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2001978-1-84275-001-8James BarrThe Bow Group: A History
2003978-1-84275-003-2Nicholas ComfortHow to Handle the Media
2004978-1-84275-004-9Michael SmithThe Spying Game: The Secret History of British espionage
2002978-1-84275-009-4Ian LangBlue Remembered Years: A Political Memoir
2001978-1-84275-013-1Jo-Anne NadlerWilliam Hague: in His Own Right
2004978-1-84275-014-8Nick KochanAnn Widdecombe: Right from the Beginning
2002978-1-84275-015-5Lewis BastonThe Political Map of Britain
  ''978-1-84275-017-9Rex HuntMy Falkland Days
  ''978-1-84275-018-6Iain DaleMemories of the Falklands
2001978-1-84275-020-9Great Britain: Electoral CommissionElection 2001-The Official Results
  ''978-1-84275-024-7David BlunkettPolitics and Progress: Renewing Democracy and a Civil Society
  ''978-1-84275-026-1Simon WaltersTory Wars: The Conservatives in Crisis
2001978-1-84275-027-8Nicholas BolesA Blue Tomorrow: New Visions from Modern Conservatives
2002978-1-84275-029-2Philip CowleyRevolts and Rebellions: Parliamentary Voting Under Blair
  ''978-1-84275-030-8John NottHere Today Gone Tomorrow: Memoirs of an Errant Politician
2003978-1-84275-032-2Andrew StevensPolitico's Guide to Local Government (Politico's Guides)
  ''978-1-84275-033-9Iain Dale"Times" Guide to the House of Commons: 1929-1935 v.4: 1929-1935 Vol 4
2004978-1-84275-034-6Peter RiddellThe "Times" Guide to the House of Commons: Complete Election Statistics for January 1910, December 1910 and 1918 v. 2
2005978-1-84275-035-3Peter RiddellThe "Times" Guide to the House of Commons: Complete Election Statistics for 1892, 1896 and 1900 v. 3
2002978-1-84275-039-1Peter Mandelson · Roger LiddleThe Blair Revolution Revisited
2004978-1-84275-040-7Ian HunterWinston and Archie: The collected correspondence of Winston Churchill and Sir Archibald Sinclair
2002978-1-84275-043-8Edward VaizeyThe Blue Book on Health: Conservative Visions for Health Policy (Blue Books S.)
  ''978-1-84275-044-5   ''The Blue Book on Transport: Conservative Visions for Transport Policy (Blue Books S.)
2005978-1-84275-045-2Greg RosenOld Labour to New: The Dreams That Inspired, the Battles That Divided
2004978-1-84275-047-6Gerry Hassan · Douglas FraserThe Political Guide to Modern Scotland
2003978-1-84275-051-3Bernard DonoughueThe Heat of the Kitchen
2002978-1-84275-052-0Iain Duncan Smith · Gary Streeter · David WillettsThere is Such a Thing as Society
  ''978-1-84275-054-4Roy Gregory · Philip GiddingsThe Ombudsman and Parliament: A History of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
2003978-1-84275-059-9Kristine Mason-O'ConnorJoan Maynard: A Passionate Socialist
2004978-1-84275-060-5Hetty VerolmeThe Children's House of Belsen
2004978-1-84275-063-6James BartholomewThe Welfare State We're In
2003978-1-84275-064-3Paul RoutledgeBumper Book of British Lefties
2005978-1-84275-067-4Richard LindleyAnd Finally...?: The News from ITN
2003978-1-84275-068-1Iain DalePolitico's Book of Dead Politicians: A Collection of Political Obituaries
  ''978-1-84275-069-8Iain Dale · Duncan BrackPrime Minister Portillo and Other Things that Never Happened: A Collection of Political Counterfactuals
  ''978-1-84275-071-1Joe HainesGlimmers of Twilight: Harold Wilson in Decline: Murder, Intrigue and Passion at the Court of Harold Wilson
  ''978-1-84275-072-8Gyles BrandrethBrief Encounters: Meetings with Remarkable People
2005978-1-84275-073-5Simon Henig · Lewis BastonPolitico's Guide to the General Election
2004978-1-84275-076-6John RedwoodSinging the Blues: 30 Years Of Tory Civil War
2003978-1-84275-077-3David WalterThe Strange Rebirth of Liberal England
  ''978-1-84275-078-0Frank FieldNeighbours from Hell: The Politics of Behaviour
2003978-1-84275-082-7William Kristol · Lawrence KaplanWar Over Iraq: Saddam's Tyranny and America's Mission
