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1980978-0-919123-00-7Daryl SharpThe secret raven: Conflict and transformation in the life of Franz Kafka
  ''978-0-919123-01-4Marie-Louise von FranzThe psychological meaning of redemption motifs in fairytales
  ''978-0-919123-02-1Marie-Louise von FranzOn divination and synchronicity: The psychology of meaningful chance
  ''978-0-919123-03-8Marion WoodmanThe owl was a baker's daughter: Obesity, anorexia nervosa and the repressed feminine: a psychological study
1981978-0-919123-04-5Marie-Louise von FranzAlchemy: An introduction to the symbolism and the psychology
  ''978-0-919123-05-2Sylvia Brinton PereraDescent to the goddess: A way of initiation for women
1981978-0-919123-06-9John P DourleyC.G. Jung and Paul Tillich: The psyche as sacrament
  ''978-0-919123-07-6Donald Lee WilliamsBorder crossings: A psychological perspective on Carlos Castaneda's path of knowledge
  ''978-0-919123-08-3Nathan Schwartz-SalantNarcissism and character transformation: The psychology of narcissistic character disorders
1982978-0-919123-10-6Jan BauerAlcoholism and women: The background and the psychology
  ''978-0-919123-11-3Marion WoodmanAddiction to perfection: The still unravished bride: a psychological study
1983978-0-919123-12-0James Albert HallJungian Dream Interpretation (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts) (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 13)
1984978-0-919123-13-7Edward F EdingerThe creation of consciousness: Jung's myth for modern man
  ''978-0-919123-14-4Mario JacobyThe analytic encounter: Transference and human relationship
1984978-0-919123-16-8John P DourleyThe illness that we are: A Jungian critique of Christianity
  ''978-0-919123-17-5Polly Young-EisendrathHags and heroes: A feminist approach to Jungian psychotherapy with couples
  ''978-0-919123-18-2Joseph L HendersonCultural attitudes in psychological perspective
1985978-0-919123-19-9Aldo CarotenutoThe vertical labyrinth: Individuation in Jungian psychology
  ''978-0-919123-20-5Marion WoodmanThe pregnant virgin: A process of psychological transformation
1986978-0-919123-21-2Edward F EdingerEncounter with the self: A Jungian commentary on William Blake's Illustrations of the book of Job
1985978-0-919123-22-9Sylvia Brinton PereraThe scapegoat complex: Toward a mythology of shadow and guilt
1986978-0-919123-23-6Edward F EdingerThe Bible and the psyche: Individuation symbolism in the Old Testament
  ''978-0-919123-24-3Aldo CarotenutoThe spiral way: A woman's healing journey
1986978-0-919123-25-0James Albert HallThe Jungian experience: Analysis and individuation
1987978-0-919123-26-7Eugene MonickPhallos: Sacred image of masculinity
  ''978-0-919123-27-4Edward F EdingerThe Christian archetype: A Jungian commentary on the life of Christ
  ''978-0-919123-29-8Deldon Anne McNeelyTouching: Body therapy and depth psychology
  ''978-0-919123-30-4Daryl SharpPersonality types: Jung's model of typology
1988978-0-919123-31-1Nancy Qualls-CorbettThe Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect of the Feminine
  ''978-0-919123-33-5Sibylle Birkhäuser-OeriThe mother: Archetypal image in fairy tales
1988978-0-919123-34-2Daryl SharpThe survival papers: Anatomy of a midlife crisis
1989978-0-919123-36-6   ''Dear Gladys: The survival papers, book 2
  ''978-0-919123-38-0Joan Dexter BlackmerAcrobats of the gods: Dance and transformation
  ''978-0-919123-39-7Aldo CarotenutoEros and pathos: Shades of love and suffering
1997978-0-919123-40-3Marion WoodmanAddiction to Perfection
  ''978-0-919123-41-0Marion Goodman · Marion WoodmanThe Pregnant Virgin: A Process of Psychological Transformation
1990978-0-919123-42-7Marion WoodmanThe Ravaged Bridegroom: Masculinity in Women
