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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-900565-01-1Andre Breton · Phillippe SoupaultThe Automatic Message (Printed head)
1999978-1-900565-02-8Donald Parsnips · Adam DantA to Z for the Effective Use of Your City
  ''978-1-900565-03-5Jehan SylviusThe devil's popess: A novel of mystery, of magic, and love (The printed head)
2001978-1-900565-04-2H. C. ArtmannThe Skewed Tales (Printed head)
1999978-1-900565-05-9Harry MathewsTHE WAY HOME (Atlas Anti-classics)
2001978-1-900565-06-6Georges Perec · Harry Matthews · Francois CaradecThe Oulipo: Winter Journeys
2002978-1-900565-07-3Grayson PerryCycle of Violence (Atlas eclectics)
2005978-1-900565-09-7Raymond RousselNew Impressions Of Africa
1999978-1-900565-10-3Malcolm GreenBrus, Muehl, Nitsch and Schwarzkogler: Writings of the Vienna Actionists: Writings of the Vienna Activists
2001978-1-900565-11-0Francois CaradecRAYMOND ROUSSEL: The Biography (Atlas Archive)
2005978-1-900565-14-1Hans BellmerThe Doll (Atlas Anti-classics)
1999978-1-900565-15-8Jennifer Gough-Cooper · Jacques CaumontMARCEL DUCHAMP: A Life in Pictures (Atlas Press)
2002978-1-900565-16-5Franois CaradecRaymond Roussel: The Biography
2005978-1-900565-18-9Alastair Brotchie · Harry MathewsOulipo Compendium
2002978-1-900565-20-2Alfred JarryFour Novels: Collected Works of Alfred Jarry II
  ''978-1-900565-21-9Peter BlegvadStones in My Passway (Opuscules of the London Institute of Pataphysics)
2001978-1-900565-25-7Alfred JarryAdventures In Pataphysics: Alfred Jarry Collected Works I (Atlas Anti-classics)
2002978-1-900565-26-4Donald Parsnips · Adam DantShort Sermons (Opuscules of the London Institute of Pataphysics)
  ''978-1-900565-31-8Magnus IrvinPergus and the Ectoplasm (Opuscules of the London Institute of Pataphysics)
2007978-1-900565-36-3Alfred JarryThree Early Novels (Selected Works Vol. II)
  ''978-1-900565-38-7Guy DebordA Game of War
2008978-1-900565-41-7Konrad BayerSIXTH SENSE, THE
978-1-900565-43-1Henri-Pierre Roché, Beatrice Wood Marcel Duchamp3 New York Dadas and the Blindman
2008978-1-900565-44-8Carlo Emilio GaddaThe Philosophers' Madonna
2008978-1-900565-47-9Louis-Ferdinand CélineSemmelweiss: A Fictional Biography (Eclectics & Heteroclites)
2009978-1-900565-49-3Norman DouglasSome Limericks
2011978-1-900565-55-4Alastair BrotchieA Supplement to Alfred Jarry a Pataphysical Life
  ''978-1-900565-56-1Raymond RousselDust of Suns, The
2012978-1-900565-59-2Hans Henny JahnnLiving are Few, the Dead Many, The
  ''978-1-900565-61-5Grayson PerryCycle of Violence
2016978-1-900565-69-1Louis AragonAnicet Or The Panorama: A Dadaist Novel (Atlas Anti-Classics: Dadaist)