  ''978-1-84275-084-1Peter RiddellHug Them Close: Blair, Clinton, Bush and the 'special Relationship'
  ''978-1-84275-085-8Emma Nicholson · Professor Peter ClarkThe Iraqi Marshlands: A Human and Environmental Study
2004978-1-84275-088-9Smith MichaelFoley: The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews
  ''978-1-84275-089-6Tony BlairTony Blair: In His Own Words
2006978-1-84275-090-2Nicholas JonesTrading Information
2005978-1-84275-091-9Stuart WeirUnequal Britain: Human Rights as a Route to Social Justice
2004978-1-84275-092-6Joe HainesGlimmers of Twilight: Harold Wilson in Decline
  ''978-1-84275-093-3Bernard DonoughueThe Heat of the Kitchen
2004978-1-84275-096-4Michael FootThe Uncollected Michael Foot: Essays Old and New 1953-2003
2000978-1-84275-097-1Martin StanleyPolitico's Guide to How to be a Civil Servant
2004978-1-84275-098-8Tim RentonChief Whip: The Role, History and Black Arts of Parliamentary Whipping
  ''978-1-84275-100-8Paul RichardsPolitico's Guide to How to Win an Election
  ''978-1-84275-101-5Peter JoyceBritish General Elections 1832-2001
  ''978-1-84275-102-2Robert StevensUniversity to Uni: The Politics of Higher Education in England since 1944
  ''978-1-84275-103-9Nicholas D. J. BaldwinParliament in the 21st Century
2003978-1-84275-104-6David BeethamDemocracy under Blair
2004978-1-84275-106-0Simon RogersThe Hutton Inquiry and Its Impact
2004978-1-84275-107-7Yasmin Alibhai-BrownSome of My Best Friends are...
  ''978-1-84275-109-1Susan JonesSpeechmaking: The Essential Guide to Public Speaking
  ''978-1-84275-110-7Dan PleschThe Beauty Queen's Guide to World Peace: Money, Power and Mayhem in the Twenty-first Century
  ''978-1-84275-111-4Duncan Brack · Iain DalePrime Minister Portillo: and Other Things That Never Happened
2005978-1-84275-113-8Peter RiddellThe Unfulfilled Prime Minister: Tony Blair's Quest for a Legacy
2004978-1-84275-114-5Michael SmithFoley: The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews
  ''978-1-84275-117-6Philip StephensTony Blair: The Price of Leadership
2004978-1-84275-118-3Peter RiddellHug Them Close: Blair, Clinton, Bush and the 'special Relationship'
  ''978-1-84275-119-0Daphna BaramDisenchantment: The "Guardian" and Israel
2005978-1-84275-124-4Hetty VerolmeThe Children's House at Belsen
  ''978-1-84275-126-8Mark StuartJohn Smith: A Life
  ''978-1-84275-127-5Philip CowleyThe Rebels: How Blair Mislaid His Majority
  ''978-1-84275-128-2Dilip HiroSecrets and Lies: The True Story of the Iraq War
2005978-1-84275-129-9Tim RentonChief Whip: The Role, History and Black Arts of Parliamentary Whipping
  ''978-1-84275-130-5Simon BriscoeBritain in Numbers: The Essential Statistics
  ''978-1-84275-131-2Andrew BlickHow to Go to War
  ''978-1-84275-133-6Nick Pearce · Will PaxtonSocial Justice: Building a Fairer Britain
  ''978-1-84275-134-3Patrick Dunleavy · Helen Margetts · Trevor Smith · Stuart WeirVoices of the People: Popular Attitudes to Democratic renewal in Britain
2005978-1-84275-135-0Simon Berthon · Joanna PottsWarlords: In the Heart of Conflict 1939-45
  ''978-1-84275-136-7Paul RichardsBe Your Own Spin Doctor: A Practical Guide to Using the Media
  ''978-1-84275-142-8Press Association · Jon SmithElection 2005
  ''978-1-84275-143-5Antonia FelixCondi: The Condoleezza Rice Story
  ''978-1-84275-145-9Terry McDermottPerfect Soldiers: The 9/11 Hijackers - Who They Were, Why They Did It
2005978-1-84275-146-6Robert M. Worcester · Roger Mortimore · Paul BainesExplaining Labour's Landslip: The 2005 General Election
2006978-1-84275-147-3Stewart LansleyRich Britain
  ''978-1-84275-148-0Chris MullinA Very British Coup
  ''978-1-84275-150-3Simon Burall · B. Donnelly · Stuart WeirNot in Our Name: Democracy and Foreign Policy in the UK
2005978-1-84275-151-0Sam GyimahFrom the Ashes...: The Future of the Conservative Party