  ''978-0-919123-43-4Lawrence W JaffeLiberating the heart: Spirituality and Jungian psychology
1990978-0-919123-44-1Edward F EdingerGoethe's Faust: Notes for a Jungian commentary
  ''978-0-919123-47-2Warren SteinbergCircle of care: Clinical issues in Jungian therapy
  ''978-0-919123-48-9Daryl SharpJung lexicon: A primer of terms & concepts
1991978-0-919123-50-2Deldon Anne McNeelyAnimus aeternus: Exploring the inner masculine
  ''978-0-919123-51-9Eugene MonickCastration and male rage: The phallic wound
1992978-0-919123-55-7Edward F. EdingerTransformation of the God-Image: An Elucidation of Jung's Answer to Job
  ''978-0-919123-56-4Daryl SharpGetting to Know You
1993978-0-919123-57-1John P. DourleyA Strategy for a Loss of Faith: Jung's Proposal
1993978-0-919123-59-5Marion WoodmanConscious Femininity: Interviews with Marion Woodman
  ''978-0-919123-60-1James HollisThe Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Midlife (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts)
  ''978-0-919123-62-5Daryl SharpChicken Little
1994978-0-919123-64-9James HollisUnder Saturn's Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men
1995978-0-919123-66-3Edward F. EdingerThe Mysterium Lectures
1994978-0-919123-67-0   ''Mystery of the Coniunctio
  ''978-0-919123-68-7Daryl SharpWho Am I, Really?: Personality, Soul and Individuation
1995978-0-919123-69-4James HollisTracking the Gods: The Place of Myth in Modern Life
  ''978-0-919123-71-7Rivkah Schärf KlugerPsyche in scripture: The idea of the chosen people and other essays
1996978-0-919123-72-4Edward F. EdingerAion Lectures: Exploring the Self in C. G. Jung's Aion
1996978-0-919123-73-1Daryl SharpLiving Jung: The good and the better
  ''978-0-919123-74-8James HollisSwamplands of the soul: New life in dismal places
1997978-0-919123-76-2John R Van EenwykArchetypes & strange attractors: The chaotic world of symbols
  ''978-0-919123-77-9Marie-Louise von FranzArchetypal patterns in fairy tales
1998978-0-919123-78-6   ''C.G. Jung: His myth in our time
  ''978-0-919123-80-9James HollisThe Eden project: In search of the magical other
  ''978-0-919123-81-6Daryl SharpJungian psychology unplugged: My life as an elephant
1999978-0-919123-82-3Inner City BooksCumulative index: The first 80 titles, 1980-1998
1999978-0-919123-83-0Ann YeomanNow or neverland: Peter Pan and the myth of eternal youth: a psychological perspective on a cultural icon
  ''978-0-919123-84-7Marie-Louise von FranzThe cat: A tale of feminine redemption
  ''978-0-919123-85-4Lawrence W JaffeCelebrating soul: Preparing for the new religion
  ''978-0-919123-86-1Edward F EdingerThe psyche in antiquity
  ''978-0-919123-87-8   ''The psyche in antiquity
2000978-0-919123-88-5Marie-Louise von FranzThe problem of the puer aeternus
1999978-0-919123-89-2Barbara HannahThe inner journey: Lectures and essays on Jungian psychology
2000978-0-919123-90-8ThomasAurora consurgens: A document attributed to Thomas Aquinas on the problem of opposites in alchemy, a companion work to C.G. Jung's Mysterium coniunctions
2000978-0-919123-91-5Edward F EdingerEgo and self: The Old Testament Prophets: from Isaiah to Malachi
  ''978-0-919123-92-2Joel CovitzVisions in the night: Jungian and ancient dream interpretation
  ''978-0-919123-93-9James HollisCreating a life: Finding your individual path
  ''978-0-919123-95-3Judith HarrisJung and yoga: The psyche-body connection
2001978-0-919123-96-0Daryl SharpDigesting Jung: Food for the journey
  ''978-0-919123-97-7Cara BarkerWorld weary woman: Her wound and transformation
2002978-0-919123-98-4Neil RussackAnimal guides in life, myth and dreams: An analyst's notebook
2002978-0-919123-99-1Erel ShalitThe complex: Path of transformation from archetype to ego