents (Readers Guides)
  ''978-1-903365-50-2Geraldine Beech · Rose MitchellMaps for Family and Local History: The Records of the Tithe, Valuation Office, and National Farm Surveys of England and Wales, 1836-1943
2003978-1-903365-51-9Mary TurnerThe Women's Century: A Celebration of Changing Roles 1900-2000
2004978-1-903365-52-6George RedmondsChristian Names in Local and Family History
2003978-1-903365-53-3Air Commodore Graham PitchforkShot Down and on the Run: The RAF and Commonwealth Aircrews Who Got Home from Behind Enemy Lines, 1940-1945
2005978-1-903365-54-0Ruth Paley · Simon FowlerFamily Skeletons: Exploring the lives of our disreputable ancestors
2003978-1-903365-55-7David HeyHow Our Ancestors Lived: A History of Life a Hundred Years Ago
  ''978-1-903365-56-4James TraversJames I: The Masque of Monarchy (English Monarchs: Treasures from the National Archives)
2005978-1-903365-57-1John CallowJames II: The Triumph and the Tragedy (English Monarchs: Treasures from the National Archives)
2004978-1-903365-58-8Mark SeamanGARBO: The Spy Who Saved D-Day (Secret History Files)
  ''978-1-903365-60-1Denis RigdenSOE Syllabus: Lessons in Ungentlemanly Warfare, World War II (Secret History Files)
2003978-1-903365-61-8David HeyJourneys in Family History: Exploring Your Past, Finding Your Ancestors
2006978-1-903365-63-2William SpencerMedals: The Researcher's Guide
2004978-1-903365-64-9Lez SmartMaps That Made History: The Influential, the Eccentric and the Sublime
  ''978-1-903365-69-4Simon FowlerFamily History Starter Pack: All You Need to Begin Your Family History Research
2004978-1-903365-70-0Chris Pomery · Steve JonesDNA and Family History: How Genetic Testing Can Advance Your Genealogical Research
  ''978-1-903365-71-7Malcolm MercerHenry V: The Rebirth of Chivalry (English Monarchs: Treasures from the National Archives)
2005978-1-903365-76-2Mark SeamanSecret Agent's Handbook: The Second World War Spy Manual of Disguises, Gadgets and Weapons
  ''978-1-903365-78-6Alan Brooke · David BrandonBound for Botany Bay: British Convict Voyages to Australia
  ''978-1-903365-79-3David AnnalEasy Family History: The Stress-Free Guide to Starting Your Research
2006978-1-903365-80-9Geoff SwinfieldSmart Family History: Fast-track Your Family Research
  ''978-1-903365-81-6Ian BeckettHome Front 1914-1918: How Britain Survived the Great War (Britain at War)
2005978-1-903365-83-0Peter ChristianThe Genealogist's Internet
2006978-1-903365-84-7Mary TurnerThe Women's Century: A Celebration of Changing Roles
2006978-1-903365-85-4Stella ColwellThe National Archives: A Practical Guide for Family Historians
2005978-1-903365-86-1James TraversGunpowder: The Players Behind the Plot
  ''978-1-903365-87-8Air Commodore Graham PitchforkShot Down and In The Drink: RAF and Commonwealth Aircrews Saved from the Sea, 1939-1945
2006978-1-903365-88-5Keith Skinner · Alan MossThe Scotland Yard Files: Milestones in Crime Detection
  ''978-1-903365-89-2Amanda BevanTracing Your Ancestors in the National Archives: The Website and Beyond
  ''978-1-903365-90-8Nick BarrattTracing the History of Your House: The Building, the People, the Past
  ''978-1-903365-91-5Edward HampshireGermany 1944: A British Soldier's Pocketbook (Reliving History)
2006978-1-903365-92-2Mark Pearsall · Roger KershawFamily History on the Move: Where Your Ancestors Went and Why (National Archives)
2007978-1-903365-95-3William SpencerFamily History in the Wars: How Your Ancestors Served Their Country (National Archives)
2006978-1-903365-98-4David LoadesMary Tudor: The Tragical History of the First Queen of England
2007978-1-903365-99-1   ''Henry VIII: Church, Court and Conflict