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1999978-1-893122-00-0Edward I. AltmanBankruptcy & Distressed Restructurings: Analytical Issues and Investment Opportunities
1998978-1-893122-01-7Edward I. AltmanThe High-Yield Debt Market: Investment Performance and Economic Impact
  ''978-1-893122-02-4Donald B. BibeaultCorporate Turnaround: How Managers Turn Losers Into Winners!
  ''978-1-893122-03-1John O. WhitneyTaking Charge: Management Guide to Troubled Companies and Turnarounds
1999978-1-893122-04-8Edward I. AltmanDistressed Securities: Analyzing and Evaluating Market Potential and Investment Risk
  ''978-1-893122-05-5Harlan D. PlattWhy Companies Fail: Strategies for Detecting, Avoiding, and Profiting from Bankruptcy
  ''978-1-893122-06-2Ben Branch · Hugh RayBankruptcy Investing: How to Profit from Distressed Companies
1999978-1-893122-07-9Thomas Jr. PetzingerOil & Honor: The Texaco-Pennzoil Wars; Inside the $11 Billion Battle for Getty Oil
  ''978-1-893122-08-6Joseph R. Daughen · Peter BinzenThe Wreck of the Penn Central
  ''978-1-893122-09-3Terence F. MooreHospital Turnarounds: Lessons in Leadership
  ''978-1-893122-10-9Stuart DaggettRailroad Reorganization
  ''978-1-893122-11-6Joe DomanickFaking It in America: Barry Minkow and the Great Zzzz Best Scam
1999978-1-893122-12-3Sol SteinBankruptcy: A Feast for Lawyers
  ''978-1-893122-13-0Aaron BernsteinGrounded: Frank Lorenzo and the Destruction of Eastern Airlines
  ''978-1-893122-14-7Peter J. ColemanDebtors and Creditors in America: Insolvency, Imprisonment for Debt, and Bankruptcy, 1607-1900
  ''978-1-893122-15-4Teresa A. Sullivan · Jay Lawrence Westbrook · Elizabeth WarrenAs We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America
2000978-1-893122-16-1Charles WarrenBankruptcy in United States History
1999978-1-893122-17-8Thomas A. StreetThe Theory and Principles of Tort Law (Foundations of Legal Liability)
  ''978-1-893122-18-5Charles WarrenThe Supreme Court in United States History, Vol. 1: 1789-1821
1999978-1-893122-19-2Charles WarrenThe Supreme Court in United States History, Vol. 2: 1821-1855
  ''978-1-893122-20-8   ''The Supreme Court in United States History, Vol. 3: 1856-1918
  ''978-1-893122-21-5Barrister of the Inner TempleCode Napoleon: Or the French Civil Code
  ''978-1-893122-22-2Lawrence Chamberlain · George William EdwardsThe Principles of Bond Investment
  ''978-1-893122-23-9Ernest W. HuffcutElements of the Law of Agency
1999978-1-893122-24-6Thomas A. StreetThe History and Theory of English Contract Law (Foundations of Legal Liability)
  ''978-1-893122-25-3   ''The Theory and Development of Common-Law Actions (Foundations of Legal Liability)
  ''978-1-893122-26-0Charles WarrenA History of the American Bar
  ''978-1-893122-27-7Arthur N. TaylorThe Law in Its Relations to Physicians
  ''978-1-893122-28-4James Avery WebbVoluntary Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, Vol. 1
1994978-1-893122-29-1   ''Voluntary Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, Vol. 2
1999978-1-893122-30-7Stanley H. BrownLing: The Rise, Fall, and Return of a Texas Titan
1999978-1-893122-31-4Sidney RutbergTen Cents on the Dollar: Or the Bankruptcy Game
  ''978-1-893122-32-1Raymond de RooverThe Rise and Decline of the Medici Bank: 1397-1494
2000978-1-893122-33-8Peter F. HartzMerger: The Exclusive Inside Story of the Bendix-Martin Marietta Takeover War
1999978-1-893122-34-5Joan Edelman SperoThe Failure of the Franklin National Bank: Challenge to the International Banking System
  ''978-1-893122-35-2Peter Truell · Larry GurwinFalse Profits: The Inside Story of Bcci, the World's Most Corrupt Financial Empire
  ''978-1-893122-36-9John BrooksThe Takeover Game: The Men, the Moves, and the Wall Street Money Behind Today's Nationwide Merger Wars
  ''978-1-893122-37-6Joseph F. SinkeyProblem and Failed Institutions in the Commercial Banking Industry
1999978-1-893122-38-3Rand V. AraskogThe ITT Wars: An Insider's View of Hostile Takeovers
  ''978-1-893122-39-0R. Dan BrumbaughThrifts Under Siege: Restoring Order to American Banking
2000978-1-893122-40-6Richard S. SlomaThe Turnaround Manager's Handbook
1999978-1-893122-41-3Julius GrodinskyRailroad Consolidation: Its Economics & Controlling Principles
  ''978-1-893122-42-0William Z. RipleyRailroads, Rates and Regulations
  ''978-1-893122-43-7Max WinklerForeign Bonds: An Autopsy
2000978-1-893122-44-4Robert SobelITT: The Management of Opportunity
1999978-1-893122-45-1Carl E. McDowell · Helen M. GibbsOcean Transportation
  ''978-1-893122-46-8Robert SobelPanic on Wall Street: A History of America's Financial Disasters
1999978-1-893122-47-5Robert SobelThe Rise and Fall of the Conglomerate Kings
