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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-900624-00-8Jocelyn WildThe Quintessential Garden: Or Pondering The Giant Spinach Weevil
1997978-1-900624-01-5Michael GloverGreat Battles: Wellington's Peninsular Victories: The Battles of Busaco, Salamanca, Vitoria and the Nivelle
  ''978-1-900624-02-2David HowarthWaterloo: A Near Run Thing (Great Battles)
  ''978-1-900624-03-9David HowarthTrafalgar: The Nelson Touch (Great Battles)
1996978-1-900624-04-6John MooreThe Blue Field (THE BRENSHAM TRILOGY)
1997978-1-900624-05-3Marc RaeffMilitary Memoirs: Diary Of A Napoleonic Foot Soldier
  ''978-1-900624-06-0Christopher HibbertMilitary Memoirs: The Wheatley Diary: A Journal and Sketchbook from the Peninsular War and the Waterloo Campaign
  ''978-1-900624-07-7John KinrossGreat Battles: The Boyne And Aughrim: The War Of The Two Kings
1997978-1-900624-08-4Henry LincolnKey to the Sacred Pattern: the Untold Story of Rennes-le-Chateau
  ''978-1-900624-09-1Peter YoungGreat Battles: Marston Moor 1644: The Campaign And The Battle
1998978-1-900624-10-7Christopher HibbertGreat Battles:: " Arnhem"
1999978-1-900624-11-4Francois MassoulieCrisis In The Middle East (A CENTURY IN FOCUS)
  ''978-1-900624-12-1Gianni SofriGandhi And India (A CENTURY IN FOCUS)
  ''978-1-900624-13-8Enzo CollottiHitler And Nazism (A Century In Focus)
2000978-1-900624-14-5John H. ChambersThe Traveller's Histories: Australia (Traveller'S History Of)
1998978-1-900624-15-2James FergusonThe Traveller's Histories: The Caribbean (Traveller'S History Of)
1999978-1-900624-16-9Roberto FinziAnti-Semitism (A Century In Focus)
1998978-1-900624-17-6Digby SmithGreat Battles: Borodino
  ''978-1-900624-18-3John Goulding · Margaret GouldingNorthern Cyprus (Island Guides)
1998978-1-900624-19-0Jim M. AllenAtlantis: The Andes Solution
  ''978-1-900624-20-6John SelbyMilitary Memoirs: The Recollections Of Sergeant Morris
  ''978-1-900624-21-3Jane GardamThe Green Man
  ''978-1-900624-22-0Alfred H. Burne · Peter YoungThe Great Civil War: A Military History of the First Civil War, 1642-46
1999978-1-900624-23-7Alan ClarkGreat Battles: The Eastern Front 1914-18: Suicide Of The Empires
  ''978-1-900624-24-4Philip WarnerMilitary Memoirs: Letters Home From The Crimea: Young Cavalryman's Crimea Campaign
1999978-1-900624-25-1Jim M. AllenAtlantis: The Andes Solution
  ''978-1-900624-26-8Henry LincolnKey To The Sacred Pattern: The Untold Story Of Rennes-le-Chateau
  ''978-1-900624-27-5Harry RobertsCapture At Arnhem
  ''978-1-900624-28-2Christopher DaniellA Traveller's History of England
2000978-1-900624-29-9Peter NevilleRussia: A Complete History
1995978-1-900624-30-5Peter AughtonEndeavour: The Story Of Captain Cook's First Great Epic Voyage
1999978-1-900624-31-2Gabriele RanzatoThe Spanish Civil War: A Century in Focus
2005978-1-900624-32-9Daniel McInerneyTraveller's History of the USA
1999978-1-900624-33-6Mary FeddenBirds
2000978-1-900624-34-3Charles WhitingA Traveller's Guide To The Battle For The German Frontier
  ''978-1-900624-35-0Carl Shilleto · Mike TolhurstD-Day And The Battle For Normandy (A TRAVELLER'S GUIDE TO)
1999978-1-900624-36-7Juan LalagunaThe Traveller's Histories: Spain (Traveller'S History Of)
2000978-1-900624-37-4Erling Haagensen · Henry LincolnThe Templars' Secret Island: The Knights, The Priest And The Treasure
1999978-1-900624-38-1Denis JuddSomeone Has Blundered: Calamities Of The British Army In The Victorian Age
1999978-1-900624-39-8Robert ColeA Traveller's History of Paris (The traveller's history series)
2001978-1-900624-40-4Kenneth PearceA Traveller's History of Mexico
2000978-1-900624-41-1David MasonGreat Battles: Verdun
  ''978-1-900624-42-8Judy RoseIs That Spaghetti On The Ceiling?: Moments Of Motherhood And Mayhem In Verse
  ''978-1-900624-43-5Peter Burton · Harland WalshawThe English Angel
2010978-1-900624-46-6Andrew FisherGreat Battles: Bannockburn
2001978-1-900624-48-0Robert BothwellA Traveller's History of Canada
1999978-1-900624-49-7Andrew FisherA Traveller's History of Scotland (The traveller's history series)
2000978-1-900624-50-3Anthea JonesA Thousand Years of the English Parish: Medieval Patterns and Modern Interpretations
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2002978-1-900624-52-7Michael StarksA Traveller's History of the Hundred Years War in France
978-1-900624-53-4Ian RobertsonTraveller's History Of Portugal
2001978-1-900624-56-5Patrick DelaforceSmashing the Atlantic Wall: Battles for Adolf Hitler's Fortresses