Drawn & Quarterly

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-897299-01-2Gabrielle BellLucky
  ''978-1-897299-02-9Chris WareThe Acme Novelty Library 17
2007978-1-897299-04-3Charles BurnsOne Eye
  ''978-1-897299-05-0James SturmJames Sturm's America: God, Gold, & Golems
  ''978-1-897299-06-7Rutu ModanExit Wounds
2013978-1-897299-08-1Anders NilsenDogs & Water
2007978-1-897299-09-8Frank KingWalt and Skeezix: 1925-1926: The Complete Daily Strips, Book Three
  ''978-1-897299-10-4Laurence HydeSouthern Cross: A Novel of the South Seas Told in Wood Engravings
2007978-1-897299-11-1Joe MattSpent
2006978-1-897299-12-8Guy DelisleAline and the Others
2007978-1-897299-15-9Julie Doucet365 Days: A Diary by Julie Doucet
  ''978-1-897299-16-6Adrian TomineShortcomings
  ''978-1-897299-17-3Chris WareThe Acme Novelty Library 18
  ''978-1-897299-18-0   ''The Acme Novelty DateBook: Volume Two, 1995 - 1999
  ''978-1-897299-19-7Tove JanssonMoomin Book Two: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip
2007978-1-897299-21-0Guy DelislePyongyang: A Journey in North Korea
978-1-897299-22-7Optic Nerve #11
2007978-1-897299-24-1Pascal BlanchetWhite Rapids
2011978-1-897299-25-8Ron, Jr. RegeScituate Heart
2008978-1-897299-26-5Philippe DupuyHaunted: A Novel
2007978-1-897299-27-2Guy DelisleAlbert and the Others
2008978-1-897299-28-9Michel RabagliatiPaul Goes Fishing
  ''978-1-897299-29-6Ron Rege JrAgainst Pain
  ''978-1-897299-30-2Chris OliverosDrawn & Quarterly Showcase Book Five
2009978-1-897299-34-0Drawn & QuarterlyThe Acme Novelty Library 18.5
2008978-1-897299-35-7Lynda BarryWhat It Is
  ''978-1-897299-36-4Raymond BriggsGentleman Jim
  ''978-1-897299-37-1Yoshihiro TatsumiGood-Bye
2009978-1-897299-38-8Amanda VahamakiThe Bun Field
2010978-1-897299-39-5Frank KingWalt & Skeezix: 1927 - 1928: The Complete Daily Strips, Book Four
2008978-1-897299-40-1Seiichi HayashiRed Colored Elegy
2008978-1-897299-41-8Marguerite Abouet · Clement OubrerieAya of Yop City
  ''978-1-897299-42-5Drawn & QuarterlyThe Acme Novelty Library 18.5
2011978-1-897299-45-6Julie MorstadMilk Teeth
2008978-1-897299-50-0Guy DelisleBurma Chronicles
2009978-1-897299-51-7SethGeorge Sprott: (1894-1975)
  ''978-1-897299-52-4Doug WrightCollected Doug Wright, Volume One: Canada's Master Cartoonist; Book Design by Seth
2008978-1-897299-53-1Jason LutesBerlin: City of Smoke, Book Two
  ''978-1-897299-54-8Rutu ModanJamilti and Other Stories
  ''978-1-897299-55-5Tove JanssonMoomin Book Three: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip
2008978-1-897299-56-2Chris WareThe Acme Novelty Library 19
  ''978-1-897299-57-9Gabrielle BellCecil and Jordan in New York: Stories by Gabrielle Bell
  ''978-1-897299-58-6Don FreemanSkitzy: The Story of Floyd W. Skitzafroid
  ''978-1-897299-59-3Gabrielle Bell · Michel GondryKuruma Tohrimasu
2009978-1-897299-63-0John StanleyMelvin Monster, Volume One
2010978-1-897299-64-7Lynda BarryPicture This: Nearsighted Monkey
2009978-1-897299-65-4E.O. PlauenFather & Son
  ''978-1-897299-66-1Pascal BlanchetBaloney
2009978-1-897299-67-8Diane ObomsawinKaspar
2008978-1-897299-69-2Matthew ForsytheOjingogo
  ''978-1-897299-72-2Marek Colek · Pat ShewchuckPohadky
  ''978-1-897299-73-9Drawn & QuarterlyDrawn and Quarterly Catalogue 2008
2009978-1-897299-74-6Yoshihiro TatsumiA Drifting Life
  ''978-1-897299-75-3Adrian TomineShortcomings
  ''978-1-897299-76-0   ''32 Stories Special Edition
2009978-1-897299-77-7John StanleyNancy Volume 1: Designed by Seth
  ''978-1-897299-78-4Tove JanssonMoomin Book Four: The Complete Tove Janssen Comic Strip
  ''978-1-897299-79-1Marguerite Abouet · Clément OubrerieAya: The Secrets Come Out: Volume Three
  ''978-1-897299-80-7Christian NortheastPrayer Requested
978-1-897299-82-1Big Questions #11: Sweetness and Light
2008978-1-897299-83-8Rutu ModanExit Wounds
2009978-1-897299-84-5R. SikoryakMasterpiece Comics
  ''978-1-897299-85-2R.O. BlechmanTalking Lines
2009978-1-897299-86-9Susumu KatsumataRed Snow
2011978-1-897299-87-6Zach WortonThe Klondike
2009978-1-897299-88-3John StanleyThirteen Going on Eighteen: The John Stanley Library
  ''978-1-897299-89-0Marc BellMarc Bell's Hot Potatoe: Fine Ahtwerks: 2001-2008
  ''978-1-897299-90-6Joe SaccoThe Fixer and Other Stories
  ''978-1-897299-91-3Imiri SakabashiraThe Box Man
2010978-1-897299-92-0Keith JonesCatland Empire
2009978-1-897299-93-7John PorcellinoMap Of My Heart: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary Of the King Cat Zine
2010978-1-897299-94-4Tove JanssonMoomin Book Five: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip
2009978-1-897299-95-1   ''The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My
2010978-1-897299-96-8John StanleyNancy Volume 2: Designed by Seth
  ''978-1-897299-97-5James SturmMarket Day