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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-894154-00-0Prakash K. ParanjapeEasier Done Than Said
2006978-1-894154-02-4Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense
1999978-1-894154-03-1Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense
  ''978-1-894154-04-8Michael RosenbergBridge, Zia...and Me
  ''978-1-894154-05-5Tim Bourke · Marc SmithCountdown to Winning Bridge
  ''978-1-894154-06-2Danny RothFocus on Bidding
  ''978-1-894154-07-9Barbara Seagram · Marc Smith25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know
1999978-1-894154-08-6Zia Mahmood · David BurnAround the World in 80 Hands
2006978-1-894154-09-3Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense: Interactive CD-ROM Edition
1999978-1-894154-10-9   ''Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense: Interactive CD-ROM Edition
2006978-1-894154-11-6Matt GranovetterMurder at the Bridge Table
1999978-1-894154-12-3   ''I shot my bridge partner
2006978-1-894154-13-0Marshall MilesCompetitive Bidding in the 21st Century
1999978-1-894154-14-7Eddie KantarClassic Kantar: A Collection of Bridge Humor
  ''978-1-894154-15-4Marc SmithWorld Class: Conversations With the Bridge Masters
2006978-1-894154-16-1David SilverBridge the Silver Way: A Third Collection of Bridge Stories
2002978-1-894154-17-8David Bird · Marc SmithEntry Management (The Bridge Technique Series 1)
2000978-1-894154-18-5David Bird · Marc SmithTricks With Trumps (The Bridge Technique Series 2)
  ''978-1-894154-19-2   ''Safety plays
2002978-1-894154-20-8Danny RothChallenge Your Declarer Play
  ''978-1-894154-21-5Barnet ShenkinPlaying With the Bridge Legends
  ''978-1-894154-22-2Barbara Seagram · Marc Smith25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding
2006978-1-894154-23-9David Bird · Tim BourkeSaints and Sinners
2000978-1-894154-24-6David Bird · Marc SmithEliminations & Throw Ins (The Bridge Technique Series 4)
2006978-1-894154-25-3   ''Deceptive Card Play (The Bridge Technique Series 5)
2000978-1-894154-26-0David Bird · Marc SmithPlanning in Suit Contracts (The Bridge Technique Series 6)
2001978-1-894154-27-7Frank StewartBecoming a Bridge Expert
2006978-1-894154-28-4Julian PottageBridge Problems for a New Millennium
  ''978-1-894154-29-1Robert F. MacKinnonSamurai Bridge
2004978-1-894154-30-7David Bird · Marc SmithPlanning the Play in Notrump (The Bridge Technique Series 7)
2000978-1-894154-31-4   ''Defensive Signaling (The Bridge Technique Series 8)
  ''978-1-894154-32-1   ''Squeezes Made Simple (The Bridge Technique Series 9)
2001978-1-894154-33-8Jeff Meckstroth · Marc SmithWin The Bermuda Bowl With Me
  ''978-1-894154-34-5David Bird · Marc SmithReading the cards
2006978-1-894154-35-2   ''Planning in Defense (The Bridge Technique Series J)
2001978-1-894154-36-9   ''Tricks With Finesses (The Bridge Technique Series Q)
  ''978-1-894154-37-6Jim PriebeThinking on Defense
2005978-1-894154-41-3Barbara Seagram · Ray LeeThe Pocket Guide to Bridge
2006978-1-894154-42-0David BirdBridge Squeezes for Everyone
2002978-1-894154-43-7Jeff ReubensThe Bridge World's Test Your Play
2002978-1-894154-46-8Paul ThurstonBridge: 25 Steps to Learning 2/1
2003978-1-894154-47-5Barbara Seagram · David Bird25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer
2002978-1-894154-48-2Larry CohenTo Bid or Not to Bid
  ''978-1-894154-49-9Larry CohenFollowing the Law
  ''978-1-894154-50-5Rosalyn TeukolskyHow to Play Bridge with Your Spouse...and Survive
2006978-1-894154-51-2Marshall MilesInferences at Bridge
2002978-1-894154-53-6Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play
2003978-1-894154-54-3Danny RothPathways to Better Bridge Defense
  ''978-1-894154-55-0Julian PottagePlay or Defend? 68 Hands to Test Your Bridge Skill
  ''978-1-894154-56-7Matt GranovetterBridge Conventions in Depth
2003978-1-894154-57-4Alan SontagBridge Bum, The
2006978-1-894154-58-1Frank StewartFrank Stewart's Bridge Club
2002978-1-894154-60-4Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play: Interactive CD-ROM Edition
2003978-1-894154-61-1Barbara Seagram · Linda LeeJacoby 2NT
  ''978-1-894154-62-8Barbara Seagram · Linda LeeRoman Keycard Blackwood
2003978-1-894154-63-5Barbara Seagram · Linda LeeSplinter Bids
2006978-1-894154-64-2Ray (Editor) Lee · Linda (Editor) LeeNorthern Lights: Selections from CANADIAN MASTERPOINT
2003978-1-894154-65-9Barbara Seagram · David Bird25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know
2004978-1-894154-67-3Alan TruscottGreat Bridge Scandal, The
2006978-1-894154-69-7Andy StarkWeak Notrump, The
2004978-1-894154-70-3Danny KleinmanNoTrump Zone, The
  ''978-1-894154-72-7David Bird · Tim BourkeElimination Plays
  ''978-1-894154-73-4   ''Simple Squeeze, The
2006978-1-894154-74-1   ''Planning in Suit Contracts
2002978-1-894154-75-8   ''Entry Management
2000978-1-894154-76-5   ''Planning Notrump Contracts
2004978-1-894154-77-2David Bird · Tim BourkeEndplays and Coups
2005978-1-894154-78-9   ''Avoidance Play
2000978-1-894154-79-6   ''Safety Plays
2005978-1-894154-80-2   ''Defending Suit Contracts
2006978-1-894154-81-9   ''Reading the Cards
2005978-1-894154-82-6David Bird · Tim BourkeDefending Notrump Contracts
2006978-1-894154-83-3   ''Deceptive Plays
2004978-1-894154-84-0Barbara Seagram · Linda LeeStayman Auctions
  ''978-1-894154-85-7Barbara Seagram · Andy StarkJacoby Transfers
  ''978-1-894154-86-4   ''Four-Suit Transfers
  ''978-1-894154-88-8Eddie KantarRoman Keycard Blackwood: Slam Bidding in the 21st Century
  ''978-1-894154-89-5Jim PriebeTakeout Double: A Bridge Mystery
2005978-1-894154-91-8Mark HortonHands of Time, The
2004978-1-894154-92-5Nick Straguzzi · Danny KleinmanPrinciple of Restricted Talent, The
2005978-1-894154-93-2Terence Reese · Julian PottagePositive Defense at Bridge
2005978-1-894154-94-9Terence Reese · Julian PottagePositive Declarer Play at Bridge
2006978-1-894154-96-3Julian PottageClues from the Bidding at Bridge
2005978-1-894154-97-0Terence Reese · Julian PottageExtra Edge in Play at Bridge, The
  ''978-1-894154-99-4Marshall MilesModern Constructive Bidding