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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-896597-00-3Adrian Tomine32 Stories
1997978-1-896597-02-7Julie DoucetMy Most Secret Desire
2001978-1-896597-07-2SethIt's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken
1997978-1-896597-08-9Ariel BordeauxNo love lost
  ''978-1-896597-09-6Chris OliverosDrawn & Quarterly: Volume 2, Number 6
  ''978-1-896597-10-2Maurice VellekoopVellevision
  ''978-1-896597-11-9Adrian TomineSleepwalk and Other Stories
1998978-1-896597-12-6   ''Sleepwalk: and Other Stories
2006978-1-896597-13-3Chester BrownThe Little Man
2004978-1-896597-14-0Chester BrownI Never Liked You
1998978-1-896597-15-7Pentti OtsamoThe fall of Homunculus
2002978-1-896597-18-8Dylan HorrocksHicksville: A Comic Book by Dylan Horrocks
  ''978-1-896597-19-5Dylan HorrocksHicksville
2006978-1-896597-20-1Miriam KatinWe Are on Our Own
2006978-1-896597-21-8Philippe Dupuy · Charles BerberianMaybe Later
2002978-1-896597-24-9Julie DoucetMy New York Diary
  ''978-1-896597-25-6David CollierJust the Facts
2001978-1-896597-26-3MaxThe Extended Dream of Mr. D.
2003978-1-896597-27-0Joe MattPeepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt
1999978-1-896597-28-7Julie DoucetDrawn & Quarterly Year 2000 Calendar: Tenth Anniversary
2002978-1-896597-29-4Jason LutesBerlin: City of Stones, Book One
  ''978-1-896597-30-0Chris OliverosDrawn & Quarterly Volume 3
  ''978-1-896597-34-8Drawn & QuarterlyThe Madame Paul Affair
  ''978-1-896597-35-5David CollierPortraits From Life
2002978-1-896597-37-9Debbie DrechslerSummer of Love
  ''978-1-896597-39-3Jason LutesJar of Fools
  ''978-1-896597-40-9Chris OliverosDrawn & Quarterly Volume 4
  ''978-1-896597-41-6Drawn & QuarterlyVernacular Drawings
2004978-1-896597-44-7Joe MattThe Poor Bastard
2003978-1-896597-45-4James SturmThe Golem's Mighty Swing
2002978-1-896597-46-1Julie DoucetLong Time Relationship
2003978-1-896597-47-8   ''Long Time Relationship Hc (Signed)
2002978-1-896597-48-5David CollierHamilton Sketchbook
  ''978-1-896597-49-2Adrian TomineSummer Blonde
2002978-1-896597-52-2Drawn & QuarterlyRoad to America
2003978-1-896597-54-6Michel RabagliatiPaul Has a Summer Job
2002978-1-896597-56-0Joe MattFair Weather
2003978-1-896597-57-7Adrian TomineSummer Blonde
  ''978-1-896597-58-4Robert CrumbWaiting for Food: More Restaurant Placemat Drawings, number 3
  ''978-1-896597-60-7Joe SaccoThe Fixer
  ''978-1-896597-61-4Chris (Ed) OliverosDrawn & Quarterly Anthology Volume 5
  ''978-1-896597-62-1Chris OliverosDrawn & Quarterly Showcase
2003978-1-896597-63-8Chester BrownLouis Riel: A Comic Biography
2005978-1-896597-64-5Frank KingWalt and Skeezix: The Complete Daily Strips; Book One
2003978-1-896597-65-2Debbie DrechslerThe Summer of Love
2013978-1-896597-66-9Chris WareThe Acme Novelty Datebook
2003978-1-896597-68-3Drawn & Quarterly5 Is the Perfect Number
  ''978-1-896597-69-0Joe MattFair Weather (signed edition)
  ''978-1-896597-70-6SethIt's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken
  ''978-1-896597-71-3James SturmGolem's Mighty Swing
  ''978-1-896597-72-0Jason LutesJar of Fools
2003978-1-896597-74-4Joe MattFair Weather
2005978-1-896597-75-1John PorcellinoPerfect Example
2004978-1-896597-77-5Adrian TomineScrapbook: Uncollected Works 1990-2004
  ''978-1-896597-78-2J. H. GallantBannock, Beans and Black Tea
2006978-1-896597-79-9Philippe Dupuy · Charles BerberianGet a Life
2004978-1-896597-81-2Jeffrey Brown · Pentti OtsamoDrawn & Quarterly Showcase Book 2
  ''978-1-896597-82-9Harry MayerovitchWay to Go
2011978-1-896597-83-6Julie DoucetMy New York Diary
2004978-1-896597-84-3SethClyde Fans Book One
2005978-1-896597-85-0Yoshihiro TatsumiThe Push Man and Other Stories: Book One
  ''978-1-896597-86-7Gary PanterSatiro-Plastic: The Sketchbook Of Gary Panter
  ''978-1-896597-87-4Michel RabagliatiPaul Moves Out
2005978-1-896597-88-1Chris OliverosDrawn & Quarterly Showcase Book 3
  ''978-1-896597-89-8Guy DelislePyongyang: A Journey in North Korea
  ''978-1-896597-90-4Steve MumfordBaghdad Journal: An Artist in Occupied Iraq
2004978-1-896597-91-1David CollierThe Frank Ritza Papers
2005978-1-896597-92-8Joe SaccoWar's End: Profiles From Bosnia 1995-96
  ''978-1-896597-93-5SethWimbledon Green
2006978-1-896597-94-2Maurice VellekoopA Nut at the Opera
  ''978-1-896597-95-9Julie DoucetMy Most Secret Desire
2007978-1-896597-96-6Ron RegeSkibber Bee Bye
2006978-1-896597-97-3Ron RegeThe Awake Field
2006978-1-896597-98-0Chris OliverosDrawn & Quarterly Showcase Book 4
  ''978-1-896597-99-7Chris WareWalt and Skeezix: 1923-1924: The Complete Daily Strips; Book Two