Master Point Press

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-55494-750-8Ken RexfordModified Italian Canape System
  ''978-1-55494-751-5Ken EichenbaumWinners, Losers and Cover Cards
  ''978-1-55494-752-2Ken RexfordNew Frontiers for Strong Forcing Openings
2011978-1-55494-756-0Marshall MilesMore Accurate Bidding
  ''978-1-55494-758-4Julian LadermanStill Not Finding Squeezes?
2013978-1-55494-759-1David Bird · Taf AnthiasWinning Notrump Leads
2011978-1-55494-760-7Joan AndersonHands on Weak Two-Bids
  ''978-1-55494-761-4Kathy VishnerSurviving Duplicate Bridge: The First 23.69 Points
2012978-1-55494-762-1Ken RexfordOvercalling Opponent's 1nt
2012978-1-55494-763-8Ken RexfordReally Unusual Notrump
  ''978-1-55494-765-2Bill JacobsFantunes Revealed
  ''978-1-55494-769-0David Bird · Taf AnthiasWinning Suit Contract Leads
  ''978-1-55494-772-0Ken RexfordVariable Key Card Blackwood
2013978-1-55494-780-5Dorothy Hayden TruscottWinning Declarer Play