year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-896363-00-4John W. MontgomeryLaw and Gospel: A Study Integrating Faith and Practice
1995978-1-896363-01-1John Warwick MontgomeryHuman rights and human dignity
1996978-1-896363-02-8Ross CliffordLeading lawyers' case for the resurrection
1989978-1-896363-04-2The Scattered Voice
1996978-1-896363-05-9C. E. B CranfieldChristians in the public square: Law, gospel & public policy: [essays
1997978-1-896363-06-6John Warwick MontgomeryDefending the biblical gospel
  ''978-1-896363-07-3Craig PartonRichard Whately: A man for all seasons
  ''978-1-896363-08-0Alfred Thompson Denning DenningThe influence of religion on law
1999978-1-896363-09-7John Warwick Montgomery · Joseph FletcherSituation Ethics
  ''978-1-896363-10-3John Warwick MontgomeryDefending the Gospel Through the Centuries
2000978-1-896363-11-0Edmund Fuller · John W. , et al. MontgomeryMyth, allegory, and gospel: An interpretation of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, Charles Williams
2001978-1-896363-12-7John Warwick MontgomeryChristianity for the tough-minded: Essays in support of an intellectually defensible religious commitment
  ''978-1-896363-13-4   ''Faith founded on fact: Essays in evidential apologetics
2001978-1-896363-14-1John Warwick MontgomeryPrincipalities and Powers
2000978-1-896363-15-8Robert Duncan CulverCivil government: A biblical view
2002978-1-896363-16-5John Warwick MontgomeryHistory, Law and Christianity
978-1-896363-17-2Evidence For Faith: Deciding The God Question
2004978-1-896363-18-9John Warwick MontgomeryThe Church: Blessing or Curse?
2005978-1-896363-19-6   ''How Do We Know There Is a God?
1997978-1-896363-40-0Will MooreBibliography of Dr. John Warwick Montgomery's Writings
1959978-1-896363-41-7John Warwick MontgomeryThe Writing of Research Papers: An Introductory Lecture
978-1-896363-42-4John W. MontgomeryIn Defense of Martin Luther
978-1-896363-43-1Crisis in Lutheran Theology: The Validity and Relevance of Historic Lutheranism
1974978-1-896363-44-8editor John Warwick MontgomeryJurisprudence: A Book of Readings
1994978-1-896363-45-5John Warwick MontgomeryLaw and Morality: Friends or Foes?

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