2006978-1-84275-154-1Denis HealeyThe Time of My Life
  ''978-1-84275-155-8Paul Anderson · Michael FootOrwell in 'Tribune'
  ''978-1-84275-158-9Dilip HiroIran Today
2006978-1-84275-159-6Chris PhilpConservative Revival: Blueprint for a Better Britain
  ''978-1-84275-161-9James BartholomewThe Welfare State We're in
2007978-1-84275-163-3Graham ZiegnerBritish Diplomacy: British Foreign Secretaries Reflect
2006978-1-84275-164-0Andrew StevensPolitico's Guide to Local Government
2007978-1-84275-167-1Duncan Brack and Ed RandallDictionary of Liberal Thought
2006978-1-84275-168-8Peter RiddellThe Unfulfilled Prime Minister: Tony Blair's Quest for a Legacy
2007978-1-84275-171-8Brian BrivatiThe End of Decline: Blair and Brown in Power
2006978-1-84275-172-5Duncan BrackPresident Gore...: and Other Things That Never Happened
  ''978-1-84275-174-9Alexander Lee · Timothy StanleyThe End of Politics: Realignment and the Battle for the Centre Ground
  ''978-1-84275-176-3Greg HurstCharles Kennedy: A Tragic Flaw
  ''978-1-84275-177-0Roy JenkinsA Life at the Centre (Politicos Great Statesmen)
2006978-1-84275-178-7Nigel KnightGoverning Britain Since 1945
  ''978-1-84275-179-4Paul DimoldenbergThe Westminster Whistleblowers: Shirley Porter, Homes for Votes and Scandal in Britain's Rottenest Borough
  ''978-1-84275-180-0James CallaghanTime and Chance
2007978-1-84275-185-5David MorleyGorgeous George: The Life and Adventures of George Galloway
  ''978-1-84275-192-3Francis BeckettClem Attlee
  ''978-1-84275-194-7Jo-Anne NadlerDavid Cameron: The Regeneration Game
2008978-1-84275-196-1Geoffrey HoweConflict of Loyalty (Politico's Great Statesmen)
2007978-1-84275-197-8Scott RitterTarget Iran: The Truth About the US Plans for Regime Change
2007978-1-84275-199-2Warwick MansellEducation by Numbers: The Tyranny of Testing
  ''978-1-84275-205-0Hetty VerolmeThe Children of Belsen
  ''978-1-84275-206-7Geoffrey WheatcroftYo, Blair!: Tony Blair's Disastrous Premiership
  ''978-1-84275-207-4Tyler DrumhellerOn the Brink: The CIA and Compromised American Intelligence
  ''978-1-84275-208-1Andrew McDonaldReinventing Britain: Constitutional Change Under New Labour
2007978-1-84275-210-4Michael BarberInstruction to Deliver: Tony Blair, the Public Services and the Challenge of Achieving Targets
  ''978-1-84275-211-1Patrick Diamond · Public Service Reform GroupPublic Matters: The Renewal of the Public Realm
2008978-1-84275-214-2Edward HeathThe Course of My Life: The Autobiography of Edward Heath (Politicos Great Statesmen)
2007978-1-84275-215-9Scott RitterTarget Iran: The Truth About the US Plans for Regime Change
  ''978-1-84275-216-6Antonia FelixCondi: The Condoleezza Rice Story
  ''978-1-84275-217-3Norman BakerThe Strange Death of David Kelly
  ''978-1-84275-218-0Duncan Brack · Richard Grayson · David Howarth · Matthew Taylor · Ed Randall · Lynne Featherstone · Tim FarronReinventing the State: Social Liberalism for the 21st Century
2007978-1-84275-219-7David OwenHubris Syndrome: Bush, Blair and the Intoxication of Power
2008978-1-84275-222-7Kevin JefferysAnthony Crosland (Great Statesmen)
  ''978-1-84275-223-4Giles RadiceThe Tortoise and the Hares: Attlee, Bevin, Cripps, Dalton, Morrison
  ''978-1-84275-225-8Giles Edwards · Jonathan IsabyBoris V. Ken: How Boris Johnson Won London
  ''978-1-84275-227-2Norman FowlerA Political Suicide: The Conservatives' Voyage into the Wilderness
2009978-1-84275-231-9Patrick Diamond · Roger LiddleBeyond New Labour: The Future of Social Democracy in Britain
  ''978-1-84275-233-3Ian LeslieTo be President: Quest for the White House 2008
2009978-1-84275-235-7Hamish MacdonellUncharted Territory: The Story of Scottish Devolution 1999-2009
  ''978-1-84275-236-4David OwenTime to Declare: Second Innings (Politico's Great Statesmen)
2010978-1-84275-237-1Rumy HasanMulticulturalism: Some Inconvenient Truths