2000978-1-893122-48-2   ''AMEX: A History of the American Stock Exchange
  ''978-1-893122-49-9L. William SeidmanFull Faith and Credit: The Great S & L Debacle and Other Washington Sagas
1999978-1-893122-50-5Robert SlaterThe Titans of Takeover
2000978-1-893122-51-2Harold D. WoodmanKing Cotton and His Retainers: Financing and Marketing the Cotton Crop of the South, 1800-1925
1999978-1-893122-52-9Stephen C. YeazellFrom Medieval Group Litigation to the Modern Class Action
  ''978-1-893122-53-6Oliver Peter FieldThe Effect of an Unconstitutional Statute
  ''978-1-893122-54-3Henry C. ChapmanMedical Jurisprudence, Insanity, and Toxicology
  ''978-1-893122-55-0Lawrence LedermanTombstones
2001978-1-893122-56-7George Ross FisherHealth Care and Insurance: Distortions Imposed on the Medical System by Its Financing
1999978-1-893122-57-4Harold PalmerInvestment Salvage in Railroad Reorganizations
1999978-1-893122-58-1Frances KellorAmerican Arbitration: Its History, Functions and Achievements
  ''978-1-893122-59-8Richard S. SlomaGetting It to the Bottom Line: Management by Incremental Gains
2000978-1-893122-60-4Richard S. SlomaNo-Nonsense Management: A General Manager's Primer
  ''978-1-893122-61-1John RothchildGoing for Broke: How Robert Campeau Bankrupted the Retail Industry, Jolted the Junk Bond Market, and Brought the Booming 80s to a Crash
  ''978-1-893122-62-8James Jr. RestonGalileo: A Life
  ''978-1-893122-63-5Richard S. SlomaNo-Nonsense Planning
1999978-1-893122-64-2   ''How to Measure Managerial Performance
2000978-1-893122-65-9Robert SobelCurbstone Brokers: The Origins of the American Stock Exchange
  ''978-1-893122-66-6   ''The Big Board: A History of the New York Stock Market
2000978-1-893122-67-3Robert SobelInside Wall Street
  ''978-1-893122-68-0Beryl H. LevyCardozo and Frontiers of Legal Thinking: With Selected Opinions
  ''978-1-893122-69-7Roy C. SmithThe Money Wars: The Rise & Fall of the Great Buyout Boom of the 1980s
1999978-1-893122-70-3George Frost KennanE.H. Harriman: Railroad Czar, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-893122-71-0George KennanE.H. Harriman Railroad Czar: Volume II (Vol 2)
2000978-1-893122-72-7Isaac RayA Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity
  ''978-1-893122-73-4Lloyd Paul StrykerCourts and Doctors
1998978-1-893122-74-1John Rogers CommonsHistory of Labour in the United States, Vol. 1
1998978-1-893122-75-8John Rogers CommonsHistory of Labour in the United States, Vol. 2
2000978-1-893122-76-5Lawrence ChamberlainThe Work of the Bond House (Business Classics (Beard Books))
  ''978-1-893122-77-2Francis HillardRemedies for Torts
  ''978-1-893122-78-9Orlando F. BumpFraudulent Conveyances: A Treatise Upon Conveyances Made by Debtors to Defraud Creditors
  ''978-1-893122-79-6Emory WashburnA Treatise on the American Law of Easements and Servitudes
  ''978-1-893122-80-2Aurora HuntKirby Benedict: Frontier Federal Judge
2000978-1-893122-81-9Seth A. KlarmanMargin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor
  ''978-1-893122-82-6Robert SobelThomas Watson, Sr.: IBM and the Computer Revolution
  ''978-1-893122-83-3Stephanie WickouskiBankruptcy Crimes
  ''978-1-893122-84-0Moira JohnstonTakeover: The New Wall Street Warriors: The Men, the Money, the Impact
  ''978-1-893122-85-7Charles Evans HughesThe Supreme Court of the United States: Its Foundation, Methods and Achievements
2000978-1-893122-86-4Charles W. Bacon · Franklyn S. MorseThe Reasonableness of the Law
  ''978-1-893122-87-1Byron R. AbernathyLiberty Concepts in Labor Relations
  ''978-1-893122-88-8Robert SobelThe Fallen Colossus
  ''978-1-893122-89-5Alfred N. ChandlerLand Title Origins: A Tale of Force and Fraud
  ''978-1-893122-92-5Joseph Kinnicut AngellThe Law of Watercourses, Vol. 1
2000978-1-893122-93-2Joseph Kinnicut AngellThe Law of Watercourses, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-893122-94-9Reginald C. McGraneForeign Bondholders and American State Debts
  ''978-1-893122-95-6Melville M. BigelowThe Law of Fraud and the Procedure: Pertaining to the Redress Thereof, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-893122-96-3Melville M. BigelowThe Law of Fraud and the Procedure: Pertaining to the Redress Thereof, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-893122-97-0William Graham SumnerRobert Morris: The Financier and the Finances of the American Revolution, Vol. 1
2000978-1-893122-98-7William Graham SumnerRobert Morris: The Financier and the Finances of the American Revolution, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-893122-99-4Carl W. AckermanGeorge Eastman: Founder of Kodak and the Photography Business (Business Biographies)