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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-86159-008-4Ben OkriDangerous Love
1997978-1-86159-015-2Jostein GaarderThe Christmas Mystery (Christmas Fiction)
  ''978-1-86159-016-9Justin HillA Bend In The Yellow River
  ''978-1-86159-024-4Kate PullingerMy Life As A Girl In A Men's Prison
1998978-1-86159-028-2James ParkerTurned On: A Biography Of Henry Rollins
  ''978-1-86159-049-7Jostein GaarderThrough A Glass, Darkly
  ''978-1-86159-057-2Janine di GiovanniFall of Rome
1998978-1-86159-061-9Dubravka UgresicThe Museum of Unconditional Surrender
  ''978-1-86159-062-6Dubravka UgresicThe Culture Of Lies: The Life Of Kenneth Tynan
1997978-1-86159-063-3Bernhard SchlinkThe Reader
1998978-1-86159-070-1Budget Dummy 1998
  ''978-1-86159-104-3Dubravka UgresicThe Culture Of Lies
  ''978-1-86159-116-6Philippe DelermThe Small Pleasures Of Life
1999978-1-86159-117-3Vikram SethAn Equal Music
1998978-1-86159-120-3Ben OkriInfinite Riches (The famished road)
  ''978-1-86159-121-0Oonya KempadooBuxton Spice
1998978-1-86159-122-7Steve AylettSlaughtermatic
1999978-1-86159-123-4Steve AylettThe Inflatable Volunteer
2000978-1-86159-124-1   ''Atom
1999978-1-86159-127-2Charles PalliserThe Unburied
2014978-1-86159-129-6Brian FlemingUntitled Novel 2
1998978-1-86159-130-2David MarcusPhoenix Irish Short Stories 1998
1999978-1-86159-134-0Benito Perez GaldosThe Disinherited
  ''978-1-86159-136-4Steven MillhauserThe Knife Thrower
  ''978-1-86159-151-7Karen RobertsThe Flower Boy
  ''978-1-86159-163-0Steve AylettThe Inflatable Volunteer
  ''978-1-86159-164-7Ben OkriMental Fight
2002978-1-86159-167-8Blanaid McKinneyThe Ledge: na
2000978-1-86159-177-7Marc DugainThe Officer's Ward
2000978-1-86159-180-7Michael CollinsThe Keepers of Truth 10 Copy Pack
  ''978-1-86159-183-8Jostein GaarderMaya
2001978-1-86159-186-9Jean McNeil · Denford MagoraNights in a Foreign Country
2002978-1-86159-188-3Jean McNeilPrivate View (A Phoenix House book)
2001978-1-86159-190-6Kunal BasuThe Opium Clerk