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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-902927-00-8Ferrier RichardsonGlasgow on a Plate: v. 1
  ''978-1-902927-02-2Rikki FultonIs it That Time Already?
2000978-1-902927-07-7Douglas Lowe · Alex BrownlieThe Herald Book of the Open Championship
2001978-1-902927-08-4Alan TaylorStrokes of Genius: Scotland's Open Champions
2003978-1-902927-09-1Donald Ross · Derek Allen · Peter Bee · Andrew CampbellThe Scotsman Crossword Book
2000978-1-902927-11-4Ferrier RichardsonEdinburgh on a Plate
  ''978-1-902927-12-1   ''Glasgow on a Plate 2
  ''978-1-902927-13-8Tim Stevens · Brian BeacomThe Adventures of Tiger Tim: The Authorised Biography of Tim Stevens
2001978-1-902927-17-6Bryan Burnett · Derek MarshallGamba: Simple Seafood Cooking
2000978-1-902927-18-3Bill Costley · Graham LironiThe Perfect Setting: The Costley & Costley Story
2001978-1-902927-19-0Jonathan Watson · Philip DifferOnly an Excuse
  ''978-1-902927-20-6Ferrier RichardsonScotland on a Plate
2001978-1-902927-22-0Ferrier RichardsonGlasgow on a Plate: v. 1
  ''978-1-902927-23-7Alanna KnightThe Coffin Lane Murders (Inspector Faro) (Inspector Faro S.)
  ''978-1-902927-24-4Colin Parsons · etc.The "Scotsman" Crossword Book: Bk. 2 (Crossword)
2002978-1-902927-28-2Alanna KnightThe Final Enemy (Inspector Faro) (Inspector Faro S.)
2001978-1-902927-29-9Ferrier RichardsonDublin on a Plate
  ''978-1-902927-30-5Steven SaundersManchester on a Plate: New Recipes from Manchester's Finest Chefs
2002978-1-902927-31-2Ferrier Richardson · Paul DoddsLondon on a Plate (New Recipes from London's Finest Chefs)
2001978-1-902927-33-6Robert JeffreyGlasgow's Hard Men: True Crime from the Files of the Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times
2002978-1-902927-37-4Paul RankinDublin Dining: New Recipes from Dublin's Finest Chefs
  ''978-1-902927-38-1Brian WiltonBreakfast: 200 Recipes to Jump-start the Day (200 Recipes to Enjoy at Any Time)
2002978-1-902927-39-8Alanna KnightClose and Deadly: Chilling Murders in the Heart of Edinburgh
  ''978-1-902927-40-4Claire MacdonaldScottish Highland Hospitality: New Recipes from the Scottish Highlands and Islands
  ''978-1-902927-41-1Jack HouseSquare Mile of Murder: Horrific Glasgow Murders
  ''978-1-902927-44-2Susan Rennie · Matthew Fitt · James RobertsonThe Hoose o Haivers (Itchy Coo)
  ''978-1-902927-46-6Susan RennieAnimal ABC: [a Scots Alphabet] (Itchy Coo)
2002978-1-902927-47-3Mick McCluskeyWho Wants to Be a Dundonian? (Quiz Book)
2001978-1-902927-48-0Who Wants to be a Rangers Fan?
  ''978-1-902927-49-7Who Wants to be a Celtic Fan?
2002978-1-902927-51-0Rikki Fulton · Tony RoperRikki Fulton's Reverend I.M.Jolly: How I Found God, and Why He Was Hiding from Me Bk.1
  ''978-1-902927-52-7Graeme Croser · Paul Kiddie · Dominic KeaneInto the Lion's Den
  ''978-1-902927-53-4Ian BlackTwo Andy Gorams: The Funniest Football Songs Ever....
2007978-1-902927-55-8James RobertsonEck the Bee: A Scots Word Activity Book (Itchy Coo)
2002978-1-902927-57-2Matthew FittGaberlunzie Joe's Pure Ghosters
2003978-1-902927-58-9Susan RennieSweetieraptors: A Book O Scots Dinosaurs (Itchy Coo)
2005978-1-902927-59-6Robert JeffreyGangland Glasgow: True Crime from the Streets
2003978-1-902927-64-0Norman AdamsBlood and Granite: Murder and Mystery in Aberdeen
  ''978-1-902927-65-7Robert JeffreyThe Wee Book of Glasgow
2003978-1-902927-68-8Douglas SkeltonDeadlier Than the Male: Scotland's Most Wicked Women
2001978-1-902927-69-5Neil MunroThe Vital Spark: The Illustrated Para Handy (Illustrated Para Handy S.)
2008978-1-902927-70-1Matthew FittKing O the Midden: Manky Mingin Rhymes in Scots (Itchy Coo)
  ''978-1-902927-71-8Various contributorsThe Compact Coo: The Itchy Coo Audio Collection (Itchy Coo S.)
2003978-1-902927-72-5Sheena Blackhall · Hamish MacdonaldDouble Heider: Twa Novellas in Scots: Twa Novellas in Scots - "Loon", "The Girnin Gates" (Itchy Coo)
  ''978-1-902927-73-2Matthew FittTam O'Shanter's Big Night Oot: Wee Plays in Scots (Itchy Coo)
2001978-1-902927-77-0James BarkeImmortal Memory: Song of the Green Thorn Tree v. 2: A Novel of the Life and Loves of Robert Burns
2003978-1-902927-78-7Neil Munro · Hamish Haswell-SmithThe Vital Spark: The Illustrated Para Handy (Illustrated Para Handy S.)
2006978-1-902927-79-4Matthew Fitt · James RobertsonA Moose in the Hoose: A Scots Counting Book (Itchy Coo)
2007978-1-902927-80-0   ''A Wee Book O Fairy Tales in Scots (Itchy Coo)
2003978-1-902927-81-7   ''The Smoky Smirr O Rain: A Scots Anthology
  ''978-1-902927-85-5Rikki Fulton · Tony RoperRikki Fulton's Reverend I.M.Jolly: One Deity at a Time, Sweet Jesus Bk.2
  ''978-1-902927-87-9Ian BlackThe (Completely Unofficial) Tartan Army Songbook
2001978-1-902927-88-6James BarkeImmortal Memory: Wonder of All the Gay World v. 3: A Novel of the Life and Loves of Robert Burns
2001978-1-902927-89-3James BarkeImmortal Memory: Crest of the Broken Wave v. 4: A Novel of the Life and Loves of Robert Burns
2004978-1-902927-92-3Ian BlackWeegies v Edinbuggers: Why Glasgow Smiles Better than Edinburgh or Why Edinburgh is Slightly Superior to Glasgow
2003978-1-902927-93-0Robert JeffreyGlasgow's Godfather: The Astonishing True Story of Walter Norval, the City's First Crime Boss
  ''978-1-902927-96-1Tom NobleThe Wee Book of Glasgow Trams
  ''978-1-902927-98-5Alison CraigAlison's Diary: The Nappy Years
  ''978-1-902927-99-2Andrew Murray ScottThe Wee Book of Dundee