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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-894574-00-6Gregg M FurthThe secret world of drawings: A Jungian approach to healing through art
  ''978-1-894574-01-3Marie-Louise von FranzAnimus and Anima in Fairy Tales
  ''978-1-894574-02-0Nancy Qualls-CorbettAwakening Woman: Dreams and Individuation (Studies in Jungian Psychology By Jungian Analysts, 101)
  ''978-1-894574-03-7Edward F. EdingerScience of the Soul: A Jungian Perspective
2003978-1-894574-04-4James HollisOn This Journey We Call Our Life: Living the Questions
  ''978-1-894574-05-1D. Stephenson BondThe Archetype of Renewal: Psychological Reflections on the Aging, Death and Rebirth of the King
2003978-1-894574-06-8Anthony StevensArchetype Revisited: An Updated Natural History of the Self (Studies in Jungian Psychology By Jungian)
  ''978-1-894574-07-5M. Esther HardingThe Parental Image: Its Injury and Reconstruction
  ''978-1-894574-08-2Sylvia Brinton PereraThe Irish Bull God: Image of Multiform and Integral Masculinity
  ''978-1-894574-09-9Edward F. EdingerThe Sacred Psyche: A Psychological Approach to the Psalms
2004978-1-894574-10-5James HollisMythologems: Incarnations of the Invisible World
  ''978-1-894574-11-2Marie-Louise von FranzThe Passion of Perpetua: A Psychological Interpretation of Her Visions
2004978-1-894574-12-9Margaret MeredithThe Secret Garden: Temenos for Individuation
  ''978-1-894574-13-6Daryl SharpNot the Big Sleep: On Having Fun, Seriously (a Jungian Romance)
2005978-1-894574-14-3Renee NellUse of Dreams in Couple Counseling: A Jungian Perspective
2006978-1-894574-15-0Eugene MonickPotency: Masculine Aggression as a Path to the Soul
  ''978-1-894574-16-7Daryl SharpOn Staying Awake: Getting Older and Bolder
  ''978-1-894574-17-4Mario JacobyLonging for Paradise: Psychological Perspectives on an Archetype
2007978-1-894574-18-1Daryl SharpEyes Wide Open: Late Thoughts: Another Jungian Romance
2008978-1-894574-21-1   ''Jung Uncorked: Rare Vintages from the Cellar of Analytical Psychology, Book 1
  ''978-1-894574-22-8   ''Jung Uncorked: Rare Vintages from the Cellar of Analytical Psychology, Book 2
2008978-1-894574-23-5James A. Hall · Daryl SharpMarie-Louise Von Franz: The Classic Jungian and the Classic Jungian Tradition
  ''978-1-894574-24-2Daryl SharpJung Uncorked: Book 3: Rare Vintages from the Cellar of Analytical Psychology
2009978-1-894574-26-6George R. Elder · Dianne D. CordicAn American Jungian: In Honor of Edward F. Edinger
  ''978-1-894574-27-3Daryl SharpJung Uncorked: Bk. 4: Rare Vintages from the Cellar of Analytical Psychology
2010978-1-894574-31-0   ''Live Your Nonsense: Halfway to Dawn with Eros
2011978-1-894574-32-7Frith LutonBees, Honey and the Hive: Circumambulating the Centre: A Jungian Exploration of the Symbolism and Psychology
  ''978-1-894574-34-1Daryl SharpTrampled to Death by Geese: More Eros, and a Lot More Nonsense: A Jungian Analyst's Whimsical Perspective on the Inner Life
  ''978-1-894574-35-8   ''Hijacked by Eros: A Jungian Analyst's Picaresque Adventures in the Pleroma: With the Eros Aspect of the Eye by A.R. Pope